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When Can I Change My Septum Piercing? Rings

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When Can I Change My Septum Piercing? Well, we all know that the trend of wearing septum piercing has been becoming so much favorite and demanding among teenage girls and women of all age groups. Many of you do not know clearly about a septum piercing is all about and how you can take care of it for better healing.

There are so many important considerations that you need to keep in mind when it comes to the proper septum piercing and it’s aftercare tips. Here we have a complete guide about it!

What is septum piercing?

During the time of septum piercing, the piece of jewelry will be going through the area of the septum into your thin tissue area which will be dividing your nostrils inside the nose. You can use small hoops or clickers as well as horseshoes which will look stunning for piercing.

When can i change my septum ring?

In the last few years, this whole process of septum piercing has become a mainstream trend in society. It all started when celebrities started to pierce their nose and ears and hence it becomes a lot common in ordinary society as well.

Important Guidelines About septum piercings

Right below we will be explaining some of the important tips which you need to know about septum piercings before you plan to get one, Here i also have video from you-tube for your better understanding.

  • Septum rings are available in different styles i.e. delicate, simple, substantial, ornate, or even the one which suits your style.
  • Some of the people do feel that septum piercing is less painful as compared to nostril piercing!
  • You cannot perform the septum piercing through the area of cartilage. It is rather done through a small thin flesh piece on the front side of your nose.
  • You can minimize the risk of getting any sort of infection by consulting a professional and experienced piercing professional.
  • Hence you can completely heal your septum piercing in 6-12 months. After a few months, you can change the jewelry piece for an extra healing result.
  • Aftercare of septum piercing is so much important and much needed. It is a straight forward process in which you just need to wash your nostrils gently and soak the piercing in some sea salt. You should not be touching the piercing area until and unless your hands are not fully cleaned.
  • At the time of changing septum piercing, you should apply some water or jojoba oil on the piercing area so that you can replace the jewelry smoothly and with less pain. Horseshoe is one such jewelry piece that you can hide easily all through by flipping it in upside down direction and gently pushing it right into your nose area.

When can you change your septum piercing?

Septum piercings will probably take around 6 months to 1 year to get properly healed.  But for a change, you can replace the piercing jewelry after a few weeks which can help you to heal your nostrils quickly. At the time of changing septum piercing, you should apply some water or jojoba oil on the piercing area so that you can replace the jewelry smoothly and with less pain.

When can i change my septum piercing?

Based on the jewelry piece you are wearing, you need to follow certain ways when it comes to changing the piercing. We will recommend you not to change the jewelry until the 6th or 7th week of your piercing. Sometimes wearing jewelry quite soon or changing it constantly can damage your septum piercing area, so you need to stay calm and composed.

Septum piercing can look amazingly cool in case if it is healed properly and under full precautionary measures.  Keep your hands clean and don’t touch the piercing area all the time.

How to change your septum piercing for the first time?

You should only be changing your septum piercing if you feel that it has been properly healed down.  If the nose piercing is loosened up quite enough, it becomes so much easy for you to switch your jewelry without any pain.  Healing time might differ from one person to another. But at an ordinary level, approximate healing time is around 8 weeks and full healing will take a maximum of 6 months.

Before changing the septum piercing, you need to completely clean your hands, clean the septum piercing, and apply some disinfection solution on it. Dry it with some cotton wool buds.  If you face any sort of issue while changing your septum piercing, just hold the jewelry in such a way that its gap is facing up. Hold both sides through its center.

Twist it carefully and make sure you do not open it too much. Twist the ends sideways and do not pull them too much away from one another.

Relaxing your body and nose is extremely important during this whole process. Your little stress on the mind and body can bring damage to your piercing.

It might be hard for you to search the hole for the first time, as you can’t see it properly.  You can either lift your nose side area or you can also pinch the below side of your septum and pull it down.  This will help you to get an idea about where the hole is located.

Where to Pierce Septum Sweet Spot?

Does changing your septum piercing hurt?

No, it is not painful at all until and unless you notice that your piercing has been completely healed.  If it is not healed and still you are making an effort to change it, then definitely it can be a lot painful and damaging for your nostrils.  Changing the septum piercing after 8 weeks would be perfectly fine and less painful.

How do you know if your septum piercing is healed?

You can get an idea about your piercing healing in case if you do not feel any pain or blood while touching it.  This is the moment when you can say yourself that finally, you have crossed the first stage.  If you feel a crust touch, then it is still in the final stages of your healing process.

Important Tips to Know for Cleaning Septum Piercing

It is quite a lot easy to clean your septum piercing for the first time.  Have some saline solution with you and squirt both the piercing sides i.e. the place from where the piercing needle has entered and the point from where it is existing.

As an alternative, you can also take a small bowl or cup of saline solution and dip your nose in it.  This cleaning solution will eventually help you to loosen your nose crust which has been formed around the piercing area and even reduce bacteria.

As soon as you get your septum piercing done, make sure you purchase the solution from piercing studio under the guidance of piercing expert.  You can even make it at home by mixing distiller water with some sea salt in it.

According to us, the best aftercare product is “H2Ocean Piercing Aftercare Spray”. It is made from natural ingredients in which the spray element works best on all types of skins.  Using it from day one of your healing process can decrease the healing period and will even help you to reduce any sort of pain or swelling over your nose skin.

Rinse the piercing by using some clean plain water so it can prevent the salt to get dry inside your nose skin. Not just the nose skin, but you even have to properly clean your septum jewelry as well.  Use a mild skin cleanser for washing the exposed jewelry part. Avoid using any sort of cleanser or soap on the fresh piercing.

Major Reasons which can Affect Healing Times of Septum Piercing

Some of the people might get their septum piercing to get healed very quickly but some of them probably find an issue to heal it down. So right here we have some mandatory reasons which contribute to affect the healing time of septum piercing:

Submerging your piercing in water

You should completely avoid submerging the septum piercing into the water.  If we recommend you to submerge the piercing in some saltwater or saline solution, then we normally meant to use the hot tubs or swimming.  You should never put your face inside the water if it is still in the healing time.

Sunburn on your nose

You should avoid having your nose to get in contact with the nose because sunburn can irritate the nose skin a lot. Excess amountsof sun exposure can irritate your skin and can even increase the chances of facing scarring or redness.

Your cleaning Routine

One of the best ways with which you can reduce the period of piercing healing is by taking into account your hygiene and cleaning routine.  It is optimal to give your septum complete cleanliness twice times in one day.  But sometimes cleaning too much can even irritate your skin and can dry it out.

Why is my nose piercing still not healed after a year?

Your own ability to heal

Every single person has their own experience and period of getting to heal from septum piercing.  Some people might get recovered soon but some of them probably take a long time in terms of healing.  If your body is healthy and you are taking care of your piercing in starting stages, then definitely your healing time will be short.

Contracting an infection

Contracting any sort of infection is also an ordinary cause of not getting your piercing to be healed at the right time.  Your piercing can take a long time in terms of healing in case if you get affected by flu or some cold during the time of the healing process.

The reaction of a jewelry

You should always look for a jewelry piece that is high in quality and is made from the material of titanium or surgical steel.  You can better take some guidance from a professional piercing expert. Never change your jewelry until and unless you have not completely healed your septum piercing.  Any jewelry which is made from cheap materials can cause allergic reactions or give your skin some sort of irritation.

Using Various harsh disinfectants

The last and most important reason is about using harsh disinfectants!  You should be preventing infections, but somehow it does not mean that you have to soak your piercing in some rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide.  It can damage your healthy skin cells which are playing an important role to heal down your whole piercing properly. You can instead choose some saltwater solutions and try to opt for some piercing aftercare products based on expert recommendations.

Frequently Asked Questions-FAQs

Question: Can I change my septum piercing after a month?

Answer: No, changing septum piercing after one month is a big mistake. Your piercing is never healed in just one month. Septum piercings will probably take around 6 months to 1 year to get properly healed.

Question: How to reopen septum piercing?

Answer: Hold both sides through its center. Twist it carefully and make sure you do not open it too much. Twist the ends sideways and do not pull them too much away from one another.

Question: Can septum piercings cause headaches?

Answer: No, there are no such cases reported which can clarify the fact that septum piercing can cause headaches.

Question: Can I change my septum after 5 weeks?

Answer: No!Septum piercings will probably take around 6 months to 1 year to get properly healed. You can change it after 5 weeks, only if you feel that your nostrils are completely healed.


This was an end of the discussion about what septum piercing is all about and how you can change it perfectly after the healing process. Septum piercing can look amazingly cool in case if it is healed properly and under full precautionary measures.

Once it is healed, you will enjoy wearing different types of jewelry pieces all the time. Follow the guidelines which we mentioned right above for you and make yourself look dazzling and gorgeous in a septum piercing.

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