10 Best Earrings That Toddlers Can’t Take Out in 2021 | Complete Guide

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No doubt baby’s ear piercing is becoming more trendy, just like the adult’s piercing. Earrings like the adults add sparkles to the baby’s natural beauty. The babies with elegant shiny earrings in tiny ears look much more beautiful, it enhances the cuteness of babies.

Toddlers like adults can’t take in and out their earrings on their own, so they need to have the earrings which toddlers can wear all the time with no irritation. Baby’s ears are more sensitive than adults, so we carefully choose the quality and material of earrings used for babies. In most cases, we choose earrings for toddlers that they can wear all the time without infecting ears.

Such earrings are nickel-free, lead-free, and hypoallergenic thus don’t cause any harm to the ear. Moreover, the toddlers may damage their earlobes by pulling earrings continuously so they need earrings that they cannot take out on their own.

By keeping all the needs in mind, here’s a list of elegant earrings that besides beautiful designs not only enhance the beauty of your baby but also provide a cozy sensation by preventing irritation and infection of the ear. These earrings cannot fall off from your child’s ears even after continuous effort.

baby earrings that wont fall out14K Yellow Gold CZ Small Heart Screw Back Earrings For Baby
toddler earrings with locking backs
Gold High Polished Shiny Ball Post Stud Screw back Earrings:
starter earrings for babies
18K Gold Plated Surgical Steel Hypoallergenic Stud Earrings
safety earring backs for infantsEsberry 18K Gold Plated 925 Sterling Silver Rose Stud Earrings
best earrings for toddlers
Hypoallergenic Titanium 14K Gold Stainless Steel Earrings:
safety back earrings
Universal EZback Earring Backs Soft Clear Silicone and 14k Yellow Gold 
locking earring backs
14K Gold Earring Backs - 4 Piece Replacement Earrings Backs

Best Screw Back Earrings For Toddlers

For your toddlers, here we have the best choice of top 10 best screw back earrings to choose the best one right now! Which one is your favorite?

14K Yellow Gold CZ Small Heart Screw Back Earrings For Baby

baby earrings that wont fall out

Delicate and classic 14K yellow gold earrings add sparkle to your child’s look. We design these lightweight earrings with an eye-catching, heart-shaped cubic zirconia that gives a sparkling look. Screw Backs are also fastened with this pair to ensure comfort and security.


  • The scratch-resistant studded heart-shaped cubic zirconia is enough for adding glamour and elegance.
  • 14K Yellow Gold ensures the long-lasting durability of the earrings.
  • Lead-free, Nickel-free and hypoallergenic qualities of these pairs are reliable for sensitive ears.
  • Screw backs provide a tight backing, thus prevents the earrings from falling out
  • The lightweight of the earrings prevents dangling and irritation during a nap.

Best Earring Backs for Sensitive Ears

Gold High Polished Shiny Ball Post Stud Screw back Earrings:

toddler earrings with locking backs

A unique choice of earrings can give your child a captivating look. This pair of earrings are highly polished with gold which gives them a refined look.  We secure these earrings with a screw back to ensure safety.


  • The gold polished earrings are enough to give an impression of luxury.
  • The tiny size of earrings enables it to wear it even during the nap without dangling with your child’s hair.
  • This pair of earrings are best for sensitive ears because they are nickel-free, lead-free, and hypoallergenic so prevent any allergic reaction.
  • The ball post stud screw back prevents this pair from falling off and gives a secure sensation.

Best Earrings for Toddlers with Sensitive Ears

18K Gold Plated Surgical Steel Hypoallergenic Stud Earrings

starter earrings for babies

The classy mouse design of these earrings with firmly paved crystals is specifically designed to give a charming style to your child. These are polished with 18K Gold and made with surgical stainless steel These sparkly earrings are available in different brilliant colors Screwback of the stud is highly reliable for constant use.


  • The dazzling 18K Gold studs add a hint of glamour to the outfit of your child.
  • Stainless surgical steel prevents any allergic reaction, so it can be used confidently all the time.
  • These pairs are highly hypoallergenic,  nickel-free, and lead-free, this prevents any allergic reaction and irritation.
  • The unique mouse shape of the earrings gives them an eye-catching look.
  • The vibrant crystals in the earrings add elegance to your style at any event.
  • These lightweight earrings are best for sensitive ears so your child can wear it all the time with no discomfort.
  • The secure screw back ensures safety and comfort.

Best Earring Material for Sensitive Ears

Esberry 18K Gold Plated 925 Sterling Silver Rose Stud Earrings

safety earring backs for infants

The brilliant floral designed earrings are highly attention-getting These are made of 925 stainless silver and polished with gold, thus these earrings are long-lasting and highly reliable. The rose design of earrings is trendsetting. Screw Back of the studs fit perfectly.


  • The captivating floral design is the most recommended design for your child and young girls.
  • These rose earrings can be used at any event, adding glamour to your style.
  • 925 Sterling Silver is suitable;e for sensitive ears thus preventing discomfort.
  • 18K gold makes an unforgettable fashion statement so can perfectly go with any outfit.
  • Lightweight earrings ensure a comfy sensation to your child, even during a nap.
  • These are hypoallergenic and free from lead and nickel, thus preventing any allergic reaction.
  • Screw back prevents the earrings from falling off and dangling with hairs.

Best Earring Hooks for Sensitive Ears

Hypoallergenic Titanium 14K Gold Stainless Steel Earrings:

best earrings for toddlers

Statement-making Titanium earrings add grace to your style. These pairs of earrings are hypoallergenic, thus nickel-free and lead-free. Sterling silver with plated gold gives a touch of elegance. Different sizes are available for this captivating product. Screw back ensures long-lasting usage.


  • Classic Titanium earrings are corrosion resistant so they are comfortable to wear and can be used during a nap.
  • These are available in different sizes, so can be used by both girls and women giving versatility to their look.
  • These scratch-resistance earrings are hypoallergenic, thus preventing an allergic reaction.
  • The lightweight of the earrings is the best option for sensitive ears, providing them with great comfort.
  • 14K Gold plated on platinum gives a graceful touch on any occasion.
  • Screw back makes this versatile pair to use for a long period.

Universal EZback Earring Backs Soft Clear Silicone and 14k Yellow Gold 

safety back earrings

This has been such a beautiful and awesome piece of screw back earrings for the toddlers which your toddler would love to wear all the time. They are extremely comfortable to wear where they won’t break or slip off easily because of the high-grade soft silicone.


  • You can get them in two different colors to let your kid feel elegant and beautiful.
  • You will get two pairs with your purchase.
  • Plus, they are also hypoallergenic, nickel free.
  • They are not harmful to causing skin irritation.
  • It is great for Diamond Stud Earrings.

14K Gold Earring Backs – 4 Piece Replacement Earrings Backs

locking earring backs

Is your toddler fond of wearing gold earrings? If yes, then this is the best option for you to get your toddler adorned with a beautiful pair of gold earring backs. This entire earring back so brilliantly adds up with the gold finishing which makes it look comfortable and easy to wear for long hours.


  • This earring back has a diameter of 5.4MM which makes it easy to wear for your toddlers.
  • It can easily be fitted over most of the standard posts.
  • Hence, it is a great replacement for the lost earring backs.If you somehow lose your earring backs, then these 4 pcs 14k Gold Earring Backs can help you fix your earrings.

Earring Backs That don’t Poke


Complete Guide about Baby earrings that won’t fall out!

Why do my daughters earrings keep falling out?

As you perform your daily activities, it is quite a lot common that you or your kid will experience a fall out of your earrings. Its best solution is to always choose the earring piece which goes according to the size of your ear. And for that sake, you have to visit your nearest ear piercing shop.

If your kids are running around all the time, then it is quite common that falling out of earrings will happen. Its major reason can be the fact that the earrings are loose from the friction back or the hoop. Another major reason for falling out would be friction or too much touching. For the toddler daughters, wearing earrings all the time in the initial stages is uneasy so they might touch them all the time. Here I also have 1 video from youtube for your better understanding.

How to keep earrings from drooping?

Well dropping your earrings is a little uneasy thing to experience but, by following a few major rules, you can prevent it easily. Earrings are quite a lot delicate and they might drop out of your ears through little extra touch or friction. If you want to keep them away from dropping, then you should better know how to wear them correctly.

You can align the tip of your earring post with the ear-piercing and then hold it at one place which is perpendicular to your body. Be gentle when you are pushing the post into the earhole until it does not reach halfway. Grasp the post from the behind of your earhole so you can easily pull it through the earhole. This will enable the earring to stay in one comfortable position and is quite easy to remove.

What Are Earring Backs for Babies and Toddlers?

All sorts of earring backs are best to add a feel of security fitting for the earrings. Composed out of the bead or the disk, it gets attached with the earring post. It is important to wear the earring because without it the earring will fall out and will pose a choking hazard.

But all the earring backs are not the same. Let’s check out a few of the most common types of earring backs for toddlers and babies:

  • Push Backs:These are known to be the most common, and they yet simply push inside the earring post. They are most often considered to be less secure as compared to the rest of the types.
  • Screw-On:this style of earring backs screw will be pushed into place by offering extra security. You can see how it works with the below video.
  • Lever Back:This back is included with the curved metal piece as well as a metal latch where they will hold the earring in one place while giving out a good level of comfort.
  • Latch Back:These backs are just for the hoops where they make the use of a hinged post that fully snaps into notches on top of the other side.
  • French Wire: These backs are best for the drop earrings as they have curved hooks as well as simply hang.
  • Other Designs: There are quite a lot of unique or creative patented designs thatfully operate differently from, or even combine, the above-all-backs features.

How to Pick the Best Earring Backs for Babies and Toddlers

Do you want to know how you can pick the best style of earring backs for toddlers and babies? Well to give you a quick review on this section, here we have compiled a few basic instructions to keep in mind when choosing the best style of earring backs for toddlers and babies:

You Must Pick the Best Earring Style

As you plan to purchase an earring back for the toddle or for your baby, make sure you know what sort of earring style is suitable for them. For the infants, we will recommend the use of screw-on backs or locking onesthat are easy to secure in one place.

Check Security Features of Earring

Before you make a purchase, you should also review the main security features of that earring piece. Backs should be fixed securely to have them hold in one place for a long time.

Is the earring hypoallergenic?

Toddlers have skin that is sensitive to certain metals such as nickel, copper, and silver. Therefore, we will recommend you to look for hypoallergenic earring backs, which do not contain such materials thatare not allergic to your kid.

Consider the Aesthetic

Apart from considering the security of the earring, you should also pay attention to the aesthetic as well. Make sure that the earring you have selected is accommodating the aesthetic design and outlook appearance.

Why Are Hypoallergenic Earrings for Babies Necessary?

As you choose the best style of earrings for toddlers, most people are attracted to the selection of cute shapes or vibrant colors. But the most important aspect is that you should be careful not just about the design but the material as well. Toddlers have sensitive skin and this can cause their skin to get allergic to some materials such as nickel, copper, and silver. Therefore, we will recommend you to look for hypoallergenic earring backs.

As their skin gets allergic, you will feel that their ear area has turned red completely. It can also further stimulate to cause a painful situation where itchiness can occur. Try to choose hypoallergenic earrings so you can better avoid a problem from the start.

How to put earrings on a toddler?

To easily put earrings on toddlers, you should try to choose baby earrings that are round and small. Opting for flat earrings can also show great results. While putting earrings on the toddler make sure the fastener has covered the whole back of the earring and the post has to be rounded with the little point towards the end. Avoid choosing dangling earrings because possibly the baby will tug on them and might even pull them out.

Expert Advice for Mommies

In the case of choosing earrings for toddlers, coziness should be your priority. The earrings for toddlers should be small-sized hypoallergenic studs that are made of non-toxic metals.

You should select such earrings for toddlers that the toddlers cannot pull out because it may harm their earlobe and may fall off from the ear. The earrings should be lightweight so that your child can wear it all the time without discomfort and dangling. Earrings with screw back should always be preferable for long-term durability.

 Below we have a few basic expert tips for mommies regarding toddler earrings: 
  1. You should never choose a cartilage piercing for your baby. They take a long time for healing and can cause infections if touched too many times.
  2. If your kid has long hairs, make sure you tie your hairs in a ponytail until their piercing is not completely healed.
  3. Do not use any product on your kid’s face such as hair gel, perfumes or hair sprays around the ears.
  4. Let your doctor know about your toddler’s physical condition before piercing such as skin allergies or a weak immune system.
  5. You should regularly clean your toddler piercing area until it is not properly cleaned.
  6. Plus, you should also make sure that your kid is not touching the piercing area otherwise it can be dangerous for them. Play with them all the time so they won’t pay attention over the piercing hole.

Should a toddler wear earrings?

Earrings just like adults add grace to the child’s look, but it all depends on the size and the quality of earrings you choose for your child. Earrings with inappropriate size and quality can cause irritation and discomfort and may eventually cause harm to your child’s earlobe. If you choose small-sized and hypoallergenic earrings for your child, then they will not only prevent earlobe from closing but also add grace to your child’s look.

All age groups of toddlers should be worn with the earrings in the initial stages which will probably take 6 months of healing time. This will also help the hole to close easily without giving your toddler any pain or discomfort. When it comes to babies, be a little conscious of the selection of earring materials.

Earrings You Can Wear 24/7

What type of earrings a toddler can’t able to pull out?

A wide variety of earrings is used for both young girls and toddlers but earrings for the toddlers must be selective so they don’t pull them out and cannot cause harm to their earlobes In this case to most recommended earrings used for a toddler are those having screw backs that prevent the earrings from falling off. Moreover, stud earrings and butterfly back earrings cannot be takeoff by the toddlers.

If your toddler is in a habit of pulling out the earring all the time, then it is better to pay attention toa few tips to follow on them. It would rather be the best option if you will invest in some locking earring backs. You can also pin the earrings in place or you do have a choice to hook the earrings together. This won’t let the toddler pull it out easily.

How to remove toddler earrings?

Removing earrings from your child’s ear is not always easy. First, wash your hands thoroughly with soap. Then put your child in a comfort zone. Move the earrings into the earthen hold the front side of the earring with index finger and thumb and carefully rotate the screw back. Keep rotating the screw back until it dispatches from earrings. Put the earrings carefully in a jewelry box.

You should not be changing or removing the earring before 6 weeks or until the time your piercer has not advised you to do so. But, make sure you are stick with the routine of regular cleaning and make sure you do not slack off otherwise it will cause some infection. If you are not an expert in it, take you to toddle to the piercer for removing it easily.

What are the best earrings for toddlers?

The best earrings for your toddlers are 14K Gold, sterling silver, or surgical stainless steel earrings. These are hypoallergenic, nickel-free, and lead-free thus they are best for sensitive ears and prevent allergy reactions. We highly recommend stud earrings with screw back earrings for toddlers because they prevent the earring from falling off and tiny size prevents them from dangling with hair and creating any discomfort.

We will also recommend you to choose some medical plastic earrings for your babies or toddlers. They are made out of durable and nickel-free plastic and are inlaid with some beautiful Swarovski crystals, or pearls, and cubic zirconia which are available in shimmering colors. It would be better if you consult your piercer to know about the best earring type.

What kind of earrings are safe for babies?

Perfect earrings safe for babies are those that contain nontoxic metals. Earrings with toxic metals may cause irritation to the earlobe and may cause allergic reactions. Earrings with 14K Gold, Sterling silver, and Surgical stainless steel are the best choice because they are free from non-toxic metals thus prevent any allergic reaction and discomfort. Moreover small-sized and lightweight earrings are always recommended for toddlers.

Surgical stainless steel earrings &posts is another best and safe option for the babies because they are free from the nickel or any sort of alloys which can cause some allergic reactions. Cobalt and nickel allergies are quite a lot common so experts have always recommended you to choose earrings which do not contain all such metals.

What are the best backs for earrings?

In the case of young girls, a large variety of earring’s backs are used because they can carry them well and there is no fear of hurting the earlobe by pulling them. Toddlers can hurt their earlobes by pulling the earrings. So, stud earrings with the screw back and butterfly back earrings are the best choices in order to attain comfort and reliability.

Earring Backs That Don’t Fall Off


Piercings and using a variety of earrings are common among the girls and the toddlers, but the first choice is choosing the earrings that besides the elegance give a comfy sensation. Young girls can take care of their earrings but in the case of toddlers taking care of earrings is an issue so earrings choose for the toddlers must be selective. So here is a list of various elegant earrings that not only add glamour to your child’s look but also prevent them from any irritation and any discomfort.

These earrings do not fall off no matter how many times your child touches them. Your child can also wear them during a nap without dangling and infecting the earlobe. These earrings are provided with a secure screw back, thus there is no risk of falling off the earrings. You can also share these earrings with young girls with guaranteed happiness.

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