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Do Nose Piercings Look Good On Big Noses? Expert Piercer Advise!

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It does not matter whether you have a big nose, small nose, or wider nose, you can wear and put on nose rings for sure. The idea of going for nose piercings looks good and impressive enough on all kinds of nose shapes. If you are in these confusing zones that do nose piercings look good on big noses, then here we have arrived to give you a clear and genuine answer.

In addition, girls have loved the trend of nose piercings. They love flaunting and embracing different kinds of nose rings. Can You Get A Hoop Nose Piercing Right Away? Here you will get to know what kind of rings looks stunning and absolutely gorgeous on big noses and what kind of piercing styles you can go for!

You should not ever and ever get shy and under-confident if you have a big and wider nose. If you feel like opting for the trend of nose piercing, you can do that for sure. Such an addition makes your personality impressive. Your facial features will become attractive and eye-catching.

It is all true that this idea of nose piercings has come out to be an excellent and ideal fashion statement opted by the girls. You should not think that your nose is not in perfect shape. Simply pierce your nose and get a stunning look.  What else you want to know about piercings, do let us know:

All To Know About Nose Piercing

This process of nose piercing is done on the nares. Most importantly, these nares come in the form of flashy and cartilaginous skin. This skin is present around your nostrils. Most of the girls prefer going for septum piercing. You must know about the fact that septum is the harder and tougher cartilage that is present between your nostrils. It is right there on the cartilaginous structure that piercing is done and then this fashion covers your nostrils in the perfect manner.

The whole process of nose piercing healing time is around and about three months. Moreover, if you want to put on big nose rings, then it is suggested to go for septum piercing. You should also keep in mind that some noses have thick cartilage, some of them have thin cartilage and some have no cartilage. The healing process of piercing depends on your cartilage condition. Like, if you have pierced your nose on 01-10-2021, it will get healed in approximately two months.

Should I Get A Nose Piercing If I Have A Big Nose?

Should I Get A Nose Piercing If I Have A Big Nose?

Yes, you should go for a nose piercing if you have a big nose. Never and ever feel shy that your nose is not appealing looking, you need to embrace your nose shape confidently. If you have a big nose, then nose rings will look better and perfect on you. The only thing that you have to remain mindful is to get the correct nose ring sizing and style. Girls have big noses, it even depends on their personal preference whether they want to pierce their noses or not. In addition, the idea and fashion of piercing have nothing to do with the nose shape.

Likewise, we have this trend of ear piercing quite common in Asian countries like India. It does not matter you have small or large ears, pierced ears always look stunning. No matter what body type and body shape you have, what ears shape and nose shape you have, you have to embrace and accept yourself confidently. Do not believe and start to accept this fact that you have bad looking body shape, unimpressive ears, and not so appealing nose shape. It is time to discard these beliefs!

We just want to say that piercings do look great and even best of all if you have a big nose. Moreover, you should not restrain yourself while thinking that rings or any kind of piercing will not look good on your nose. We have told you the ultimate truth that piercings go for all nose shapes. The only thing that matters regarding how you carry these nose rings. If you are feeling good while putting on the nose rings, then nothing else should matter for you.

How Do Nose Piercings Look Good And Impressive On A Big Nose?

We can provide you with a few tips that will guide you on how these nose piercings will look good and extremely impressive on a big nose. If you will pierce your nose, then it will not make your nose look bigger and wide. Such a fashion statement has arrived to make your nose more sleek looking and also impressive of all. If you want to bring a bit of spice and spark on your nose shape, then pierce it and put on a catch ring or stud on it.

For those girls who have bigger noses, the idea of piercing can look great and 100% impressive on them if they embrace this trend on the confident notes. You need to believe in yourself that you are looking ultra-ravishing with a nose piercing and a big nose.

Moreover, it is best if you will go for diamond nose rings. They look so much cooler and beautiful on those girls who have wider nose shapes. Irrespective of the fact and your nose shape, you should keep a handful amount of diamond nose ring collections because these kinds of rings look lovely on wider nose shapes, Let me also share you video from you-tube:

In addition, those girls who have a broader nose should wear a colored stone ring on their nose piercing. It is another lovely and impressive combination that they should go for. Some girls like to go with the option of having hoop nose rings. These styles and designs make your broader and wider nose sharp-looking.

On a big nose, you should not wear giant and massive in size ring hoops. Instead, try putting on small size nose ring hoops. This is an important tip that you should keep in mind.

Avoid sticking with a single piercing style. You need to try out all ranges of nose rings; this will give you an idea of what nose piercing style you more! Besides, before going for nose piercing in real, what you can do is wear a fake nose ring. In this manner, you can visualize what style of nose ring will make your nose and overall facial features attractive.

Types Of Nose Piercings For A Big Nose

Types Of Nose Piercings For A Big Nose

The below-mentioned details will tell you how many types and ranges of piercing styles are there for a big nose. If you are currently confused regarding selecting and picking the nose piercing style, then we hope that this guide will help you.  Celebs like Taylor Swift have also loved these nose piercing trends and styles. Once you have chosen the style, after that, you have to buy the most flattering ring for your pierced nose:

  • The first nose piercing type is this nostril piercing! It has become one of the popular piercing trends and both men and women have embraced this trend so far. In addition, this piercing makes a small on both of the sides of your nostrils and you simply inject a nose ring in it. This kind of piercing is not that much pain. Lots of ring designs are available in the market that complement this nose piercing style. For a big nose, you can pick Picking ball rings and tiny loops.
  • After that, we have septum piercing! It looks great on girls who have a bigger and wider nose. This piercing is done with the help of clinician insertion by using a gauge or barbell. If you want to make your face extremely center of attention, then go with the trend of the septum
  • How about trying out high nostril piercing if you have a wider nose? You can try out this respective nose piercing trend as well. Keep in mind that here your nose is going to be pierced on the higher side of the nostrils. You can do the piercing either above the crease section of your nose or below the crease section. Those girls who love flaunting bold attitudes, like to pierce their nose in such a style. Moreover, wearing hoops is not at all recommended for this respective piercing style.
  • The next piercing style we have for girls who have a big nose is this Bridge or Nasallang piercing trend. This trend may give you a vibe that it is a little unorthodox. However, if you have loved the piercing concept, then you should embrace it. Some girls do not prefer opting for this piercing style because they are of the belief that this makes their face wider looking.
  • A few of the girls have been the die-hard fan of double nostril piercing Here your nose will be pieced for two times. But going for this procedure, you have to be very careful because this is a delicate piercing procedure and should be carried out under great care.
  • In addition, you can go for spectral This kind of piercing is a combination of the gauged septum and also the vertical half-tip piercing. We know that it is a painful piercing, but still, girls loved going for it. This piercing trend adoption needs a lot of patience as well as the deadest determination.
  • On the big nose, we are sure that the piercing style like that of Austin bar piercing will look super perfect. Having such a pierced nose, you can go for beaded nose rings.
  • The last piercing type that may help you in flaunting your big nose better, is this vertical tip piercing. This technique brings an interesting and impressive vibe to your face.

What Kind Of Nose Rings Look Great On A Big Nose?

What Kind Of Nose Rings Look Great On A Big Nose?

There comes an extensive and wide amount of variation when it comes to nose rings. If you have a big and wider nose, there is no need to worry. Simply get hold of these nose rings and make your nose shape eye-catchy looking:

  • The first nose ring type is this L-shaped nose ring. Most importantly, this style suits all nose shapes. No matter, you have a shorter or bigger nose; you can buy lots of L-shaped rings and put them on your nose. In addition, these rings look tiny and are available in some of the catchy-looking styles.
  • There are some girls who are the biggest fan of wearing nose studs. If you think that nose shape and physique are somewhat bigger looking, then go on opting for the trend of nose studs. Such sort of nose rings looks quiet and extremely edgy-looking. They give your face a rocking look and you look like a true rock star. These nose rings come with a short, fat, or you can say thin stem and they even have a rounded tip right at their end.
  • The trend of putting on retainers is also not going down! Those girls who are included in the category of having a big and wider-shaped nose can wear retainers. These sorts of nose rings are made with the help of natural or synthetic materials. In addition, they help you heal your nose piercing in less time.
  • Then we have these septum clickers who are widely and excessively used by the girls who have wider and broader shape noses. If you do not like wearing curved nose rings and you do not like the concept of putting on straight barbells on your nose, then you can try using these septum clickers. They get secured right inside your nostrils and manage to hang themselves beautifully.
  • Experts have even advised girls to wear nose screws for making their noses sharper and attractive. They look extremely flexible and give a refreshing vibe to your overall face look.
  • Lastly, we have horseshow barbells that have become a favorite nose ring item among girls who have a bigger nose. It comes in the form of a curved barbell and gets packed with removable beads. For accessorizing your nose, this is a great-looking nose ring style that you can go for.

Do Nose Piercings Look Good On Every Nose?

Yes, we have already mentioned this point to you that the concept of piercing looks good on every nose. You should not ever think that you have an ugly nose and none of the piercing styles and nose rings will suit you. It is just your confidence that matters a lot. If you think that your nose is perfect, then no other person will have the guts to say that your nose shape is not so appealing.

In addition, we have provided you with the details of piercing styles and different kinds of nose rings available in the market. Before choosing a nose ring, keep in mind your nose shape and then decide the piercing style and nose ring style accordingly. As a trial, you can put on fake nose rings and try out different styles. This will help you decide which piercing style will look cooler on you. Thus, to all girls who have a large nose or a button nose or you have a wider and broader nose, you can opt for any of the above-mentioned piercing styles. Just keep in mind your facial structure and you are good to go to flaunt any of the nose piercing trends.

Do Nose Piercings Make Your Face Look Smaller?

Do Nose Piercings Make Your Face Look Smaller?

Lots of girls have this misconception that getting a nose piercing ends up making their face look smaller but that is not the case. In fact, the adoption of this trend of nose piercing helps you enhance and improve your facial features. Your face and personality become impressive if you have pierced your nose. In the old days, this trend was only followed by married women but these days almost all of the unmarried and young girls have pierced their noses.

You should stop believing that nose piercing makes your face tiny and smaller. This is just a misconception and nothing more than that. These kinds of trends are only opted for and embraced because a girl likes accessorizing her nose. The idea of piercing does not make your nose look bigger or smaller or it does not make your face look wider and smaller. This whole concept of piercing just brings a magical spark to your facial features.

Will A Nose Piercing Make My Nose Look Smaller?

Now coming to the last section of the nose piercing topic! It is not still known what effect does piercing brings on your nose shape but it is overall genuinely believed that this fashionable statement makes your nose sharper, enhances and improves the facial structure of yours and gives you a bold and edgy looking. Apart from making your nose shape attractive looking on getting pierced, there are also a certain number of benefits that you can achieve on embracing this fashionable statement.

If you have gone for nose piercing, then it is assumed that you have a bold and confident personality. Embracing this fashionable statement gives us the hint that the girl has edgy personality traits and she is also bossy. So, regardless of the fact whether piercing makes your nose smaller or sharper, you should pierce it because this brings the element of confidence in your personality.


So, the answer is yes to the question, do nose piercings look good on big noses! It is time to embrace the element of confidence. Do not feel shy and think bad about your nose shape. Your creator has given you this beauty and you should be proud of it. But yes accessorizing your nose is in your hands. You can surely go for piercing if you want to give a bolder and edgy vibe to your nose. This has become the hit and blockbuster fashion statement and now every single girl has gone for piercing.

The above-mentioned nose piercing styles and nose ring types can be opted by the girls whose nose shape is bigger. Like, they can pierce their nose in nostril style, bridge style, Austin bar style, or in the septum or spectral style. Moreover, girls having a big nose can choose a nose ring style including the Corkscrew / Twist style or Nostril Screw style or L-Shaped nose ring or nose bone ring or barbell ring or pin/fishtail ring.

It is high time to bring a stunning addition to your face and you can do that by piercing your nose. Instead of telling us about the shape of your nose, you can let us know which piercing style you have liked more and what nose ring style you are planning to embrace. Here, sooner we will share with you varied kinds of other nose ring designs, so stay connected.

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