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Can You Wear Rhodium Plated Jewelry in The Shower? Expert’s Guide

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Are you still making efforts in knowing about the answer regarding can you wear rhodium plated jewelry in the shower? Do not worry, we have the correct and highly accurate explanation for you. The demand for rhodium plated jewelry is getting so much higher. On the same side, people are worried whether this jewelry is safe to wear in the shower or not!

It is not recommended to wear this rhodium plated jewelry in the shower. Such kind of jewelry is vulnerable to wear and tear off whenever you take it in the shower. If you have a collection of this jewelry piece and you want to last it longer, then avoid wearing rhodium plated jewelry in the shower.

The practice of taking this jewelry piece in the shower will instantly and eventually wear it off. In other words, it will start to tarnish. In addition, rhodium is an extremely precious kind of metal. For the reason that it needs precious care from your side!

It comes in the form of beautiful silver color, but it will rust and tarnish quickly if you take this jewelry item in the shower. Here you can see how you can take care of it before, during, as well as after your shower time of yours.

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Can You Shower with Rhodium Plated Jewelry?

All the readers might have got a little bit from the introductory piece of this discussion that it is not suggested to shower with rhodium plated jewelry. In other words, if you expose this rhodium plating to water, then heavy damage will come on that jewelry piece.

Furthermore, the item may start to constantly experience wear and tear off situations and also tarnishing problems with the passing of time. As you have spent a lot of your money in buying this expensive jewelry, that is why you have to be very much careful with respect to its care and maintenance side!

Exposing your rhodium plated jewelry to water will remove its plating for sure. This whole situation may not only come out to be problematic. It will in fact cost you a lot because you have to re-plate that jewelry piece again. Most importantly, this jewelry is not only damaged by water exposure. According to jewelry experts from all over the world, rhodium plated jewelry gets even tarnished and damaged because of its contact with sprays and perfumes as well.

All rhodium coating comes off if you expose this jewelry with such elements and ingredients. Moreover, while you are washing your hands and you have worn a rhodium plated ring, even then this practice is destructive. Hence, if you want to preserve the coating and shine side of rhodium plated jewelry, keep it away from shower time or any water-exposing situation.

How Long Does a Rhodium Plating Last?

How Long Does a Rhodium Plating Last


Likewise, the rest of the jewelry pieces experience wear and tear! In the same way and manner, rhodium plated jewelry witnesses this problematic situation. The plating injected on it does not last for years and years. Improper care and maintenance of it push the user to re-plate the jewelry after few months.

Most importantly, a rhodium plated ring lasts for around 12 to 18 months. And after this span, you have to re-plate it. In addition, it depends on your base metal color and thickness regarding how longer your rhodium plated jewelry is going to last! Its age span is also dependent on the overall body chemistry of the wearer.

Experts from countries of England have come upon this conclusion that if your base metal is yellowish, then the plating color will for sure going to bleed and fade before 12 months.

However, there is a general rule that as long as you are handling and maintaining your rhodium plated jewelry correctly, it will last long. If you pass your jewelry pieces through a proper cleaning process, then the cost of re-plating can be reduced.

What Jewelry Can You Wear in the Shower?

Here you can check out the main list in which we have extensively searched for you regarding what jewelry you can wear in the shower:

  • You can wear solid gold jewelry while you are in the shower. This jewelry type does not experience any damage while it gets exposed to water. Furthermore, this is a strong metal type and does not harm itself when reacts with water.
  • Secondly, we have stainless steel jewelry that you can freely wear while you enter in the shower time. This is a good-quality jewelry material and does not get tarnished when exposed with moisture and water.
  • Besides, wearing a platinum jewelry is completely safe in the shower. This metal type is known for its extraordinary shine and it does not lose its durability when exposed with water.

What Jewelry you should not Wear in the Shower?

What Jewelry you should not Wear in the Shower?

Now, you need to know what jewelry type you should not wear in the shower. As we have told you that rhodium plated jewelry is not suggested to be worn during shower time. You have to take it off and this tip is constantly backed by celebs as well like Jennifer Lopez. Below you can see which jewelry types are those that should be stayed away from the shower time:

  • You should take off your Cubic Zirconia jewelry before showering. It is advised not to expose this jewelry piece of to water. If you make this mistake, then the real look and charm of this piece will be ruined forever.
  • Rest, we have pearl jewelry that is extremely delicate by nature. Exposing this piece with any kind of moisture and water will damage it.
  • Experts have said a hard and big no when it comes to showering with gold-plated jewelry. Such material is conveniently chipped off when taken in the water.
  • We even recommend you not to take your diamond rings in the shower. And last but not the least, there are soaps, lotions, and oils whose constant exposure damage your jewelry like rhodium plated jewelry
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How to Protect your Rhodium Plated Jewelry From Tarnishing and Wearing Off?

There are simple tips that you can follow to protect your rhodium plated jewelry from wearing off if they are damaged in the shower. Most importantly, this is a challenging metal type and it needs challenging care and attention as well. Furthermore, this is an incredibly brittle metal type. Check out the tips to take care of this jewelry in an ideal manner:

Avoid Rubbing the Rhodium Plating on Your Jewelry

Avoid Rubbing the Rhodium Plating on Your Jewelry


You need to understand that rhodium plating is a delicate coating that is injected on your jewelry. In this regard, you should never and ever rub this plating or coating. If you do so, then the look, shine, and luster of rhodium plated jewelry will have vanished. In addition, this practice of rubbing wears off and removes the coating at a faster speed and rate.

Avoid Using Strong Cleaning Products On Your Rhodium Plated Jewelry


It is advised by professionals that you should avoid using any of the strong cleaning products on your rhodium plated jewelry. Exposing your jewelry to strong chemicals just damages them and takes away their shine and luster.  Even if you want to clean your rhodium plated jewelry, then it is recommended to use mild and harsh-free cleaning solutions on them.

Avoid Scratching the Surface of Your Rhodium Plated Jewelry

If you do not want to see your rhodium plated jewelry facing a tarnishing problem, then the best thing that you can do is to avoid scratching its surface! Furthermore, this smart tip has to be followed by you if you have been wearing rhodium plated rings. Try to keep them away from all kinds of hard surfaces and make them scratch-free.

How to Clean Rhodium Plated Jewelry? (Complete Guide)

Avoid Using Strong Cleaning Products On Your Rhodium Plated Jewelry

As we have mentioned you that it is not suggested to take your rhodium plated jewelry in the shower, but still it needs cleaning! In this job, exposing your jewelry that is rhodium plated with top-quality liquid detergent is a must.

  1. Just take some warm water and add liquid detergent to it. You have to use an only mild detergent. If you use a stronger detergent, then there is a maximum and a wide chance that the coating on your rhodium plated jewelry will come off.
  2. The second step is to soak your jewelry in the solution. Let it soak for 10 minutes and scrub the sections with the help of a soft-bristle toothbrush. Make sure to clean the rhodium plated jewelry gently.

Furthermore, rinse your jewelry with distilled water. While you rinse these jewelry pieces, you have to be very careful. Lastly, air dry your rhodium plated jewelry and pat it by using a soft towel.

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Does Rhodium Plated Jewelry Tarnish?

Wearing rhodium plated jewelry has become a top choice these days because it is a great investment. People prefer plating their jewelry with rhodium so that more shine; luster and also durability can come on their piece. Furthermore, individuals prefer this plating idea because it eventually makes your jewelry piece more resistant to cuts and scratches.

The single and sole way to keep the durability side of this rhodium plated jewelry for years and years is to avoid its contact with water. We again remind you that while you wash your hands, swim or shower, just take off this jewelry.

You can only prevent tarnishing, wearing, and tearing off issues if you do not take this rhodium plated jewelry in the shower. Though this is a very hard-wearing metal but still you have to take care of it. Being a precious metal, it can last for a long time but the right maintenance measures should be followed by you.

So, if you have just bought a rhodium plated jewelry ring on 23-07-2021, then start taking care of it on the very first day. Never take it in the shower or pool time. Moreover, avoid is contact with water and sweat and any moisture traces.


As you have got an extensive and complete guide regarding can you wear rhodium plated jewelry in the shower? You can share with us if you have any questions about this topic! This is a precious metal and rare as well. Handle and wear it with care, in this manner, your rhodium plated jewelry can last for such a long time.

Studies have proven that this is a highly durable and hard metal as compared to gold but still it requires a lot of care. If you take this jewelry in the water or during your shower time, it will definitely be going to tarnish and corrode.

Feel free to let us know how you care about your rhodium plated jewelry and how often you take it in the shower. We again give you this kind and the soft reminder that exposure to water, sprays, harsh cleaning products just damage your jewelry that is rhodium plated.

No matter, your jewelry is coated and plated with some other metal, the same maintenance and safety tips have to be followed by you. More info on plated jewelry is coming sooner, so feel free to stay in touch with us.

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