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Can You Shower With Cartier Love Bracelet? Accurate Answer

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Cartier love bracelets are the pure personification of their name. These bracelets represent love, care, and deep emotional attachment with your beloved. The perfect and dainty bracelet is enough to make the purest feeling of love you want to convey. It has become an icon of love for everyone.

But questions arise in every mind while looking at the dainty bracelet comes in hands. One most asked question that “can you shower with a Cartier love bracelet?” There are many varying reviews about Cartier’s love bracelet. Many people confidently claim that they are wearing it for 2 to 5 years but it didn’t change its color and shine. But some are opposing the idea of carelessness.

The iconic Cartier love bracelet didn’t lose its grace and identity from 1970. It is available in yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, and platinum. It has been taking the attention of the lovebirds for decades. But time came in 2016 when it gained much prominence. It was the most searched thing on Google at that time.

Cartier love bracelets are getting more and more delicate and elegant. Its delicacy wants some special care and attention. Also, you have to know Can I Wear My Pandora Ring In the Shower? The expert’s answer can satisfy you well.

How To Tell An Authentic Cartier Love Bracelet?

How To Tell An Authentic Cartier Love Bracelet?

Cartier love bracelets are winning hearts for a long time and still getting more and more respect because of their good quality and elegance. But many people started to fake it now. They have made the same designs, same name, and same symbols. The thing they can’t give is the quality that Cartier assures.

But it has become an uphill task to distinguish between real and fake. If you are wearing original in one wrist and fake in the second, no one can guess about the originality. Many people give it a washing test that proves beneficial sometimes. Both real and fake Cartier bracelets can get scratches after rough use. Both of the bracelets lose their shine after a year of use.

Another thing we can do carefully to distinguish between fake and original is to read the details carefully. Cartier has some specific codes and information that companies can’t print. Its rights are reserved for only Cartier Company. It makes a huge difference in its reorganization.

We know Aldo Cipullo in 1969 started and launched the first-ever Cartier bangle or bracelet. The motive of making this bracelet is to provide both lovers with something identifying. It will make them feel for each other more sincerely. But now many other local companies make the same design at cheaper rates. People who feel it difficult to afford Cartier original bracelet, buy the copy and enjoy it as far as it gets rusty.

The ultimate unisex Cartier love bracelet is loved by not only common people but also the celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner. Its crazy delicacy makes many of us wear it not only one but many on the same wrist. People feel happy to make the collection of Cartier love bracelets. Whether the price is increasing day by day, but its name is able enough to take the price.

But we must be alert and conscious about buying an original Cartier bracelet. As the popularity of any naming brand arouses its competitors who try to compete it with fake methods. That’s why we should take precautionary measures before going to the market to buy Cartier bracelets for us.

Do Proper Research

So guys! Before buying a Cartier love bracelet for your beloved, research properly and understand what are the basic signs and symbols a specific Cartier bracelet provides us. By visiting the official website of Cartier love bracelets and checking the dates of their origin, we can compare between original and fake easily. Similarly, the photographs of the original Cartier love bracelet can make a great difference. We will have sufficient knowledge of what how Cartier bracelets look like.

The Finishing and Neatness Is Obvious

Although many companies are making a master copy of Cartier love bracelets, yet it is still recognizable. By observing it keenly we can notice a noticeable roughness in a fake bracelet. On the contrary, Cartier’s original bracelets have a definite finishing and neatness that guarantees its expertise and genuine material.

A Great Difference In Material Quality

The prominence Cartier gained is due to its ultra-special material quality. It never degrades its quality and tries to improvise it ever. This is one of the reasons for its unending craze and love among people. Cartier always uses 18k gold whether it is yellow, rose, or white gold. The platinum they use is 950. They never compromise their standards.

We can easily differentiate if we have some knowledge of metals. A bracelet made in silver or stainless steel is entirely different than that of a gold-made bracelet. The same is the case with the gems Cartier uses in its love bracelets. They use original diamonds and the gems used by fake companies are mere crystal or common gems of low quality.

The metal that is only chipped or pasted is not neat and finished. Instead, the 18k gold plates will be properly electroplated that can be recognized easily.

Read and Understand Company’s Hallmarks

Read and Understand Company’s Hallmarks

Every company has its specific hallmarks and symbols that can only be copied but never can get the certification. This creates the difference. A fake Cartier will not have the serial numbers, the batch number, and the company codes. If we have a sharp insight, we can never make it late in differentiating between fake and original.

Compare the Prices

The prices have a huge difference between the original Cartier love bracelets and the bracelets made by some unauthentic company. But still, some companies that are reputed well, try to copy these love bracelets. This creates difficulty in distinguishing the real or fake.

Normally a piece of bracelet made of 18k gold has no comparison with that made with sterling silver or stainless steel. But sometimes our carelessness can cause us loss. That’s why we should have to confirm the prices of Cartier love bracelets from its website first and then buy them.

Can You Shower With A Cartier Love Bracelet?

Now when we have fully understood that what is the difference between a real and fake Cartier love bracelet, we should quest the most important answer. This is about using our Cartier love bracelet under the shower or not.

One should understand the importance and sentimental attachment of these love bracelets pretty much. We choose to present our beloved this bracelet that is increasing g its price day by day. Why we don’t choose something more precious than the Cartier love bracelet at the same price. It will not be difficult for us to choose another gift at the same price.

The love knot one ties to the other needs no calculations. Yet it is the eternity and long-lasting relationship that makes us buy Cartier love bracelets. And this is the emotion we have to care for. Sometimes we become careless about the love symbol given to us. We keep it wearing either out of love and attachment or with utter negligence, lets check the following video from youtube.

In both cases, our bracelet gets scratchy because it’s too delicate. It can lose its original shine by wearing it all the time under the sun or water. If we put it off before going to shower or using any detergent, it can increase its life and luster.

A thing that gets value far better than an engagement ring sometimes. The stories of its emotional attachment make it a brand. The specific unisex love bracelet with beautiful tiny gold screws to tie the knot of love makes it an enchanting thing for lovers. Its grace and style force people to wear it every time. There is no harm in wearing it in daily routine but a little care can connect it to you better way. Its life will increase if we care about it not taking a bit under the shower.

It is a fact that everything gets older and loses shine after some time. But care can increase the worth and life of that particular thing. We know that Cartier love bracelets are adorned with diamonds and it is 18k gold plated. Its base is strong and people use it throughout day and night with the best results. But if we care for our love and want it to remain with us till our last breath, we should care for it too. This is a kind of love chemistry that makes us care for the thing someone has presented us.

We have observed that Cartier love bracelets don’t leave us apart in half the way but if a little care increases its life, then no harm doing this.

How To Take Care of Your Cartier Love Bracelet?

How To Take Care of Your Cartier Love Bracelet?

We should care for what we are related to it sentimentally. The same is the case with the Cartier love bracelet that is the icon of love. When we see someone wearing a Cartier love bracelet we instantly think it is the epitome of the heartiest feeling for someone. But it needs some care and attention to make its life long. Otherwise, it can get scratched and lose its shine.

Can You Swim With Cartier’s Love Bracelet?

Cartier promises brightness with beauty. It is a package of love and care. But it demands some care and looks after:

  • We should try to avoid wearing it while we are going to take bath. The chemicals of shampoos, soap, and other cleansing agents can snatch its luster and make it dull and rough.
  • Similarly, if we are going to swim in the pool or have a plan to go on the beach, we should put our Cartier love bracelet at home or in the purse. It will surely increase its life.
  • If we are a sports girl or guy, it is a must to take our bracelet off. The games can scratch our love bracelet.

Avoid Your Bracelet From Intense Heat and UV Rays

If we want our Cartier love bracelet to accompany us till life, we should save it from many intense things like:

  • Don’t wear your bracelet when you are in the kitchen or near the fire.
  • Don’t wear the Cartier love bracelet under sunshine for a long time.
  • If you have to undergo some clinical tests like X-rays or MRIs, never keep it wearing. The UV rays will damage your bracelet badly.

Keep Cleaning Your Bracelet Regularly

Keep Cleaning Your Bracelet Regularly

The dust, air, makeups, and environmental factors make our bracelet messy and dirty. But if we make it our habit to clean it regularly with a soft cloth, it will remain the same brilliant and shiny. If you feel it is too dirty not to be controlled by mere cloth, you can clean it with some detergent.

We can add a mild detergent in lukewarm water and then rub it gently with this soapy mixture, It will instantly remove all stains and dust particles from it and make it as new as before.

Keep Your Bracelet Separate From Other Jewelry Items

Another most important thing we can do to maintain our Cartier love bracelet is to keep it separately in a jewelry box. Never keep it with other bracelets or other jewelry items. It will be the cause of rubbing and consequently, the damage will be done in the form of scratches. Try to keep the bracelet in a polythene bag and then in a separate Cartier box.

  • Keep your bracelet at dry and moderate temperature
  • Never keep it in a polythene bag if it is moist. First, dry it properly and then put it

Pros and Cons of Cartier Love Bracelet

Pros of Cartier Love Bracelet

  • These bracelets are ultra-high quality
  • The bracelets are 18k gold with the original diamond
  • These bracelets give you a tarnish-free warranty
  • It’s a perfect couple gift
  • It is the symbol of love and lifelong relation
  • It is dainty looking but very strong
  • It is an item called eagle watch sometimes because people love and want it and keep an eye on it like an eagle
  • People carelessly use it while sleeping, washing, doing exercise, or going outside in the sunshine
  • It is a classic that has continued its design for over 30 years that is the name of perfection

Cons of Cartier Love Bracelet

  • It can get scratches because of its delicacy. A harsh use can make its color and luster dull
  • It is not the quality but the name we pay for. This is only an 18k gold plate that is not a qualitative metal. The gold that pays you something starts from 21k. If you want to sell your Cartier bracelet, it will only be the name that can give you a maximum of 1000 to 1500$
  • The actual price has crossed the limit of 5000$ to 6000$ due to the love it is getting from the celebrities and famous people

Is Cartier Overpriced?

Broadly speaking, the Cartier love bracelet is an amazing but expensive article. It is overpriced as it takes the price of its name. No matter it is made with brass and copper as base metals and plated with 18k gold. It is an awesome bracelet that everyone wishes to wear. Many of us wear it single but two or three. People love to make a collection of these Cartier love bracelets.

But the truth is that it is much overpriced. As far as its quality and finishing are concerned, it is trustworthy. The market is full of Cartier copy bracelets that we can purchase at a very low price. We can fulfill our dream of wearing a Cartier love bracelet. But if we are brand conscious and don’t compromise about it, we have to spend money.


Cartier love bracelets are a brilliant symbol of love and a long-lasting relationship. It is made with brass and copper as an alloy. It is plated with 18k gold and is available in yellow, rose, white gold, and also in platinum plates. It is a fact that Cartier loves bracelets that have a classical style no one can’t resist for decades. People of all age groups and schools of thoughts feel glad to present their beloveds these Cartier love bracelets.

Can we shower with a Cartier love bracelet? This mystery is too perplexed and confusing for a long time. The quality and material of these love bracelets are too good to trust. But if we give them some special treatment and care, the bracelets will last long. This maintenance will make our Cartier love bracelets free from dullness and scratches.

Many people shared their experiences of wearing Cartier love bracelets during a shower or underwater. They claim no change of color or shine. But still, some people believe that a little carelessness spoiled the shine and luster of their bracelets. It made it full of scratches and dim that they had to take to the jeweler for polishing.

All you have to do is to put your bracelet in a separate dry container after every use. It will increase its life. If we have to wear our Cartier love bracelet in the shower and it never loses color, it’s a blessing. But making it a little safe will be a blessing in disguise. We should have to care about the sign of love, the symbol of eternity that we have on our wrist. It will increase the soft feeling in our hearts for our love forever.

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