15 Best Ankle Bracelets for Large Ankles | Complete Guide Size Chart

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 Hey people!  I have collected some beauty anklets for you to satisfy your desire to look something different.

We are very conscious about our outlooks. The selection of good jewelry and outfit makes us feel satisfied. It’s our inner satisfaction to wear something cheesy. An anklet is a different and very stylish category of fashion jewelry.

It looks nice when we walk with an anklet on our foot. This unique fashion came from South Asia where it was given to the bride by his groom at their wedding. It’s a kind of love knot between the two.

Nowadays, ankle bracelet or anklet is becoming a trend. Women wear it at some special events or casually. Such a kind of fashion is becoming fun and diva among people.

Here are some specially selected Best Ankle Bracelets for Large Ankles for you to choose from. Let’s have a look at the list.

Kooljewelry 10k Yellow Gold Diamond Weave Curve Anklet (2mm, 10inch)

gold ankle bracelet for large ankles


 Yes, we have got it, buddies!  I know you were looking for some stylish and crunchy-looking anklet to wear on some special event. Hey you boys! You want to gift anything to your girlfriend that will make her startled and shocked.

This anklet serves you all what you demand from an anklet. It’s very delicate and will make your beloved’s foot more attractive. It’s going to be an unforgettable moment of your life when you will present this nice and elegant anklet to your beloved.

The same is the case with you girls! I bet you get crazy to buy it instantly after having its first glance. It is a very crafty package for you and will make you feel proud in front of your boyfriend while at a party.


  • The best delicacy and softness to feel about.
  • It will cause no skin irritation or allergies.
  • A great decent gift for your beloved, girl-friend, friends, sister, or wives.
  • The chain has a beautiful curb design that looks like a diamond weave.
  • Its clasp is also very simple and easy to use with a strong grip.
  • The yellow gold enhances its appearance and makes it a perfect feet jewelry for women.

Customer Review

 As far as my opinion is concerned, this ankle bracelet is a magical beauty. It gives you a royal feel after you wear it. It is comfortable and relaxing to your feet. 

Ross-Simons 0.25 ctt.w. Pave Diamond Station Anklet in 14kt Yellow Gold. 9inches

cheap diamond ankle bracelet


I have a secret to tell you, folks! Ross Simons has presented a very special pave diamond station anklet for you. It is very dainty and graceful. You can just get ready for your engagement party, friend’s wedding, your birthday, or any other special event.

 Hey you boys!  You are afraid of your girlfriend’s anger. Does she always remain dissatisfied with your gifts? Never get stressed. This ankle bracelet has the power to make your beloved happy and contented. This is a graceful and stylish gift that will remain alive in your beloved’s memory forever.


  • The best thing about this anklet is that you can wear it in your everyday routine.
  • The chain is cable in shape and has very finely polished diamonds in it.
  • The use of 14k gold has given it a rel majestic look.
  • This anklet qualifies all the standards of both modern and classical jewelry at the same time.
  • The anklet has a nice gift box that you can present to someone on some special occasion.

Customer Review

 I have found this ankle bracelet amazingly beautiful. One can get entangled in its simple and decent looks. The anklet is quite comfortable to use. 

Ritastephens 14k Gold Figaro Link Foot Chain Anklet Bracelet 1.3mm 10inches

12 inch Anklet Bracelets


This is the item you were searching for? We can understand that when you move into society, go to a club, attend college, make a program to go to the cinema, or make a plan to dance in a ball, you feel embarrassed to have empty-footed. You feel that you must have something sparkling around your ankle. The very item will fulfill all of your requirements.

The boys who also want to give a decent light-weight surprise to their mistress can reach the milestone by buying this beautiful, simple, and light-weight ankle bracelet.

This will not cost you so much and can make you feel proud in the eyes of your beloved.


  • The chain is soft and easy to wear in a normal routine.
  • This chain is pure 14k gold that’s why no risk of skin allergies.
  • This is a stylish and funky Figaro chain that has a spring-ring strong clasp.
  • If you look at its craftsmanship, you will appreciate its ingenuity.
  • You will be appreciated and praised everywhere when you enter any place wearing this chain.

Customer Review

 This 14k gold Figaro chain is classic and delicate. If we use it softly, I promise it will accompany you for the long term. 

AONED S925 Sterling Silver Anklets for Women, Girls Adjustable Boho Ankle Bracelet

sterling silver 925 anklet bracelet


Oh, the beauty! Let’s have a look at this amazing anklet with small butterflies all around. Your desire to have something strong, long-lasting but delicate is going to fulfill. This anklet will make you go crazy and you will run to buy it at once from AONED online store.

This ankle bracelet is a dream come true for those who were in search of such a nice sturdy and dainty ting. Girls will move confidently in their social circle. Boys can make their girl-friends surprised when they wear this magical anklet on their feet. It can be proof of their long-term relationship.


  • This anklet is pure 14k gold plated with the solidarity of 925 Sterling silver as a base metal.
  • This is a fine Cuban Figaro-style chain anklet with standard butterflies all around.
  • The 14k gold is so finely plated that there is no fear of its fading or removing.
  • This is a piece of delicate jewelry but has the vigor to be used on foot in the normal routine.
  • This is a nickel-free and allergy-free anklet that is very safe for sensitive skins.

Customer Review

 I will certainly recommend you guys such a nice and strong anklet. Its looks are cute and soft but it is very sturdy for rough and tough daily routine. 

Pori Jewelers 10k Solid Gold 2.5mm Diamond Cut Rope Chain Bracelet or Anklet for Women

gold rope chain bracelet


Ok! Do you want anything that can be used on foot as well as around your ankle as a bracelet? Look Pori Jewelers have understood your heart’s desire and presented what you need.

This nice and simply classy anklet can prove a good gift for someone too.You can wear it casually and at some event. This may catch the attention of most people.

This may prove the shackles of love on the foot of your beloved when your wear her up. It is not necessary that giving an expensive gift can win hearts. If you select a piece of delicate and lovely jewelry as this very anklet, it will work certainly and will do the magic.


  • This qualitative product will make you feel comfortable enough to walk with.
  • It will not harm your skin and will not irritate you.
  • If you wish, you can also wear this anklet as a bracelet in your hand.
  • The company is offering a beautiful pouch with this graceful anklet.
  • It’s so catchy that everyone can be caught in its magical trap.

Customer Review

 Pori Jewelers fulfills the promise of class and grace ever. We are the witness of its premium quality and style. It is easy to wear and easy to put off. I have found no skin issues with it. 

Floreo 10k Gold 5mm Hollow Bar Figaro Chain Bracelet and Anklet for Women and Men

chain bracelet and anklet


 Oh, My good Lord!  Why are you so upset and distressed? Is there any misunderstanding between you and your partner? She is unhappy with your presents? Look at this special bi-tasking Figaro chain. This can be a nice fulfillment of the deficiency you made with your beloved. She will start to bloom with happiness when she will look her ankle adorned with this !0k gold anklet-cum-bracelet.

Hey girls! Just come online at Floreo store and buy this super classic chain anklet for you and your buddy alike. It will make him feel royal that his mistress cares for him a lot. It will make a long-lasting bond between both of you.


  • The hollow bar chain makes the anklet light-weight and soft.
  • This is 10k gold plated and is strong enough to be used by men and women equally.
  • This is a nice addition to your jewelry collection as you can wear it casually as well as at some event.
  • It is the best gift for any of your relations on some auspicious event or occasion.
  • This chain is available in 4 sizes to fit men and women equally.

Customer Review

 This beautiful Figaro bracelet/anklet is a nice investment. You will be relaxed after its usage that you didn’t waste your money. It is light-weight and durable. 

La4ve Diamonds Store 1/4 Carat Diamond Sterling Silver Miracle Plate Cross link Diamond Bracelet For Women

Diamond Bracelet For Women


Selena Gomez, Rihana, and many other celebrities wear bracelets as well as anklets. It’s gaining popularity day by day. Girls dream to look like these celebrities. This great deal of diamond bracelet will make your dream come true. It is very cheesy and outstanding. It will help you follow your craze easily. Its texture is elegant and crafty.

Boys! You can have it quickly if you want to propose to your beloved unconventionally. If you think that presenting a ring every time is an old and orthodox idea. Then don’t hesitate to encircle this love-hand cup in your girlfriend’s hand. She will surely say a ‘’yes’’ after watching the intensity of your love.


  • A real diamond bracelet of ¼ karat weight.
  • Its base metal is pure sterling silver or 14k yellow gold plated.
  • The bracelet is very kind and soft to the hands.
  • This is a unique design embedded diamond bracelet.
  • This bracelet has passed all the authenticity tests from the company team of experts.
  • The cuts and edges are very finely shaped and designed under great expertise.
  • The company makes its trust to consider its customer a family member and gives them a money back guarantee.

Customer Review

 This is an extraordinarily fine piece of jewelry. One can never deny its qualities and craft. It is flexible and comfortable. 

DESIMTION Store Heart Love Anklet for Women Sterling Silver Large Bracelet

sterling silver heart ankle bracelet


Oops! You are worried and upset about the choice of your girlfriend about wearing anklets. There is no need to get irritated. I tell you that the history of the anklet is not too old in America. In the 1950s this fashion got popularity among girls and women equally. So let her buy what she expects from you as a gift.

DESIMTION Store anklet is so cute with beautiful hearts that you will never resist the attraction to buy it for your beloved. The two hearts setting will compel you to wear this nice gift around your beloved’s ankle.

If some girl wants to gift a special thing to her mother on mother’s day, this will prove it to be. You can make this day memorable with your mother. You can wear it too normally as well as on some particular event.


  • The best thing about the anklet is its two intermingled hearts that is real love symbol.
  • A pure sterling silver anklet that may not cause you any skin issues.
  • Its make is very perfect and elegant and is soft enough for the foot.
  • The central hearts have small fine quality zirconia engraved in them nicely.
  • The company guarantees the polish and fine cut of the anklet.

Customer Review

 This anklet is fine, soft, sturdy, and comfortable. This is a good gift for some loved-one. I strongly recommend it. 

Jewelry Affairs Store Mixed Filigree And Mariner Link Chain Anklet In Sterling Silver

chain anklet sterling silver


Jewelry Affairs Store is conscious about all girls and women who are crazy about their looks. If they are in search of something that may not be a burden on their pocket and will also prove a stylish anklet. This anklet will be a reasonable choice for them.

It is very graceful and dainty. It will make their parties colorful and enjoyable. When they will dance in a ballroom wearing this classic anklet, their partner will dance and wave around them. Her feet can get more confidence to make moves. She can walk everywhere gracefully.


  • The anklet is Rhodium-plated and is non-toxic.
  • It is hypoallergenic and makes your feet free of all skin risks.
  • This anklet is 925 sterling silver and there is a stamp on it.
  • This anklet is available in all three sizes 9,10, and 11 inches.
  • Its lock and clasp are very strong.

Customer Review

 I am sure to advise you to buy this anklet without any doubt. It is very good and dainty to look but very strong to wear. 

JewelStop 14k Solid Yellow Gold 3.2mm Mariner Anklet, Lobster Claw Clasp, 10 inches, 2.6gr

yellow gold ankle bracelet


 There there! JewelStop is here to offer you an anklet exactly according to your demands. It’s a solid 14k yellow gold anklet that will make you feel like a queen. You can wear it casually and its classic style makes it elegant enough to wear it at any event.

The boys should not feel upset too. This magically beautiful and delicate ankle bracelet is a nice gift for your beloved. It can be a normal gift someday as women’s day, Halloween, or can also make her birthday memorable. You need not worry about its strength. It can bear even the dance moves in a ball.


  • This 14k yellow gold anklet has a mark of craftsmanship and expertise.
  • This anklet gives a warranty of 1 year that is exceptional and also it gives you a one-month money-back guarantee on your dissatisfaction over the quality.
  • This anklet is mariner in design that gives it a different look from common anklets.
  • The best thing about this article is that it is simply affordable for everyone but elegant enough to look like a royal beauty.
  • The anklet has no risk of skin irritation as it is quite hypoallergenic and nickel-free.
  • You can perform your routine tasks by wearing this nice ankle bracelet because it is very sturdy.

Customer Review

 I have found no fault in this super classic anklet. It is soft to the skin and you can feel free to walk in it. 

Bracelets for Large & Plus Size Ankles

Plus size anklet Length

Women want to wear different jewelry to enhance their looks. Same they do by wearing anklets or ankle bracelets. But sometimes they are unable to find the exact size of their feet. It is because they have large feet and some companies don’t make plus-size anklets. But before knowing how to get a plus-size ankle bracelet, you must have sufficient knowledge that which kind of bracelet will suit you and how you should wear it.

Detailed About Plus Size Ankle Bracelets

Hello girls! You have a great choice in the field of jewelry. Anklets or bracelets are something unique and trendy thing. It is very special as many celebrities wear it in their routine.

It is a traditional fashion for centuries to wear anklets. But if you don’t have a sense that how you can look cool and smart if you wear anklets, it is no great thing. You should have a clear jewelry sense that on which dress suits you to wear anklets, Here I also have something to show you from youtube:

You can decorate your ankles with bracelets when you are wearing a top, skirt, cropped pants, shorts, or something that may not hide your ankles. You can also have some tights or skinny pants.

Now come to the selection of ankle bracelets. You can wear a gold bracelet or silver bracelets. Some bracelets may not have pure gold but have gold plating. This may also have elegant designs and will cost you little.

Some ankle bracelets have diamond, charms, beads, gems or pearls in them that enhances the beauty of these anklets.

How to Measure for Plus Size Anklets?

Ankle bracelet size chart

If you want to choose an anklet for your foot and you don’t exactly know the size of your ankle, just go for it. It is good to measure your size with some scale tape. If you don’t have a scale tape then you can use the string and then mark it.

You can put the scale tape above your ankle and measure the circumference. You must keep in mind that your anklet will stay over the ankle and it provides support to the anklet not to fall.

When you have measured the size of your anklet, add a half-inch more to it. It is because if you try to keep your anklet too tight, there are chances that you may break it.

Buying Guide of Ankle Bracelets For Plus size Ladies

We know that it is very painful to search for plus-size ankle bracelets. But still, you need not be hopeless. Many online stores may take care of large-size bracelets. Another hopeful thing to tell you is that some online stores provide only plus-size garments, shoes, and jewelry. You can simply visit these stores and buy your required size.

There are some stores we are telling you that may be helpful for you to fulfill your demand.


You can not only get help from these online stores but also you can search for it on your own.

Tips and Hints if you can’t find your size?

If you don’t find your plus size on all the online stores, then you must try to customize it. How you can customize them is a question still. You can add an extension chain with your anklet chain. You should try to buy a bracelet that can become short or large.

Another thing you may do is to consult a jewelry expert. He will get you a design anklet according to your plus size. He can also add an extension to your bracelet. It is very good if he does so. It may make your jewelry useful for a long time.

Some online custom jewelry stores can help you a lot.

Where do you wear anklets?

No matter where you go, whether to the office or in a club, it is your selection of wearing anklets that make you prominent among many. If you are at the office, you will have to wear dainty and delicate gold or silver ankle bracelets.

If you are working at home, you can wear any type of ankle bracelets but your dress may telly the anklet you wear. Any gross combination may mar the beauty of your outfit.

While our physical activities in which we not only perform physical tasks like exercise, gym, dance or other activities but also to look enchanting and appealing. This is why we can use an ankle bracelet that is made of stainless steel or any strong metal. This is because there is no chance of its breaking.

One thing we can also do that during our sports, we put it off and focus on sports so that it may not break.

A Few Things Must You Have to Remember

We are sure that everyone wears anklets to adorn his bare ankles. But if we don’t have any intention to do so, we will certainly not go for it. Be sure that if you are spending money on adorning anklets, you should choose wisely. There is a bundle of choices in the market, just try what suits you according to your personality and dressings.

FAQ’s About Ankle Bracelets for Large Ankles

Question: What does it mean when a woman wears an ankle bracelet on her left ankle?

Answer: Wearing anklets is becoming very common nowadays. Everything has its symbolic significance. People consider that if a woman wears an anklet on her left foot, it means she is open to any relation. It is an open invitation from all enthusiastic women to other men or even women for a vivacious relation.

Otherwise, not every woman needs to think so. She can wear an anklet on her left foot just because of some reason or as she feels comfortable wearing it on her left side.

But normally it is considered that wearing anklets on the left foot is that a woman is open to making some relation.

Question: What size anklet should I get?

Answer:  Every woman has her size of feet. This is why the size of the ankle bracelet also varies accordingly. But there is an average and standard size of an anklet is 6.5 to 7 inches for women But as we know that it is becoming a popular trend among men too. That’s why the size of men is also very changed and long. The average size of a men’s ankle bracelet is 8 to 10 inches.

Some companies make only small, large, and medium sizes that they set according to a standard observation. But sometimes we can’t get our size as they don’t fit us or are a bit tight. In this situation, we should consult our jewelers. They can prepare some stylized anklet according to your size,

Question: What is the average ankle size of a woman?

Answer:  The average size of the ankle of a woman is from 8 to 10 inches. It is only an average measurement. It can also be varied. Sometimes a woman has very small feet and no standard size fits her. Similarly, she can have a large foot not to fit the anklets available in the market.

If you have to face such a critical condition, you should buy some extensions in the form of a chain or beautiful leather bracelets strap. In this way, you can increase the size of your ankle bracelet.

If we discuss the men’s size of the ankle, it has an average of 9 to 12 inches. They can also face some difficulties in the selection of an anklet.

Question: What ankle should an ankle bracelet be worn on?

Answer:  An anklet can be worn on any side of your ankle whether it is the right side or left. It will look always cool to wear ankle bracelets. But there are some theories that a woman if wears an anklet on her left foot, which means that she is passionate to develop a new relationship. It is a kind of sign from a woman to men or women that the seat of her heart is vacant and it is waiting for some warm relationship.

Question: Why we should not wear gold anklets?

Answer:  Oh, the superficial codes and conducts! Why is si prohibited to wear a gold anklet or any gold ornament? It is a belief that gold represents the Lakshmi goddess in Hinduism.

This is the goddess of love, wealth, and prosperity. This is why gold is prohibited to be worn on feet. It is a religious custom too.

But modern ethics do not agree with such old theories. There is no bad to wear an ornament of gold on your foot. Things are getting a new face with the development of sciences. This is the reason many old concepts have gone asleep by the time.


After having a great debate on ankle bracelets, we believe that every fashion needs to do in a well-managed way. We can wear anklets to satiate our fashion desire. But we should do it in a way that we can look elegant and graceful.

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