Why Are My Pura Vida Bracelets Sticky? Expert’s Guide

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You might be wondering why are my Pura Vida bracelets sticky, so here is the exact answer for you. We know that these kinds of bracelets are loved to be worn by people. They have become the biggest trend and people of all ages love to flaunt them on their wrists.

In addition, most of the people have complained that their Pura Vida bracelets turn out to be waxy and sticky. It is largely because of their composition that you may find these bracelets a little bit sticky enough.

However, these bracelets can be worn every day despite of the fact that they give out a stickiness feeling. This brand carries much and extensive repute at its end. All of their bracelets, anklets, and necklaces carry and remain injected with significant meanings.

Are My Pura Vida Bracelets Sticky?

Lots of people out there have shown much attachment and strong connection with these Pura Vida bracelets. No matter how much sticky and waxy they are, people still love wearing them. They give out a softer feel and remain comfortable to wear.

Now, you can check out more of the details on the fact why Pura Vida bracelets get sticky and waxy. If you often wear such kinds of bracelets, then you can share your experience with us.

And there is more to come from the Pura Vida brand side and their bracelets designs, so keep tuned and in touch with us:

History of Pura Vida Bracelets

First of all, you should know the history and facts on these Pura Vida bracelets. We know that it is one of the popular jewelry brands. In addition, it was during the time of summer 2010 that two if the South California friends laid down the foundation of this brand. Their names are Paul Goodman and Griffin Thall. While they had their college graduation trip all down to Costa Rica, they got so much impressed because of the laid-back kind of lifestyle of the people living in Costa Rica.

Furthermore, both of them had an interaction with two artisans who were wearing and flaunting colorful kinds of strong bracelets. Upon asking, they told all about the simplistic beauty element possessed by these string bracelets. Thall and Paul got impressed and mesmerized a lot and they made a request to those artisans to make 400 such kinds of colorful and appealing-looking sting bracelets.

Once the order got completed, then Thall and Paul get back to their home stations and decided to sell these string bracelets. According to them, those bracelets looked wow and amazing and they believe that they are going to be definitely loved by other people.

We know and genuinely believe that Pura Vida bracelets are one of the unique and eye-catchy-looking jewelry pieces. They do not look like ordinary and random kinds of friendship bracelets. It is all due to their jaw-opening designs that more and more people have started to fall in love with these Pura Vida bracelets.

Most importantly, the word Pura Vida, it means pure life. So, if you want to celebrate pure life and want to become a part of this concept, then do have Pura Vida bracelets. Later on, Griffin and Paul teamed up and made a strong collaboration with Jorge, Joaquin. They even collaborated and successfully teamed up with the rest of the Cost Rican artisans and made these Pura Vida bracelets a huge success.

You will be surprised to know that this brand sells out hundreds and thousands of bracelets each year, this is so amazing! Now, you can see the fact why they become sticky!

Composition of Pura Vida Bracelets

Composition of Pura Vida Bracelets

It is in this respective section that you will get the answer concerning why Pura Vida bracelets get sticky and a little bit waxy enough. You need to understand that these bracelets are available in a range of colors, styles, and designs. They arrive in different styles and color combinations but their construction material remains the same. Furthermore, these bracelets take weeks and weeks to complete their manufacturing process. We all know that Pura Vida bracelets look extraordinary and they need comparatively more time to express and fully display the Costa Rican laid-back lifestyle.

Most importantly, these bracelets are made with the help of waxed polyester. It is largely because of this reason that they get sticky and negligibly waxy enough. On the other hand, these Pura Vida bracelets remain injected with traces of polyester cords and waxy threads.

Why Are Pura Vida Bracelets Sticky in Nature?

If you are in love with these Pura Vida bracelets, then we are sure that their waxy and sticky nature may not become a big and major problem for you. In addition, these bracelets are encompassed by a sticky kind of feel and that is a normal thing that is witnessed in all of their bracelets. If you often and frequently wear this brand bracelet, then you might have noticed this thing that they have a sticky and tacky kind of surface.

For most of the users, this is not at all a pleasant feeling that they want to see in Pura Vida bracelets. But if you wear these bracelets for the whole day, then the element of stickiness gets reduced a lot. Furthermore, if you shower with them, then a great reduction will be seen in their waxy nature. Hence, the more you wear these Pura Vida bracelets and the more you shower with them, the less sticky and waxy they will come out to be! Moreover, they will become softer and you remain comfortable upon wearing them for the whole day.

Why Are Pura Vida Bracelets Waxy in Nature?

Why Are Pura Vida Bracelets Waxy in Nature

As you have got the answer that why your Pura Vida bracelets become sticky, now you can know why they are waxy in nature. We know that lots of celebs like Charlize Theron are die-hard fans of this brand. They love embracing their bracelets, but they have also pinpointed the fact that their bracelets, anklets, and necklaces get waxy in nature. The only solution to get rid of waxy Pura Vida bracelets is to shower with them and make them wet. You need to wear them for a couple of number of times, this is how their waxy nature may get reduced. Showering with such bracelets is the only effective solution to bring down their waxy effect.

Are Pura Vida Bracelets Waterproof?

Yes, Pura Vida bracelets are 100% waterproof, that is why you can make them shower and bring down their stickiness and waxy effect. They do not get affected because of the water presence. In addition, these Pura Vida bracelets withstand and tolerate all kinds of wet and humidity-filled situations. No matter how unfavorable the condition will become, your bracelets will remain safe and sound, Here let me also share you video from you-tube:

You can easily wear these bracelets in water-oriented activities. Like, if you are going out for swimming and surfing, it means these bracelets are the right ones for you. Hence, it is all because of their waterproof nature that your Pura Vida bracelets will be able to maintain their integrity and strength.

Showering with Pura Vida Bracelets Reduce Their Sticky Nature

As we have told you that showering with Pura Vida bracelets brings down and decreases their sticky nature. If you have just got a pack of these bracelets on 01-08-2021, and you are feeling that they are quite sticky and waxy, then make them shower with you!

It is through showering that your Pura Vida bracelets will become waxy-free and sticky-free for sure. In addition, it is the induction of polyester threads and wax threads that bring this sticky effect in them.

So, these bracelets are waterproof and you do not have to worry that whether water exposure will damage their quality or not! Furthermore, these bracelets are high-quality designed, and they are always able to resist and withstand corrosion whenever they make a contact with water.

Are Pura Vida Anklets and Necklaces Sticky?

Are Pura Vida Anklets and Necklaces Sticky?

Yes, Pura Vida’s anklets and necklaces are sticky in nature as well. No matter, you have got the bracelets from this brand or you have shopped for their necklaces and anklets, they will show sticky effects for some time. The only exclusive and ideal solution to bring down their stickiness is often wearing them. Simply understand that this rule that the more you wear them, the higher will be the chance that they will become sticky-free. Most importantly, Pura Vida bracelets are not simple and random kinds of bracelets. They are known for their unique design and originality. So, if you see that your Pura Vida bracelet is getting sticky and waxy, do not worry because there is a solution to this problem.

How to Get Rid of Sticky Pura Vida Bracelets?

Now, you can see some of the top solutions that help you remove all of the possible stickiness and waxy presence from your Pura Vida bracelets, anklets, and necklaces.

  • The very first tip is that you should wear these Pura Vida bracelets with clean hands! If you wear them with dirty hands, then the stickiness and waxy effect will remain there on them. In addition, there should be no oil on your hands. If any oil trace is present on your hands, then there is a chance that your bracelets and anklets may become tarnished.
  • The next tip to get rid of sticky and waxy Pura Vida bracelets is to avoid exposing them with perfumes, oils, and lotions. The more you expose these necklaces and anklets with lotions and perfumes, the higher will be the chance that stickiness will remain to reside on them.
  • Rest, you have to secure and keep your Pura Vida bracelets in the safest bracelets. If you do not want to bring that sticky feel on them, then it is advised to keep them secure in the safest place. You can buy small jewelry pouches and try to safe and secure your Pura Vida bracelets in these pouches.
  • If you keep on polishing your Pura Vida bracelets, then there is this high and maximum chance that your bracelets will not get sticky. So, keep them as much pretty looking as you can and give them a regular polishing job!


We are sure that now you have got enough answers on why are my Pura Vida bracelets sticky! Do not worry about the fact that why your anklets, necklaces, and bracelets made by this brand are getting so much sticky! Simply shower them with water and reduce the stickiness problem.

If you can think of more of the solutions on getting rid of removing the sticky feel from Pura Vida bracelets, then do share that with us. We know that these exceptional and high-end-looking Pura Vida bracelets are known and much popular because of their most simplistic and stylish nature. If this unpleasant feeling of stickiness and waxy effect comes on your Pura Vida bracelets, then remove it by showering them!

No doubt, these bracelets have made a big name in the jewelry world. They are not only popular and much famous in Costa Rica, in fact, these Pura Vida bracelets also remain high in demand in different parts of the world. They are marked as the perfect and best investment.

You can try all of the above-mentioned solutions and make sure to keep your Pura Vida bracelets sticky-free. Furthermore, these bracelets are known for their waterproof levels, and lightweight feel. They are popular and famous because of their extreme durability.

Keep in touch with us, more of the details on Pura Vida bracelets and other jewelry types are yet to be some sooner on this web page.

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