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How To Activate Pixiu Bracelet? (5 Steps to Follow)

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If you believe in the power of those bracelets that guarantee to make you stay away from negative forces and keep you surrounded by the positive vibe, then you should also know the method on how to activate the Pixiu bracelet!  In this post, we have penned down some of the interesting details and we are hopeful that they will make you understand the real power and worth encompassed by this bracelet.

There is a specific way to cleanse and activate it. In addition, it brings fortune, health, and wellness to your life. Your mental and physical health remains protected and improved. Your financial health becomes better day by day and no anxiety and stress factors get enter your life.

Most importantly, it comes in the form of wealth charm and lots of people have gained immense benefits out from it. It attracts prosperous energy and enhances your money, fortune, wealth, and luck. You no longer see misfortunes in your life and every single day of your life remains filled with positivity.

Whenever you see that these kinds of charms and amulets do not show desired benefits, it means right is the time to cleanse and activate them. Once they become deactivated, they lose their power and worth and fail to show desired benefits.

So, take out your Pixiu bracelet if it is not activated till now and check out the below-written details. The minute you will energize them, they will regain their power and potential and will definitely start to protect you from evil forces. You can follow the same method if you are wearing some other charm and amulet or healing bracelet and feel free to let us know whether this method worked for you or not:

How To Activate Pixiu Bracelet?

Most of the people from countries like Japan have asked this common question on how to activate this Pixiu bracelet and we hope and are somewhat confident that this guide will solve all your confusion. It is a must for you to activate and energize this charm. If you will not activate it, then it will definitely and certainly become useless.

The process is easy to follow and you have to regularly activate it without making any delay. On activating it, the whole bracelet will get nourished and be fed with the right amount of positive energy and you will extract a maximum number of benefits out from it. So, let us have a look at the details:

Step # 01: Get A Silver Or Metal Bowl And Place Your Pixiu Bracelet In It

Step # 01: Get A Silver Or Metal Bowl And Place Your Pixiu Bracelet In It

The very first step is that you have to get hold of a silver or metal bowl. In this bowl, you will be placing your Pixiu bracelet for activating it. It will be great if you get a real and genuine sterling silver bowl for completing this process with success. Keep the one bowl in your home and the second one in your office. In this manner, your bracelet will get activated at its fullest.

If you think that it is tougher and awkward for you to keep the bowl in the office, then limit the process to your home only. Some people like to make use of Pixiu statues. In this concern, you need to place the silver bowl right beside your bracelet. On the other hand, some people perform this step with the help of an odd-shaped kind of metal bowl; you can use the same option as well. It will definitely work for you.

Step # 02: Filling Up The Bowl With Gems, Silver, And Gold

Moving to the second step, you need to fill up the bowl with gold, gems, and silver. Collect as many precious stones as you can and fill the bowl. There is this belief that if you will fill up the bowl with coins, then the bracelet will only bring coins in your real-life and no big cash. So, surround the bowl with precious stones and nothing less than that!

You need to train your Pixiu in a manner that only brings massive cash and wealth in your real life. This is the most important activation step that you have to keep in mind. It is recommended to only use the precious stones and not the cash notes.

Such bracelets do not get attracted and lured by paper notes, so keep in mind this point as well. There are some people who will suggest you fill-up the metal bowl with water, but you should not make this blunder at all. On filling the bowl with water, you will only get water in real life.

Step # 03: Place The Pixiu Bracelet In The Bowl Filled With Precious Stones

As soon as you have filled up the bowl with all needed precious stones, now you can place your bracelet. It is recommended and advised to choose only the high energy time while activating it. You can pick up the time slot that falls in between 11 AM and 1 PM.

Note that this is the best way to energize and fully activate it. Moreover, it is during the new and full moon phase that you can activate it. All in all, choose a suitable time duration so that it gets energized on the best and desired notes. If you have just activated it on 21-12-2021, you can share with us which time slot you have followed and what results you got!

For the information, a large number of audiences activate this piece during the waxing cycle of the moon. You can abide by this rule because it will indeed energize your bracelet in the right manner.

Step # 04: Using The 3 Secrets Reinforcement Cure Method For Activating Your Pixiu Bracelet

Using The 3 Secrets Reinforcement Cure Method For Activating Your Pixiu Bracelet

There are some people out there who follow the 3 secrets reinforcement cure method for activating their bracelets and you can follow the same practice as well. The process is quite simple and straightforward enough. But all in all, the metal bowl method is followed and commonly practiced.

The only thing that you should matter for you is to choose the right time slot and precious stones, that is all and your bracelet will start to get activated and energized in the right direction. This is the same method that is abided by many celebs like Taylor Swift. So do follow it and let us know your feedback.

Step # 05: Taking The Bracelet Out From The Metal Bowl And Wear It

So, it has now become fully activated. You can take it out from the metal bowl, cleanse it and wear it right away. On activating it, you will see that no negative forces and evil spirits will come near to you. The power of this jewelry looks quite incredible and massive but it will only retain its power and potential if you energize it at the right time and right manner.

If you want to remove the effect of negative forces from your life, wear it always. It is encompassed by the most powerful influence and that is the best thing about this charm. In addition, its proper activation and tuning will improve your mental and spiritual health. For those people whose personal lives have become a lot more disrupted, it is recommended to them to wear it always.

We hope that it will bring balance in your life and manage to reduce all toxic effects from your life. Moreover, if it is not activated, then all its energy will be drained out and it will fail to protect and guard you against the evil spirits. It is high time that you should be keeping your psychic health intact enough. Just bring relaxing air and a positive vibe around your life and never and ever forget to activate it.

How To Cleanse Pixiu Bracelet?

How To Cleanse Pixiu Bracelet?

As you have come to know the method of activating this bracelet, now you can see the method on how to cleanse your Pixiu. There is a proper and easy-to-follow method that you can opt for.

The very first step is that you have to clean the physical surface of it. After that, you can further cleanse it. Some like to clean it under the sunlight or moonlight and some like to go with the method of sage smudging.

If you are using the moonlight, then cleanse it under the full moonlight. With the help of this moon or sun energy, it will get cleaned as soon as possible and be able to regain all the power and potential as well as energy. You have to place it directly under the moon or sun lights. The more light it will absorb, the better the whole processing and result will come out.

In addition, Sage Cleansing Smudging has been believed to be one of the most popular procedures that you can go for. Here you will be burning sage that will definitely purify your bracelet’s or charm’s energy. Do this process for five minutes and that is all!

If you have followed any of these cleansing methods, let us know your views and do mention whether you followed the sage smudging method or the moonlight/ sunlight cleaning method.

How to use Pixiu bracelet?

How to use Pixiu bracelet?

The use of this bracelet is pretty much common. Individuals prefer wearing it just to protect themselves from evil spirits, for improving their mental and financial health, and to bring more and more positive energy into their lives. It is only for these purposes that you should wear it.

Moreover, it has so many powerful and noticeable grounding effects that you will get stunned the minute you will put it on. It is on your left wrist that you should be wearing it.  Along with that, it is recommended to take it off while you sleep. Activating and cleansing it is a must and you should not show any negligence in this area.

Wearing it in the left hand is compulsory and mandatory because this side is marked as the receptive side. The right-hand side is believed to be marked and perceived as the projective side. Thus, use Pixiu in the right manner and with the right approach in your head, so gaining all benefits out from it gets easy for you.

Who Cannot Wear Pixiu Bracelet?

There are certain kinds of people who are not allowed to wear these kinds of charms. Like, if you are a child and pregnant woman, avoid wearing and putting it on these amulets.

If you are one of those people who come with deficient Qi, never wear this piece. In addition, all pregnant women, have to avoid wearing this bracelet. If you do so, there is a chance that you might get hurt in a mental and emotional manner. On the other hand, if you have the Zodiac Sign of Dog, or Rabbit and Tiger, it means these charms are not meant for you.

All those women who are in their menstruation phase, have to stop this practice immediately by wearing these bracelets. We all know that during the phase of menstruation, women discharge some kind of dirty blood and Pi Xiu is wholly and totally incapable of working during this time,

Moreover, if you are suffering from problems like constipation and indigestion, then we believe that these charms will not give you any benefit. You need to understand that Pi Xiu is a spirit animal and it tends to gobble up anything and it does not excrete as well. On the other hand, human beings are subject to the process of excretion and metabolism. Lastly, if you are an evil-minded person, this concept will not work for you at all.

How To Keep Pixiu Bracelet?

No doubt, this one is a precious bracelet type and its benefits are massive. If you make it a practice of wearing it, you have to take extra care of it as well. When not in use, keep it at the safest location. During sleep, you have to take it off. In addition, you have to consistently activate, cleanse and touch it. These are important practices if you have kept a collection of Pixiu bracelets at your end.

If you guard and secure it at the safest place, it means one will not doubt your loyalty and the kind of bond you have towards this charm. Moreover, you have to regularly touch its symbol. In this manner, its powers will remain awake for the longest time.

It is suggested by the experts that you should not touch its symbol with eyes and mouth. If you will do so, some negative consequences might have to be faced by you. Never and ever allow the other person to touch your charm. During sleep, keep it in the living room. Avoid placing its head pointing at your bed because such a practice will bring aggressive and negative energy to your body.

Where To Place Pixiu Bracelet At Home?

If you are not wearing it and about to go to bed, then keep it in your living room! This stance will not allow the negative energy and any of the evil spirits entering into your home or even in your bedroom. Keep its head pointing to the entrance door and this practice will definitely attract wealth and kill negative forces side by side.

Its power will eat up all the negative forces and only bring wealth, health, and well-being into your life. Now, make sure to keep it in your living room or at the entrance door when not in use. This is the safest place and location that you have to pick for Pixiu. If it offers such powerful benefits, then it is also your duty to determine the correct placement of it.

How To Wear A Double Pixiu Bracelet?

It is suggested to wear it in your left hand. This is the receptive side that is marked to be the most preferable side for it. However, if you will wear it on the right-hand side, then that is not the correct side that you should go for! The right side is the projective side and it is not meant for Pixiu.

You should constantly wear it in the left hand. Opting for this practice, its effect and power will get bigger and double. If you want to attract a maximum number of benefits, it is a must for you to put it on the left hand and nowhere else. Most importantly, it helps you get rid of tension and all stress and anxiety from your life.

In addition, it brings double the amount of harmony and balance. If you think that you have been surrounded by a negative atmosphere, simply put on this charm in your left hand. Even more, it brings more control to your life; you become a positive person filled with a lot of energy and an enriching vibe.

Can I Wear My Pixiu Bracelet With My Watch?

Yes, you can definitely wear it with your watch. There is no restriction at all that you have to wear it alone and you cannot combine it with your watch or any other accessory. If you have worn Pixiu on your left hand, you can certainly wear a watch on the same hand side of yours. In doing so, the power and overall effect of it will remain the same.

The same benefits will be offered on wearing it with your watch. Besides, if you have worn a gold bracelet on your left hand, you can wear this charm on the same side. So, no restrictions and limitations are there. If someone has said to you that you cannot wear this charm with the watch on the same hand side, then make sure to correct that person as soon as possible.


We make sure to provide only authentic details to our readers and that is why we have managed to give you every single piece of information on how to activate pixiu bracelet!  Here we have also mentioned how to cleanse it and that you can do that with the help of moonlight or sunlight of sage smudging method.

Now, you must have come to know about this important point and how much power this charm is! It promises to improve your financial health, kills negative energy, and brings all positive vibe into your body life. This charm makes sure that you stay away from the phase of having tensions and stresses and your whole life gets balanced.

Plus, you should wear it on your left hand and you have to make it a practice of cleansing and activating it. This concept gained a lot of attention from the Chinese culture and now it is getting worldwide love and support from all over the world.

You can follow this activation and cleansing method now and share with us your reviews. We are confident that it will attract wealth and health in your life and you will continuously remain protected from the evil spirits. The design and construction of it are the symbol of wealth and good fortune. Keep tuned to have more updates on this jewelry category.

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