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Which Wrist to Wear Chakra Bracelet? Left or Right

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Chakra bracelets are getting popularity rapidly because of their amazing health benefits. These bracelets have seven colored crystal beads or stones that signify different parts of our body’s health and energy. If we know and understand which wrist to wear Chakra bracelets, then it will increase its healing and energy gaining properties.

Chakra bracelets are not a new trend to introduce in the fashion world but people have got realization of its amazing health benefits now. It is the reason for Chakra’s popularity.

The ancient Buddhist and Tantric civilizations in Asia were gaining healing, balancing, and other supporting energies with their meditation on Chakra. They believe that the 5 or 7 rainbow colors are a source of gaining control over evil energies.

But what makes us stop and think a while is an exact wrist to wear Chakra bracelets. By making it clear understanding of the healing and regaining usages of Chakra, we can have the best results as well as enjoy the trendy colorful bracelet.

Does It Matter To Wear Your Chakra Bracelet In A Certain Wrist?

The fashion industry always tries to introduce new trends or it refreshes old and classic fashions in a way that it becomes the hottest trend of its times. Chakra bracelets are also that type of example that is not only classic but too old. Its amazing bright colored 7 stones carry an outclass charm. The crystal beads have some specific meanings in them that we try to receive from this Chakra bracelet.

Chakra bracelet contains physical, psychological, and spiritual effects on its users. That’s why people are readily getting inclined towards it. Science is e researching the healing and health advantages of Chakra bracelets. The things like meditation and Yoga are known for making our souls more purified and relaxed. There is the presence of many crystal stones with unbelievable effects on the human mind and body.

All the above-mentioned factors involve wearing a bracelet. We can’t disown the positivity a Chakra bracelet contains. The thing is just to decide whether it should be our right hand or the left one.

Thorough research tells that wearing your Chakra bracelet in your left hand will make you able to receive and then release the bound and blocked energies to all the parts of your body. Our left hand has focal points that carry vibrations to all the important body parts and make them active and working.

It makes the energy be used in the right way in our body. It is the center of positive energies and health. It gains positive energies from the outside and uses them to heal our mental, physical and spiritual strengths.

On the other hand, it is wrong to say that we can’t wear Chakra bracelets in our right hands. By wearing a Chakra bracelet in our right hand, we will not let the positive energies go out and be wasted. All the negative energies are blocked outside with the help of the Chakra bracelet. It has the quality to release all the negative energies outside the body. The procedure helps our body get soothing, controlling, and balancing factors.

Nobody can deny the importance of slipping your Chakra bracelet in the correct wrist. It depends on the situation or health hazards you want to solve from it. It matters a lot that which need makes you wear this bracelet. If you are unaware of the peaceful and harmonious effects of Chakra bracelets and are wearing them only for the sake of fashion trends, it will still benefit you unknowingly.

But now with the advancement in technology and science, it is not a hidden secret. We can even find the details of each crystal bead and its benefits to our health. It will make it easy to decide what kind of stones we are going to select for our problems.

When And How To Wear A Chakra Bracelet?

When And How To Wear A Chakra Bracelet

If we want to gain the best benefits of our Chakra bracelets, we should have to wear them in perfect timing and placement. It will not only enhance the energy infusion level but also save us from getting harmed by the negative vibes spreading all around us. We must understand that what time and place are suitable for wearing our Chakra bracelet on the right or left hand. Let’s have a look on both sides and when they must be in our wrists.

Wear Chakra Bracelet in Left Wrist When

  • You want to absorb more energies from nature
  • You want to have some healing powers in you immediately
  • You want to infuse the crystal stones’ energies in the best way
  • You want to sleep at night. This time your brain and body are more readily receiving and putting the energies in the places they are needed most.
  • You are willing to gain and reverberate your energies in the best working potential

All these things have their significance and value with that of Yoga and exercise. The hand which is the center of focus for many energies is ignited with these 7 colored rainbows of Chakra. Its value increases if we study the points hidden in our wrists and hands.

The left hand is more receptive and active in catching energies and making them useable in different parts of the body. It opens the bound and blocked energies and increases their communication with internal powers. That’s why the left wrist is preferably more used than that of the right. But that doesn’t mean the right wrist has no powers. It has its energy cycle and it allows all these energies to work within the body. It doesn’t allow the negative and evil energies to come inside the body and spoil it.

Wear Chakra Bracelet In Right Wrist When

  • You feel the presence of negative energies and want to release them right away
  • You want to secure yourself from some outside evil and wicked powers working around you and dissatisfying you
  • You want to support and back all your positive energies to work and communicate rightly
  • You feel difficulty in understanding the inward restlessness and anxiety and want its removal
  • You want to use the positive energies in the correct place

The right hand or right wrist is pretty muscular and strong. It has a natural inclination to fight negativities and evil vibes. Its central points get control over the powers working anti-positive. So if you are wearing your Chakra bracelet in your right hand, it will support you in its way. By knowing and adopting its exact timing and way to use, we can have its advantages to its full.

Different Crystals And Their Impact On Human Health

Different Crystals And Their Impact On Human Health

Chakra bracelets are made with multicolored crystal stone with amazing qualities. Every gemstone has its importance and uses on the human body. They regulate and activate the energy cycle in our body. All these crystals will work their best if we have complete knowledge of these stones and their energies. If anyone of us wears the Chakra bracelets only for the sake of fashion and looking trendy, it is ok. But it certainly can make your body more energetic and working. They have the quality to provide more sensation, satisfaction, and harmony. Let’s have some peep into these crystal gemstones and their impact on the human body.

Crystals Impacting Left Wrist

Rose Quartz, Calcite: increase love and affection in you

Amazonite: Increases your creativity and ingenuity

Lapis Lazuli, Hematite: Can create intuition in you

Red Tiger Eye: Make you more self-confident and self-made

Citrine Jade: The gemstone will make you more wealthy and powerful

Blue Agate, Snakeskin Agate: These stones make you capable of improving your listening skills

Cloudy Quartz Crystal: It can make your personality grounding and impressive

Black Tourmaline, Lave Stone, Turquoise: These gemstones will save you from negative and evil energies and powers

Crystals Impacting Right Wrist

Rose Quartz: You may feel more enthusiastic about love by wearing Rose Quarts

Onyx, Black Obsidian, Red Veriscite: These crystal stones do not allow the negative vibrations to enter your body

Lave Rock, Wood Grain Sandstone: The ability to be more grounding and magnetic will surely be produced by these stones

Picture Jasper: It has powers of infusing creativity and ingenuity in your brain

Citrine, Calcite, Tiger Eye: A great feature of these stones is that they will make people attracted towards you. They make you a powerhouse of attraction

Blue Lapis Lazuli: This crystal gemstone will make you more expressing and clearer. It can enhance your personality exposure properly

Tiger Eye, Peridot, Agate: If you want to improve your self-confidence, you can wear it to get new vibes of The personality improvement

Benefits of Chakra Bracelet

Benefits of Chakra Bracelet

Chakra or Cakra is considered a spinning wheel of energy that correlates and connects different parts of our body, brain, and nervous system. It has long-term positive effects on our health. The crystal beads of Chakra bracelets contain energies that are transmitted to various parts of our body. It is an ancient belief that all the 7 colors of Chakra are the energy centers that help in opening various blockages of energy. When we feel down and sick, we can wear Chakra bracelets to heal our sickness.

But the most important thing that we must consider first is the exact wrist to wear our Chakra. We must have an awareness that what kind of benefits we can have from our bracelets on a specific side wrist. Let’s try to get an understanding of the benefits Chakra bracelet can give us.

Healing Magic

Chakra bracelets have the amazing power of healing our brain tissues, nerves, muscles, and all the body parts suffering from depression. If we continue to wear Chakra for a long time, it can heal our restless souls. It has the strong capacity to make our senses positive and electric to work in a better way.

Boosts Happiness and Optimism

Chakra bracelets’ specific crystal stones arouse genuine happiness among people. One can feel the pleasures of life to his best when he starts to realize the benefits of Chakra. Your hearts can feel positivity and optimism towards life. You start to understand the meaning of life and find happiness from it. All you need to know is the right wearing of Chakra bracelet on your wrist.

Increases Confidence 

If someone wears Chakra with the belief to get some spiritual and mental aid, he can enhance his self-confidence and self-dependency. The strength of positive energies can awaken the sleeping soul of a man to do something magical in your mind. It enables you to face the challenges of the world confidently.

Makes You More Focused And Concentrated

The crystal stones of Chakra with their bright light and penetrating energies make your thought more focused and concentrated. Its energies can open then blockages in our brain and soul. There are typical points in our brain and body that get locked due to certain conditions of mind or circumstances. Chakra enables us to open these blockages and act more consistently and focused. Its specific healing procedure helps your increase your diverted and dispersed concentration.

Makes Your Feelings Harmonious And Arranged

Sometimes man loses his aim and has no balance and self-control in life. This is the time when some negative energy starts working against him to make him more hopeless and pessimistic. But the Chakra bracelet is there for you to solve many of your psychological knots. It is not a mere fashion but also heals your soul to bring centeredness and harmony. It resolves the blocked points of our minds and creates positive vibes towards life.

Arouses Love And Remove Hatred

Arouses Love And Remove Hatred

One thing that is more discussable is the sense of love and tenderness one starts feeling after wearing the Chakra bracelet. Its 7 shaded rainbows of colors infuse love and snatches out hatred and negativity from your soul. If you wear the bracelet in your left hand, your heart becomes purified with love. When you wear the bracelet in your right hand, all the negativity and hatred leave your mind and soul.

All these are the benefits that are generally expected from the Chakra wheel. But we must know what are the blockages we can have in our mind and body if our Chakra is not working properly. We can see them in detail as

  • If you are facing some blockages in Solar Plexus, you can have issues with you your confidence that will become lacking. The other thing you can face is a problematic stomach. Your digestive system will be badly stuck and we know that if we have some issues with stomach, we may suffer from many diseases.
  • If you are having issues with crown Chakra, you will feel your senses lost and deficiency in understanding things. It may cause a serious lack of consciousness and nervous system issues. Wearing a Chakra bracelet in your left hand will regain the lost powers and will help you unlock the bound energies. You can boost up your intelligence by showering lights of Chakra crystals. It will help you overcome the problems of narrow-mindedness and loss of spirituality. You can feel yourself on the right path from astray.
  • If your Sacral Chakra is bound, you will have an immense deficiency of self-esteem. The blockage can attack your urinary system. It will become a severe urinary infection in the tract. The lower back pain is also the result of the blocked Sacral Chakra.
  • Another Chakra is the Root Chakra that has a strong connection with many important body organs. In case of blocking this Chakra, you can have issues with arthritis. Your bladder may not function well. It may affect the progress of the colon and all the physical activities can get imbalance. The issues that will make you more psychotic are the sense of insecurity for a financial career. The fright that you will become financially fail can make you the patient of sleeplessness.
  • Heart Chakra is one of the most important Chakra and people believe it to be 100% o.k. all the time. If this Chakra is not properly working and is stuck, it will bring many heart issues including heart attack and heart failure. It is a possibility that your heart may stop loving and caring for your beloveds. Love and affection are also a target of this blocked Chakra. If we wear a Chakra bracelet on our right wrist, it will flow away all the negative energies that are hurdling our Heart Chakra.
  • Communication is the key to the success of every human being. It is connected with Throat Chakra. If our Throat Chakra is facing blockages, we can have a lack of communication. Our confidence to make others flat with our exposure will be damaged badly. We may become too blunt that our tongue can hurt someone’s heart. It is recommended by many Chakra Sadhoos that we must wear a Chakra bracelet in our left hand to regain the lost energies. Although meditation and yoga can also solve these issues. But there is no harm in wearing this crystal energy bracelet.
  • It is common that sometimes we start to feel lost and lack imaginative power. The strength of concentration and intuition is badly damaged if our Third Eye Chakra is blocked. Including these issues, the issue of severe headaches and eyesight focus can also occur. We can get rid of these issues by putting on a Chakra bracelet on our left wrist. This energy wheel will bring back all the lost energies in its frame.

All the seven Chakra energy points and their blockage issues are explained above to make clear their importance. It will help you manage your Chakra cycle for balanced and concentrated life. It creates awareness among people that solar energies will penetrate through these crystal stones to establish positive vibrations in the human system. If you don’t know the cycle of Chakra and wearing it for the sake of fashion, It is ok. But it will surely have two-fold benefits of adopting trend as well as getting spiritual and physical advantages.


We have detailed information on Chakra bracelets to understand them well. We should have full awareness about how and when it should be used. The most important factor we have come to know is that wearing Chakra bracelets in your left r right wrist matters a lot.

The question “which wrist to wear Chakra bracelet?” has got its answer very clearly. The Chakra is a theology of ancient Hindus and Buddhists who consider it a wheel of energy through which we can find our blocked energies back. It has 7 colored crystal stone that signifies different energy points in our body. If we want permanent peace of mind, concentration, and spiritual powers, we should wear this Chakra bracelet.

Although these things can also be gained by constant meditation or doing Yoga, yet Chakra has its place. Every focal point has specific organs to operate. But if we don’t wear it according to the needs of our mind or soul, we can reverse its effects. If we need to gain energy and positivity, we have to wear it on our left wrist. The energy cycle will lead it to open the blockages and store these energies in various parts of the body and brain. It can manage all the negative energies to wash them out of a man.

Similarly, if we wear Chakra in our right hand, we will lead the negativity hit and go back unsuccessfully. So if we want to get ourselves purely benefitted with Chakra energy wheel, we should understand what wrist to wear the bracelet and when. It will bring satisfaction of mind, ingenuity, creativity, peacefulness, and positivity of mind. All of our bodies will function properly.

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