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When To Stop Wearing College Class Ring?

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Just do not go anywhere because we have an elaborated answer for the question of when to stop wearing college class rings! We have seen this common tradition that college graduates love wearing rings during and even after their academic lives. In this post, you will know the history of this concept and more about the trend of wearing them.

Suppose, you have graduated from school and you want to honor your academic activities, in this concern, students like to embrace this practice. It is up to you whether you want to keep on wearing the university rings even after this phase ends in your life. Students have different concepts and perceptions of this concept.

You can let us know whether you feel like wearing class rings during your studies or you do not feel like it! The choice and decision are up to you. In this post, you will also know in which hands and fingers to wear and for how much longer time, you can put on them. Along with that, we will share with you the most updated and trendy designs that you can have in the academy ring niche. So, have a look at the details:

The History And The Complete Background Of College/Class Rings

For the information, these class rings are also given the name of class rings. Here you can check out and go through the complete history and background information about them. If you feel like showing your class or academic life spirit, then the best way to do that is to put on this jewelry type on your finger. We have seen this massive trend in countries like the USA.

It has become a kind of representation and tells us that you have got a great amount of interest in your high school life or in your university life. Students love to put on this jewelry on their fingers because it takes them back to their school’s traditions as well as academic life belief systems. These fellowship rings have their origin in ancient Egypt.

The class rings tradition was as old as the Greek myths, the modern studies show that it originated back in the 1800 century, some say it was 1835 when it was first used at the U.S MILITARY ACADEMY at WEST POINT. Later on, few clubs and groups thought of it as recognition, it became traditional to wear the class rings start and during the university years. Many authors and writers, poets, and singers use this class ring idea in their books and it illuminates the idea of wearing a class ring to represent which university you belong to.

Author PAT CONROY wrote THE LORDS OF DISCIPLINE, where the story revolves around the main character who wears the rings and bared the consequences and hardship in his senior year. This book was not recognized first, but later on, with time, it became one of the best novels.

There was a song back in OCTOBER 1959, TEEN ANGEL, it was a tragic and sad song that also showed a sad end of the girl during the recovery of a class ring. The song was in a series and it got in the list of top 50 with the passage of time.

In addition, this practice shows a sense of belonging, and this respective belief was generally adopted by the Romans. It symbolizes and showcases the pride that you have been graduating from prestigious and reputed institutions. Do you know that students from Yale, Harvard, and also students from institutions like Princeton, were the ones who pushed this trend on the stronger terms, yes it is true!

All in all, the adoption of this practice has been spread on a great note. On a global level, we have seen that students love flaunting their class or fellowship rings. It has become the symbol of accomplishment and the sign of pride.

Which Hand To Wear Your Class Rings?

Which Hand To Wear Your Class Rings?

Now, you must be thinking in which hand you can wear your class rings, here is the explanation for you. Lots of celebs like Jennifer Lopez have come up with different viewpoints and here we are going to give you the general answer. No doubt, this has become the most beloved jewelry type. Students love to wear it no matter they are in their school, academy or university.

It is recommended to wear them in your right hand and this is the best practice that you can go for. The engagement and wedding rings are worn on the left hand, so it is advisable to put on this jewelry on your right hand so that the other person may not have any confusion when perceiving the purpose of wearing it.

Which Finger To Wear College Rings?

Lots of people have asked in which finger they should be wearing their class rings. So, the answer is here for you. Most importantly, you can put on it on the right-hand ring finger. If you will wear it on the left-hand ring finger, then people will get confused and they will start to perceive that you have put on an engagement or wedding ring, That is why wear this class ring on the right-hand ring finger and nowhere else! Its insignia have to be facing in an inward direction. It is believed that if the insignia and the school name are being faced inward, then it gets easy for the other person to read the name of your school.

Is It Ok To Wear Class Rings After High School?

Suppose, your high school is now ended and you are thinking about whether you should keep on wearing your school ring or not! The choice is totally up to you. If you wish to put on the fellowship rings, you can do so for sure despite the fact that your graduation studies have now ended. Like, if your graduating degree got finished on 02-12-2021, the decision is up to you whether to keep this jewelry on your finger or not.

Wearing the fellowship and college rings once your academic life is over, it becomes a memorable memory and students do not feel like taking it off though their academic life is over and professional life is started. It gives them a strong feeling of how much they achieved and accomplished during their academic phase.

When To Stop Wearing College Rings?

When To Stop Wearing College Rings?


We have already told you that the choice is up to you! Some like to take off their class rings immediately once their graduating or high school degree is completed. On the other hand, some students keep on wearing this jewelry piece no matter they become older. Most importantly, this whole tradition gained a lot of attention in the American school system.

The college ring is a greek tradition where the person has to wear the ring in his senior year, this is the point when the students show their pride and feel incomplete without the show cast of their college ring. For most students, they show off their university or club which matters most, and they want people to know about their achievements, its more about their pride, there are some who feels incomplete without their jewelry, whether its a chain, a bracelet, or college ring, they wear it out of habit. Few rare students suffer from anxiety, and as per their therapist, they should have some item with them which will help them refocus.

These all options are incomplete as there is no relevant answer to this question that when do we have to stop wearing the college ring? No one can really answer this question as the thoughts vary. What I think is that these rings are designed specifically for the students according to their respective interests, their classes, groups assigned, having intricate designs, engraving, so, they should wear it, until they feel about it. It is their attachment towards their past, their struggles to achieve their career goals, they should be proud of showing it to others.

They can be a very good conversation starter instead of getting yourself in an awkward situation or totally embarrassed by doing babbling. Some new thoughts consider this as a waste of money and pointless, in this materialized era, they think that wearing a college class ring might be backward, and makes you a believer of Greek mythology, even though the historians believe that the Greeks were by far the most intelligent beings of all the late civilizations, still few of the new era thinkers take them to be controversial. There are many things which we follow unknowingly of the Greeks and all the science and history subjects past is basically full of Greeks and their unique methods.

It became the representation just to celebrate your academic life milestone of yours. You may have found lots of men and women who have reached their 40s age and they have still put on these college rings. Thus, it has all become a matter of preference. Keep in mind that there is no hard and fast rule.

Is It Possible To Wear Multiple Numbers Of Class Rings?

Have you spotted this weird practice that people like to wear multiple numbers of class rings? You can go on wearing them in multiple numbers for sure, the choice and decision are entirely up to you. But this practice will come out to be tacky and weird and it will not look good on your hands. So, if you want to preserve the charm of this concept, it is better to wear a single class ring on your right hand.

Most Famous College Rings

Most Famous College Rings

Lots of famous and trendy class rings have arrived on the market. The trendiest and classiest designs have made their way, you can check out the details from here. Do you know that the Clemson rings gained a lot of love and popularity from the high school and graduate students, yes it is true! All in all, 120, 000 alumni have worn this design. It started gaining popularity in the 1940s and till now it is backed by high school students.

There are lots of other recognizable designs as well that you can consider as your fellowship or class rings. Whatever design you choose, make sure it has to look catchy and memorable. It should show the ideal mix and combination of the commemorative elements that take you back to the academic zone of your life.

Does Anyone Wear Class Rings Anymore?

No doubt, it has become the most loved trend. Individuals love wearing these rings. Though their high school life has been finished and they are done with their university studies, still they love putting on this jewelry type. The positive and strong intention is behind this practice. If they put on this jewelry, it means they are feeling and sensing accomplishment and pride in their personalities. It has now become an important and much-loved accessory these days.

Well, this is a controversial thing, students like to be fashionable in this era, they wear the college class rings as a symbol of fashionable, they don’t want to look more in the history or any myths related to it, they wear it out of tradition and a necessity as most American university and high schools strictly follow the rule of wearing a college class ring.

The demand is getting increased and almost every single student likes to wear the college ring. We know that there is lots of other commemorative jewelry as well and this includes bracelets, lockets and pendants, and even necklaces. But the trend of this contemporary accessory is getting higher day by day. In addition, for commemorating your high school studies and graduations, it has become a must to do the practice.

College rings meant a lot when designed particularly according to your interest. These rings are part of your accomplishments. Anatole France once said: to accomplish great things, we must not only act but also dream; not only plan but also believe.

Making customized college rings are a step ahead of your dreams and goals as a student who always dreams to achieve something extra in the career guide. They are the ways one feel honored and remembered the beautiful and valuable memories, the pride which is shown in the eyes of the family, keeping the back up for the friends, saving the seats for the last minute, all these things are captured when one is customizing the college rings, and he feels to show around as these accessories make the friendship bond more strong and special.

The science club can have any symbol or an inside private joke, sports club have a variety of actions which they privately share as their symbol within the ground, the fancy kit group of girls, wearing matching bags, or matching colors dresses for every day, will love to have a different designed ring, just for their group, and no one else would be allowed to have the permission to have it. The history class must be difficult to decide, as they have numerous possibilities around the world, to be customized on their class ring, there is a vast era which was demolished but fancies the student.

Should I Get A College Class Ring?

Should I Get A College Class Ring?

Yes, it is not at all a bad idea if you plan to get this accessory for yourself. Its love and craze is getting so much higher and you can jump on the same bandwagon as well. This tradition dates back to the time of 1835 and it was specifically stated by the United States Military Academy that was based in West Point. This accessory is used to display the meanings and symbols of achievements and pride. For celebrating their academic, high school, and university lives, students love to put on this jewelry accessory type.

The ring shown cast Greek mythology dated more than 200 years ago, back then it was a tradition more, like a choice, this was customary for every student of the teacher to provide them with the rings inscribed related to their subjects or groups, but as time passes by, it changes the meaning and The significance, as of present-day, it’s surely my own choice, whether to buy a new college class ring or just a hand down from my parents or grandparents. Usually, few of the students are more into this traditional thing, mostly trying to get new stuff rather than a college class ring. The choice remains solely on me and my preference.

Some high schools conduct a formal ceremony where the students were distributed their rings by their alumni, family, friends are gathered around to celebrate the moment as it Is the milestone in the life of a student, as rightfully said by CATHERINE PULSIFER: accomplishments give you a sense of confidence and encouragement. It is of great custom that the student will wear the ring facing them, this position represents that the graduation is due and they are in their senior year.

On the day of the graduation, family, friends or the alumni can turn the direction of the ring. At this time the ring having the seal and design of your department or year will be displayed fully to others, letting them know how privileged it was for you to be a part of the institution. The bonding, the backbenchers, the grades, the late-night activities, all seem to be of little value when you were being handed the graduation degree.

They opt for this trend because almost every single student out there wants to commemorate their academic life shared values and study experiences that they had during their graduating class. Wearing the college rings has become the prominent symbol of values, morals that you learned during your academic life. Some students like to bring customization as well as personalization effect in this jewelry piece.  You must also note down that in the Ivy League schools, this respective accessory turned out to be the status symbol but now it carries more sentimental value.

One of the paramount reasons that you should not neglect this concept is the fact that it is an inexpensive and budget-friendly investment. Its purpose and meaning have become so much value that people love wearing college rings. This respective concept gives them a nice and one of the strongest reminders that have achieved a lot during their academic lives.

Next, you should wear this accessory because some exclusive and special memorable achievements are embodied in it. It takes you back to the special and golden memories of your high school or university. You can even call it a commemorative ring. So, if you want to keep on getting the beautiful flashbacks of your school life, do opt for this trend.

It is seen that you can customize and personalize this jewelry accessory in any manner you want to. Like, you can emboss your school name initials, academic year on it. Or you can inject your school logo into it. Thus, the freedom is given to you while designing, customizing, and personalizing this jewelry. It is up to you which design and color you want to go for.

Do Men Wear Their College Rings?

Yes, men do wear college rings and this trend is extensively opted and embraced by both genders. Both men and women wear this accessory in their right hands. But most of the men, like to wear it on their left hand as well. We all know that once you take admission in high school and university, it becomes the once in a lifetime experience. For preserving these golden memories, you can store it in the college ring.

It is all true that high school memories have always been very much special for boys. During this phase, they learn a lot, mentally and emotionally grow themselves. In addition, during this respective phase, they at times face failure and at times, face success and a lot of accomplishment. So, wearing this accessory has become a symbol and sign to acknowledge their academic life.

Men like wearing and flaunting them because they believe it is a great way to celebrate milestones, academic successes, and accomplishments. Suppose you have entered in professional life and you are working in a top-notch company and you want to recall how you achieved all this, then this college ring will make you remind of all the memories.

We can say that this accessory has become an academic portfolio of yours. It signifies and hints to us that you have achieved something in your life on academic terms and basis. Celebrating accomplishments is one of the easiest things that you can do.

On looking at it, you will be able to visualize and recall all about the high school experience of yours. Thus, you have to appreciate and applaud your high school or college activities and this is done if you put on this jewelry. This is the kind of accessory on which you have to feel a lot of pride. Along with that, you can follow lots of customization options while finalizing the design, color, and style of it. Some like to give them a crystal color combination vibe.

Are Class Rings Tacky?

The last part of this piece of writing will tell you our class rings tacky! No, they do not look tacky and instead, they bring a positive and stronger vibe to your personality. Most importantly, opting for this trend has been officially rooted in the traditions for years and years. Students now never and ever forget to put on this jewelry and they love customizing it as well. Do you know that the concept of the class ring was started in 1911 in Virginia tech, yes it is true!

The rings which are used as the college class rings are embedded with big Stone, they can be either the student’s birthstone or might be their lucky charm. These rings are easily shown off due to their Tackiness. Surely the college class rings are tacky with big stones but they are trending with more fashionable designs and banners.

There was also this tradition and ceremony of ring dance where the junior students get transitioned into senior students and thus end up celebrating their new academic phase. So, if you want to honor your school or university, you have to become a part of such traditions and ceremonies. Along with that, it is true that college life had always given us different and well-cherished experiences and none of us wants to forget that. To recall that golden time, again and again, people put on this accessory in their hand.

Being in high school is marked as the very first step when you enter into your adulthood phase. It signifies the future generation phase. Hence, for cherishing these epic moments of your life, you can wear this jewelry and tell the other person which school and academic year you belong to like all of these details will be present on that ring.

Once you are admitted to high school or you have got admission to a college or university, this whole phase always turns out to be valuable. Time does not get stopped and once this school life is over, college and university life is started, and finally, you make an entry into your professional life. But no one can stop you to remember these moments.

You can well imagine the fact that you have grandsons and you were the one who showed your college and fellowship rings to them. No doubt, this tradition, and trend are going to get passed generation after generation.

Pros and Cons Of Wearing A Class Ring

As a student, I feel very attached with all the belongings of my student life, whether a yearly book the final picture of class, the yearly trophy, all the things are a bit touchy, now in between this, if anyone will make fun of my college class ring, It will be felt as humiliation. There are many pros and cons of wearing the ring, as bad as it seems the biggest pro of wearing the ring is, the ring helps to identify the person if that person met any kind of accident or mishap, as the rings are always registered in the college class.

As I have researched, I haven’t seen any prominent cons of wearing a ring, it may be handy to snatching but apart from that I don’t think there are any cons of wearing a band with an engraving on it, on your finger. 

Frequently Asked Question And Answers (FAQs)

Traditional things are always considered classy and mysterious as they have many myths along with them. Wearing a college class ring seems to be very simple but very choosy as it is also one of the Greek mythology, students especially American university, high school alumni strictly followed the protocol.

In this article, we will cover all the possible FAQs which are related to college class rings and will try to facilitate the answer according to your demands.

Question: Class rings are a waste of money?

Answer: Most people in this era, struggling, juggling with their Careers n jobs, running between the shifts to college classrooms, seem to have an idea of cost-cutting, they try to save as much as possible n spend only that which is inevitable. That’s a big reason that most students try to have a cheaper ring or a hand down as they thought that they are a waste of money.

Question: Are high school class rings still a thing?

Answer: With the modern age, students have a variety to choose for themselves, they have been very Trendy and with the fast-changing fashion they are more into modern rings, a band or a halo with no fancy hanky panky kind of stones which make themselves prone to snatching. The students think that putting a big stone or any big engraved picture makes the ring easily recognizable and prone to snatching.

Question: What to put on the side of my class ring?

Answer: For each student, their college class ring is a remembrance of their inside jokes, classy pickup lines, totally wasted after parties. The rings when chosen has a banner on its side, that is the side where the inscription is added, whether it’s a good luck charm, year, science label, a historical fiction design, and many more, they can be customized According to the student club or group or can be chosen by the alumni of the department. Online shops ratings show that the students like to have a halo band along with fancy stones rather than the big old stone concept.

Question: Are college class rings still popular?

Answer: Everyone tends to find something which is always their “thing” which makes them prominent, in this way, a college class ring, an old tradition which still gets around the groups or clubs, is the best answer for their needed popularity. The college class rings are always struck out as a unique thing making the student feel proud. The students think that wearing a college class ring might get them popular, that’s one of the many reasons the students try to have a unique line or picture engraved on their rings.

It’s a very tricky question, as there is no way that we can record the sale n purchase of the college ring. Few topmost class ring online shops show a decrease in their sales after the pandemic, it might be because almost all the things were closed off for an unlimited time, some might have talked into not buying the ring and just completion of the year to get the degree.

Question: Is a college ring worth it?

Answer: Once truly said by Moran Atias: There’s always a common attraction to universal needs of love and a feeling of worthiness.

The worthiness of a college class ring depends on the thinking, many think that it is a waste of money, few think that we should follow the tradition, and some think that it is a flashy thing to wear and show off their pride regarding their college. The studies show that the majority of the students take this college class ring as a fashion, trend of wearing a jewelry item.

Question: When do you get a college class ring?

Answer: A college class ring is an important ring other than the wedding band, they show their affiliation with the University or high school with the help of this college class ring. The students and the Alumni especially in American universities follow the tradition of wearing a college class ring, they get it made in their high school, as the sophomore year starts. The ring can be customized or a hand down, depending upon the interest, club, or group. Getting yourself a college class ring shows that you are old enough to bear the responsibilities and hardship in the coming year of college, this year will make you strong to face the challenges in the real outside world. Sometimes the parents or grandparents made the rings for the students as their gift for the sophomore year.

Question: Can you get a class ring after you graduate?

Answer: A long way has gone and a class ring represents the hard work and achievements done by the students, the credit hours, the research work, the recognition, everything is of more pride when u wear a college class ring,  there is no hard n fast rule for when to wear the college class ring, some students cut down the expenses as they work their way during the final year, they might order their ring late or get delayed, got them just before the graduation ceremony, it doesn’t matter, when you get the class ring. It’s not a compulsion to wear the ring the whole of your final year, yet it is the jewel that makes you feel committed to your university.

Question: Can you wear your class ring on your middle finger?

Answer: Wedding fingers are very special for everyone, that’s the reason the college class rings are usually worn on the right hand, middle finger, they have the same importance as the wedding bands.

Amy Vanderbilt wrote a book named “ the complete book of etiquette” which have the details of how and when to wear the rings, how to face the rings, everything was in a Detailed analysis of all Greek mythology.

Question: Do you get a class ring for an associate’s degree?

Answer: Oh yes, why not, whatever the degree, the senior year always get a chance to select their own ring to show affiliation, it seems to be scary at first, to wear the senior class ring in your associate degree class, but later than when you get your own class ring, it will be ok to wear multiple rings. That’s a big reason students want to have one ring which they can use more than once during their study life, the ring, which once the students used as a trademark in their college, now seems to be a mark of identification that you are a freshman and new to the university environment.

A ring is a symbol of nobility, as Shakespeare once said: “’ we will have rings and things and fine array ‘’’

The college rings portray emotions and show the history you belong to, for example, the sports club boys can have the same ring as the symbol of their team. The science club can have any symbol of science on the ring, and also the teacher might have the same. Most people tend to design their class ring, but also they wanted to show the world their choice of characters. The ring is a sign of proudness, struggle, hard work, and dedication towards the college. The ring is a band of gold or silver, having a big stone or engraving in the middle. Some have their birthstone attached with their respective college symbol, a picture, a band, something which associates them with the college class, group, or club.

Question: Do you get a class ring for your master’s degree?

Answer: Between getting your desired subjects, attending orientations, seeking professors to acknowledge your research paper, all the things, however, is enough to empty the pocket and the bank loans, since in this era, students get almost no financial support for their studies, they have to save money, this makes the students a little miser, even though you are not bound to have a class ring at this level, but still, few alumni strictly follow the old tradition, at the time of graduation ceremony the students are bound to have the ring, showing the association and follow the “ turning the ring’’ ceremony.

Question: Which way do you turn your class ring?

Answer: Amy Vanderbilt wrote a book named ‘’ the complete book of etiquette’’, which covers the topic of wearing a ring. When the student gets the college class ring, he was supposed to have it facing towards himself, the ring is then put up by the family member, or the professor in the ring ceremony held before the session starts. This ceremony contains all the final year students and introductions were made to their respective groups along with rings.

The ring is then put on in the same way for the rest of the year, at the graduation ceremony, the rings were turned around, either by the alumni or the parents, to show that you have achieved another milestone in your life and this success will be made u proud and will help you motivate more in your life. After graduation, the ring is a way when u can easily express your pride.

Question: When to stop wearing class rings?

Answer: Oh! Here comes the tricky part, now you all know that wearing college class rings are very handy and picky, students may get sentimental on the hand down rings or any new design halo with an expensive Jewelry to show off, as the left-hand ring finger is very special as it gives the place to the person who is willing to spend the rest of the life together, the right-hand ring, the college class ring, shows the hardship and struggle which they went through.

They wanted to have recognition from everyone and by wearing a ring, they can tell their story without even saying anything. It’s totally the wish of the ring bearer whether to stop wearing the ring or continue as a piece of jewelry in their hand, being a trendy girl, they wanted to have the ring and show cast the jewelry as they have already picked up a very expensive piece.


Answer: Class rings are mostly worn by the students and the alumni to show their affiliation, celebrate the attachment toward the university. They represent the memories during high school, college, and later on. They can be symbolized according to the group or class or year, or any club, sports, cheerleaders. They can also be specified by the schoolhouses. As Douglas once said: A ring is a halo on your finger.


Answer: the students in this era are very choosy and classy, they attract to those things which are low on budget but looks fancy, for this purpose, the students should go for the fancy online shops or maybe go to the college store where they can easily buy a low budget ring. Sometimes the store offers a discount due to the occasion, Halloween, Christmas, New Year, or any sale.

This might help the students get their fancy rings within their budget, they can also get a discount if they order a group or club ring from the same store at the same time. This might be used as the cut-down but show how much companionship they have. Some might like to have a hand-down ring from one of the parents or grandparents as these rings are saved as a souvenir. Some may like to have a simple silver or gold loop but few like to add some characters to it.


So, all readers have got the answer, when to stop wearing college class ring! College rings have become the great symbol, massive sign, and commemoration, the biggest trend these days, Students who just completed their high school studies or got done with their university degrees, love to still put on this accessory on their hands. On wearing it, they get a feel and sense of achievement. The ring makes them remind how successful and valuable they were during their academic lives and the same motivation spirit has to be shown by them in their professional lives.

We hope that this post has given you enough details and if you still have any questions on this tradition, you can let us know. Along with that, you can share with us in which hand and finger you like to wear this accessory. On the general notes, it is worn on the right hand and on the ring finger.

The time has come to celebrate your academy life. You need to make these memories as golden, special, and valuable as you can. This has become a great gesture and practice to cherish the memories and moments of your student life.

Thus, at the end of the day, you should embrace this tradition because it is a wise and sensible way to tell the other person about your academic journey that you had during your high school, college, and university times. As lots of designs and styles have arrived in the market and instead of putting on old and outdated designs, you should better customize them.

Feel free to share with us the pictures of your college class rings and stay tuned with us. For updates on another jewelry type, you can stay connected on this platform.

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