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When Can You Change Your Nose Ring After Getting it Pierced?

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Experiencing the nose piercing is quite a nerve-wracking procedure as compared to any other part of the body for piercing.  No matter whatsoever part of the body you are undergoing with the piercing, it is not just painful but requires so much of cleanliness and care as well.

For some of the people, the new installation of the nose ring would not be attractive enough and inspiring. So they always try to make their mind to change the nose ring after it gets pierced.

Piercings are always cute, small, and are a trendy thing to spot on your face over the nose area.  But the process behind this whole beauty is quite cringed.  Right in this blog, we will let you know some of the basic details about when you should change your nose ring after getting pierced!

Can you change your nose piercing after 2 days?

No, not at all! You should never think about changing your nose piercing after 1-2 days.  Not just changing, but you should avoid touching the area of the nose piercing as well.  During the starting few days of the nose piercing, you will notice some throbbing pain or swelling over your nose area which can get worst on your single physical touch.

Changing the nose piercing after 2 days is not a good idea at all.  Even after 48 hours of your nose piercing, you are going through some minor headaches due to the pain of piercing.  Sometimes cleaning is equally a challenging task for you after 2 days, so changing the nose piercing is a complete NO!

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Can you change nose piercing after a week?

Over one year, there might be some chances of light swelling over the nose piercing area. So changing your nose ring after one week is not a good idea at all.  After one week, it would be better if you will consult your clinical expertise to know about precautionary measures for changing piercing at this point. Never try it on your own at any cost!

What is the best time to change your nose ring after getting pierced?

Well, the best time of the year to change your nose ring is after 6 months. I know this is a long period to flaunt your favorite nose ring over your nose, but after 6 months you will not be facing any sort of risk of throbbing pain, redness, or nose swelling.

How do you know if your nose piercing is healed or not?

when can i change my nose stud to a ring

Now, this is a tough question to know about for the newbie! For a proper healing process, you should be giving your nose piercing at least 4-5 months. After 5 months you will eventually start feeling that now your piercing has been completely healed.

Before 4 months, it might get healed from the outside flesh area. But the inside area of the nose flesh is still in the stages of the healing process.  A major sign of proper healing is the no leaking and no formation of the crust over your nose area.  Still, it is better to consult a professional expert.

Important Safety Tips to Follow for a Nose Piercing

You should always have your nose piercing to be done by a professional expert. You should avoid doing it on your own. Below we are sharing some basic safety tips with you related to the safest procedure of nose piercing:

  • Ask in case if you are having any sort of health concerns or if you are pregnant
  • Make the use of a sterile needle for your piercing. Piercing guns are not suitable to do the piercing.
  • Get the needle packaged to get opened in front of you.
  • Make sure your piercer is wearing gloves and have washed their hands as well.
  • You should clean and disinfect the nose with some alcohol or the antiseptic liquid before it gets pierced.

Common Mistakes Newbie Nose Piercing Should Avoid

If you are undergoing with the nose piercing procedure for the first time, then you need to attend with extra care and attention for a successful healing procedure.  But sometimes in a heat of excitement, you do make certain mistakes which can destroy the whole healing process very easily.

Right here we are explaining a few of the common mistakes which newbie piercing person should avoid by all means:

  • Avoid Extra Cleaning

You might have listened about some frightening stories of skin infection and redness if the piercing is not cleaned properly. Yes, this is a fact! If you are not giving your piercing a proper cleaning then there are chances of facing sin infection or bacteria.  But exceed cleanliness should be avoided as well.

Sometimes in a state of being panic, you over-clean your piercing which can damage your nose skin. You should follow the procedure of cleanliness and take proper measures. For effective cleaning, you can use saline solution water with sea salt. Dab the cloth in warm mild water and apply it over the piercing area. This needs to be done just thrice times daily for 4 months regularly.

  • Avoid Constant Touching

During the starting few days of the nose piercing, you will notice some throbbing pain or swelling over your nose area which can get worst on your single physical touch. Therefore, it is always recommended to avoid touching your nose piercing as much as you can.

  • Selection of Starter Ring

The last major mistake is the selection of the starter ring! Every single person love to add their new nose piercing with colorful rings and studs! But using starter rings in the first 5 months can be dangerous for your nose piercing. It can damage the inside skin flesh to infection or swelling.


So this was the end of the discussion about when you can change your nose ring after it is done with the piercing. For the first time, you need to be careful enough during the healing stages of your nose piercing. Because it is just through the proper care after which you can enjoy a proper nose piercing experience.

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