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What Is A Chakra Bracelet? Expert Research

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For getting mental peace and positive energy, the demand for wearing chakra bracelets is getting increased day by day. Here on this post, you will know complete details on what is chakra bracelet! Such a bracelet is often given the name of Chakra Energy Healing Bracelet. In addition, it comprises and contains seven beads and they are available in different colors.

If you think and believe that you are not getting enough mental peace and your current life status lacks positive and motivating energy, it means you should wear a chakra bracelet. One should not underestimate its power, functioning, and overall significance. This bracelet is known to bring maximum balance and equilibrium to your body and life. It is believed that the human body’s seven energy centers get balanced and filled with positive energy if you have worn a chakra bracelet.

No doubt, these healing bracelets have become the next biggest fashion trend. They look remarkable and impressive on your wrist and they ensure to bring healing power to your life. Moreover, these bracelets are possessed with unique powers. If you believe in the power of the chakra bracelet, then you should read out the rest of the details as well.

Here you will know the benefits and advantages of wearing this bracelet. So, let us have a look at this guide. For more details on other bracelet types, keep tuned with us:


In this section, we will talk about the basic information showcased by chakra bracelets. They have seven beads encompassed in them. According to ancient times, they have described and explained these seven chakras as the wheels that are known to keep on moving the natural energy cycle processing through our body. The kind of healing and spiritual force present in it, it is amazing. It is genuinely believed that it balances your physical, spiritual, and also your emotional health modes.

If you think that your current life is surrounded by a lot of imbalance and there is no harmony in your life, then that is a sign that you have to incorporate some healing power in your life. The right use of healing power might bring physical, emotional balance, and also spiritual balance. Thus, the use of a chakra bracelet balances your mind, body, and even spirit.

The Healing Power of Chakra Bracelet Stone Crystals

The Healing Power of Chakra Bracelet Stone Crystals

It is packed with stone crystals and these crystals display a lot of healing power. In countries like Spain, the trend of wearing it is getting so much bigger. In addition, these stone crystals absorb all of the negative energy and thus fill your life with all positivity, motivation, and high spirit levels. It is perceived that it balances the flow of energy and both male and female counterparts prefer wearing them. If you are a true and genuine believer that positive energy just comes from the mind and soul, then this bracelet is the one for you that you should always wear.

Gemstones of A Chakra Bracelet

We all know that a total number of seven gemstones encapsulate it. Below you can check out the details about them:

  1. The first gemstone type that is part of it is garnet, Red Jasper, and Black or Red Onyx. They are marked to be the first chakras.
  2. In addition, the second chakras are sunstone, moonstone, and amber, and also carnelian.
  3. The third chakra is composed of Tiger’s Eye, Hessonite, and also Zinciteand Citrine.
  4. Moving to the fourth chakra, we have the jade and rose quartz.
  5. Besides, the fifth chakra comprises most of the bluestones like we have blue Agate, Turquoise.
  6. The sixth chakra contains and is composed of precious stones. Like, we have sapphire and Lapis lazuli.
  7. Lastly, we have the seventh chakra that contains diamonds and also clear quartz.

How to Activate A Chakra Bracelet?

Do you know how to activate it, here we are going to tell you? We know that the love collected by them is even backed by celebs like Natalie Portman. The process to activate and charge them looks simple. You can have a look at the details now:

  • The very first step is to relax before you start to activate the gemstones and crystals of the chakra bracelet.
  • In this regard, you need to start doing meditation. This practice might be helpful for you while activating its crystals.
  • Perform breathing and recite as many mantras as you can. This is how you can generate and bring back the positive energy in the gemstones.
  • Now, you can allow the energy to follow and do mudras! You will see and notice that the amount of positive energy will start getting increase.
  • It is on your desired purpose that how much you want the crystals to get activated.
  • Once you have activated them, now, you should clean them up.

How to Activate A Chakra Bracelet?

Thus, this is the basic and general method on how to activate them. Lots of methods are also there with regard to activating and opening these chakras. The above-mentioned method is the most common one and is generally followed. If you have planned to activate its beads on 30-10-2021, you can abide by this method.

Which Wrist to Wear Chakra Bracelet?

Most people do not know which wrist they should be wearing! We are going to properly guide you in this area. It is believed that if you will wear it in the right hand or left hand, both of these practices carry different meanings in them.

Most importantly, the left side is believed and perceived to be the feminine side. This site is given the name of receiving party. If you wear it on the left-hand side, it means that you will be receiving energy right from the outside world. Whatever energy you will receive from the outside world, will bring a major shift inside you.

Those people who wear it on the right-hand side, it is termed and marked as the giving side. On choosing this side, you will be able to control the energy and will be in a position to throw out the negative energy.

It is recommended to wear it on the left wrist. According to experts, they are of this belief that the left wrist side pushes your mind, body, and soul to receive some of the pleasant vibrations. On the other hand, if you prefer wearing this bracelet on your right wrist, then you will remove and dispose of all bad energies from your mind.

How To Cleanse A Chakra Bracelet?

There is this specific way to clean it! You can check out the below penned-down guide that we have written for you. As special kinds of gemstones and crystals are used in it, that is why it is not recommended to clean it with salt. What you can do is to make use of the Full Moon, Brown Rice, or you can use Sage for bathing the crystals,

On regularly cleaning it with water, it will be easy for you to neutralize all of the negative energy and thus pack it with mere positive energy. It is recommended to just use the natural running water and nothing else. Like, you can simply rinse the crystals and gemstones of it under a faucet.

Furthermore, you can use brown rice for cleansing it. With the help of this method, you will be able to draw out and remove negative energy from those crystals. What you need to do is to take the bowl and fill it up with dry brown rice. After that, you have to bury your stone right beneath the grains. Once you have cleaned the crystals, make sure to dispose of the rice as well. It is that brown rice that absorbs all negative energy in it and thus ends up making your bracelet filled with healing power, peace, calmness, and positive energy.

Most people prefer using natural light. This one is the ritual cleansing method that you can go for and you can follow this method during the solar or lunar cycle. In addition, you have to set your stones and crystals before nightfall and after that, you have to bring them before 11 a.m.

What Is A Chakra Bracelet Good For?

What Is A Chakra Bracelet Good For?

Lots of benefits are offered by it. It possesses immense healing power. It connects you with the spiritual world and you get into the position to fight back with negative energies. If you feel that your life is jam-packed and surrounded by a lot of mental and physical tension, then you should regularly wear it. In addition, it boosts and enhances your mental insight, creativity, as well as your self-esteem.

For those people whose lives are in anxiety-filled times, it is recommended to them to wear it. It is exclusively known for doing anxiety management. We can say that it has become a popular and famous type for doing “anxiety treatment’’. It brings happiness and keeps on encouraging people to stay as much positive as they can in their lives. Even more, it removes all bad energy from your mind and soul and ends up bringing emotional relief into your life.

Most importantly, it consists of seven kinds of crystals and each one of them possesses specific healing power. The lava rock and black tourmaline crystal is known for crushing maximum negative energy from your mind, life, and even from your body and soul. On the other hand, the rose quartz crystal encourages you to love yourself more and more.

Besides, the amethyst crystal brings down the element of stress from your life. And the red tiger’s eye crystal embosses maximum confidence in your personality. It is seen that the sunstone crystal present in the chakra bracelet motivates you to fulfill your desires and the prehnite crystal improves your intuition and gut feeling.

How To Know If the Chakra Bracelet Is Real?

We can give you some of the sound tips that will help you in knowing whether you have got the real chakra bracelet or the unreal one! The person simply has to inspect and check the beads properly. If the beads, gems, or crystals are properly formed, it means that you have got the real one. In addition, if the beads are not formed and crafted properly, it means it is the fake one!

You need to inspect the lines and granules inducted in it. If it is packed with immaculate machine marks, it means you have invested and poured your money into the right type. Besides, it will be better if you look for the color quality. If it leaves a color, it means that that is not a real healing bracelet.

It is advised to grab a professional-grade lens and inspect this kind of healing bracelets properly and keenly. Through the help of a professional-grade lens, you will be in a clear position to know whether real gemstones and beads are used in the chakra bracelet or not.

Are Chakra Bracelets Dangerous?

Are Chakra Bracelets Dangerous?

No, they are not at all dangerous. You can freely wear them up without thinking about the negative consequences. They are safe to wear and offer lots of healing properties. Moreover, these bracelets make you emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually stronger. It is even proved by science and medicine that you can put on these healing bracelets for sure for balancing your mental state of mind.

It is all because of the Chakra’s healing powers that you will be able to handle and manage cases of addiction and mental health issues. For reducing pains and failing hearts, these bracelets can help you out. If your life is currently experiencing any of the internal struggles, then make wearing this bracelet your first choice!

How to Make a Chakra Bracelet?

If you are looking for a method on how to make it, we can help you out. First of all, you need to get beads of your choice, chain, long headpin, jump rings, chain cutters, and also round-nosed pliers.

The first step is to thread all of those seven colored beads right onto the headpin. You have to make a chakra order of them. Avoid threading all of the beads too much closely.

Moving to the second step! Lay down all the beads on the top section of your wrist so that you can gauge and determine how much chain you need. Now, cut down the chain up to the desired length.

The next step is to attach the chain with jump rings or onto the loops; the choice is up to you!

You need to make use of the jump rings for attaching your clasp to the end section of one chain and also with the single jump ring. This is all!

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Can I Wear My Chakra Bracelet to Bed?

There is no harm to wear it while you plan to go to bed. Trust us, this practice will do wonders and magic for you. Lots of people are out there who have opted for this habit of wearing healing bracelets when they plan to go to sleep. In the sleeping mode, the gems and crystals of the chakra bracelet will operate in unison. In addition, they will be revitalizing your mind, body, and soul. During the sleeping mode, it gets easy for the bracelet as well to cleanse charge, and activate itself.


Question: Can I wear my chakra bracelet in the shower?

Answer: If you shower with it, then that is ok! This practice will not bring any damage to the bracelet. Even more, it will not lose any of its powers if you take it in the shower. But it is not advisable to take such bracelets in the shower, you might end up losing the beads and crystals.

Question: How to charge a chakra bracelet?

Answer: The process is straightforward when it comes to charging it. The first and foremost step is to relax, do meditation, recite your mantras and generate as much positive energy as you can. The flow of positive energy will activate and charge it.

Question: How many crystal bracelets can you wear?

Answer: There is no restriction with respect to the fact of how many crystal bracelets you can wear at one single time! The choice is totally up to you. You are free to wear as many chakra bracelets as you can think of.

Question: Can you wear a chakra bracelet on your ankle?

Answer: Yes, you can wear it on your ankle. You have it on your wrist, ankle, the decision is up to you. However, it is recommended to put on it right there on your left ankle.

Question: Which hand to wear 7 chakra bracelets?

Answer: Both right and left-hand sides are fine if you want to wear and put on 7 chakra bracelets. However, most people prefer wearing on the left hand be so that they remain surrounded with the most pleasant vibrations.

Question: What does it mean when your chakra bracelet breaks?

Answer: If it gets broken, it means it has absorbed all the negative energy and it can no longer absorb any other further negative energy in it. Moreover, a broken healing bracelet means that it has become useless and you have to make a new bracelet for delivering the desired purpose.

Question: How to Use a Chakra Bracelet?

Answer: Its use is quite specific and straightforward. Individuals have backed and supported wearing these bracelets because they encompass your mind, body, and also your soul with positive energy. Besides, these healing bracelets remove negative thoughts from your mind and end up making you a happy-go-living person.


Now you know what is chakra bracelet! We hope that you have now understood our perspective and clearly come to know why the demand for these healing bracelets is getting increased day by day. Thus, for boosting emotional, mental, and spiritual balance in your lives, the use of them is a must. These bracelets bring the right surge of positive energy to your life

The minute you will put on them, you will feel that vibrating positive energy in your mind and body. Besides, it is claimed that they end up bringing mental calmness and a lot of tranquility in your life. You get clear in your life and dispose of negative energy and all negative thoughts surrounding you.

Thus, if you want to bring a lot of well-being into your life, make it a practice and permanent habit of wearing them. It brings positive energy levels and also balances your life on the best notes.

You can share with us your experience if you have ever believed on the concept of healing bracelets. If you wear some other jewelry type for healing yourself mentally and emotionally, then let us know about it as well.

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