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Is Zales Jewelry Real or Fake? – Top Answers For You!

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The ever-increasing popularity couldn’t satisfy the resounding question that states “is Zales jewelry real?” You will be advised to buy Zales jewelry when you inquire someone about elegant and reasonable jewelry.

Zales carries a strong background and history. The company was started by two brothers William and Morris Zales in 1924. Originally it was a multiservice store that sold small appliances, foot wares, and jewelry. But with time, it became a specified jewelry store in Texas.

The image of Zales jewelry is that of the diamond jewelry store and it has very unique and delicate rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and bangles. It is loved and appreciated throughout the USA. Now with the advancement of the internet and online stores, it is getting popular.

The question of Zales being real or fake is considerable.  When you go to buy a Zales ring, you will not be briefed about the authenticity of the purity of gold or the diamond in that ring. The thing presented in front of you will be the design, the finishing, and the jewel of that ring.

To view the authenticity of Zales jewelry we should have a look at their history briefly.

Is Zales Jewelry Real Can Be Answered?

Zale is famous for the affordability of its jewelry. Its designs are unique and stylish. They offer the classics of the old era and the cheerfulness of the modern era. The gold and diamond designs have a satisfactory impression all over the world now.

Zales was started by two brothers in 1924 s we have discussed earlier. It was a small store that provides electronics and jewelry at the same time. They can be considered one of the pioneers in American jewelry history.

They are the first to take jewelry to malls and were greatly welcomed there. They made a chain of jewelry stores and specified their network to jewelry.

The shift from multi-service to a single product was a good chance for the Zales. It made progress in days and now it is the biggest chain store in the USA. Their gold is not purely original but has a little portion of it. The gold can be plated or added in a small ratio.

No one can claim that Zales is a fraud or fake jewelry producer. The reason behind it is quite simple that Zales never claim the originality and authenticity of their gold and diamond.

They sell gold or diamond, whether original or not. It is the price that makes you appeal to buy its jewelry items. They never claim that their jewelry gives you a guarantee of being real.

Zales idea and approach is not to provide expensive stones, gems, diamonds, and gold to the people. But they follow the principle of variety and distribution. The nationwide chain stores are a network of wide spreading brilliant jewelry ideas among folks.

“Is Zales Jewelry real?” The question of purity loses its value when there comes to the question of variety, designs, and class. Their gold is not pure but nearly equivalent to gold. They work on customer’s satisfaction levels to the extent that no one can recognize that the ring is carrying an original or fake diamond.

Zales has great work on diamonds as well as low market jewelry. They have bought the most popular piercing company Piercing Pogada and made it a chain with low-cost jewelry. The other Zales branch serves you the diamond jewelry specifically the engagement rings.

What Are The Approaches And Offers Of Zales?

What Are The Approaches And Offers Of Zales?


Zales has great approach and treatment as they offer a wide range of jewelry store outlet that serves 24/7 throughout the country. Zales understands the psyche of a middle-class man and deals accordingly.

As we know very well that Zales is famous for its diamond jewelry especially engagement rings. Its diamond rings are unparallel in design, shape, and cut. They have diversity in style and maintenance. They catch the attention of everyone at a glance.

The online stores and mall outlets give coverage to almost all the states of the USA and this is the big reason for their ever-increasing name. They never let their clients go disappointed, whether the diamond is fake or real. They make their event memorable.

The reality behind the Claim That Zales Diamond Are Fake

The reality behind the unauthentic or fake diamonds in Zales jewelry is that this is the company policy to make diamonds accessible to everyone rich or poor. They have already started on every store and the envelopes of the jewelry that “the merchandise may not be exactly as pictured”

This is the biggest proof that the company believes in approaching people in the least amount and ultimately it will benefit them and the customers as well.

The quality of Zales diamonds is low and cheap as it reads the minds of commoners and makes them feel confident to present their beloved with a diamond ring.

These all diamonds, gold, or silver used in Zales jewelry are having no worth carrying for years. It will start to fade away its shine and the polish after some time on its excessive use.

As far as the metal and its quality are concerned, it is not that bad. It has not full but a portion of real metal in it. If we buy a gold ring, it will be plated or have a specific portion of gold in it. They add gold or sterling silver in their jewelry items because it can enhance the sparkle and shine of the ring.

A few jewelry items carry good and authentic gems and stones but still, we can’t guarantee you their original value.

Another discussable thing about Zales jewelry whether it is gold, diamond, or silver, they all are not GIA certified.

Reasons to Prefer Zales Jewelry

Reasons to Prefer Zales Jewelry


If we know that Zales jewelry is not that original as other jewelry of gold and diamond is, then what makes us buy and get appealed toward sit. Why the number of Zales customers is increasing day by day. Why Zales publishes customer satisfaction feedback yearly.

There are clear reasons that make Zales popular among people. Even many celebrities like Vera Wang who is a big fan of Zales due to the creativity and uniqueness in ideas.

Let’s have a look at the reasons that make Zales a pretty loveable jewelry brand all over the world.

Unique Ideas

Zales’ popularity and demand are not only its reasonability but also its unique ideas. It serves the minds of people. The wide range of designs is ever-changing and replacing with new ones. The company is too quick in launching new and peerless designs and shapes that it is easy to forget the original diamond.

Their designs are not only the latest to attract the crazy life-enjoying girls, but also very sober and classic to wear on decent events.

The rings carry too stunningly appealing diamonds that no one can resist buying them. This uniqueness is the main reason for Zales jewelry lovers.

Reasonable and Approachable Prices

Reasonable and Approachable Prices


Zales doesn’t cheat the people. They play fairly with the masses. This company is a common man company. It knows the dreams and desires of a common man. It facilitates everyone with too reasonable prices.

One important thing is Zales idea of originality. The originality comes when they use some portion of original metal or a diamond of low quality. The originality comes when the metal gets coated in 14k gold. It is enough to maximize the grace and sparkle of an article.

All the cheesy ideas at a low price are at the showcases of Zales. The diamonds are cut too fine that they look sometimes better than the original. It saves thousands of your dollars too.

Zales is an opportunity for those women who are crazy to change their jewelry all the time. They don’t want to spend much money on everyday jewelry shopping. They want to wear costume jewelry. Zales allow them to buy, use and leave after some time.

Best Exposure through Zales Jewelry

The jewelry that Zales offer is not for a typical class or event. It gives you a full chance to portray yourself at any event. If it is a friends’ hang-out party, you can wear Zales jewelry with its crazy latest designs. If you are in an office dinner, there is an ample chance to wear a decent-looking diamond ring.

For engagement, it serves its customer with a wide variety of rings with varied shaped and style diamonds. The birthdays, the anniversaries, the parent’s day celebrations, the naming bands, the live bands, and the graduation rings. A great deal of jewelry especially rings in diamonds can give the best exposure and presentation.

One of the Largest Inventories

Zales’ journey of success is not that far beyond. It started in 1924 and now it has more than 700 outlets in the USA and more than 200 online stores. This is something almost unpatrolled to any other jewelry brand. They finance so powerfully that if you want to choose just from engagement rings, you will get thousands of designs and ideas in different sizes of rings.

Zales never lack in their quality and quantity. It is versatile. There is a wide variety of individual styles and you will find them different from store to store. The great working capacity and ingenuity have made it a “Name”.

Everyday Jewelry

Everyday Jewelry

Buying an expensive ring means a lot to you. You have to care for it as well. It can’t be used I your daily routine. It can lose its shine and can get damaged. But Zales rings are worn any time. You can wear them daily.

They meet the needs of everyday fashion. They are costume wear and this is why it is a heart favorite to women. It will not let you bore from any bracelet, ring, or earrings. They are potentially pocket-friendly and varied in designs.

Customized Jewelry

Oh! what a blessing to make your ring with your choice. If you visit a Zales store and find no item of your choice. The Zales allows you to design your ring.

You can choose from ring type, metal type, shape type, and color type and make the ring of your own choice. A few brands give this opportunity. So women with their skeptic mind-frames, design their type of ring from Zales.

The same facility is provided online that no other brand does. If you want to order a ring of your own choice and demand, you can order and select from a wide range of their customized and tributary jewelry.

Recently they designed jewelry to present a tribute to Marilyn Monroe. If you want to design a ring with some custom outlines, you can order them online. It is up to you to add or remove some stones and gems.

What makes Zales a Questionable Jewelry?

What makes Zales a Questionable Jewelry?


As far as the negativities and drawbacks are concerned, it also keeps a list. I will tell fairly true what things make Zales some what minus in ranking in the jewelry world. The competitors make difference in some typical things from Zales and go one step ahead.

Let’s have a look at all the points making Zales defame.

Lose the Shine and Grace in No Time

Zales jewelry is reputed to leave color and shine after some days. This is a major point that affects its repute. When you wear a ring or bracelet, it will start to look dull and fade. A time comes it can’t be worn in some event.

They are not Durable

As we have told you earlier Zales jewelry has a portion of pure metals as sterling silver or gold. Gold and silver are durable metals but due to less use, they can’t support the jewelry to that extent. As a consequence, Zales jewelry is easily broken.

Normally the base metal used in Zales is nickel, copper, or cobalt. They are not durable as gold or silver are. They tend to break easily.

Their setting sometimes loosens and makes the diamond fall even. Their clasps and locks also are of low quality. This is why there is a chance of breaking Zales jewelry items.

Zales Can Cause Skin Allergy

We know metals react instantly after being exposed to air. Zales has a very low quantity of good quality metals. Its base metals are copper, nickel, and cobalt. All these are prone to allergies. As far as the base metal gets in contact with sweat, it starts a chemical reaction and produces bacteria harmful to the skin.

The coating of gold or sterling silver is not that quality to resist a long time. It starts to fade and washed away with time. This is the time skin gets some serious allergies.

You can easily know the signs of its fading out and can save yourself from allergies. When Zales jewelry gets worn out, it leaves a greenish color on your finger. By finding this, you should instantly put the ring out.

If you feel itchy or irritated, go and consult a doctor to avoid further risk.

Some Of Its Items Lack Grace

Among thousands of designs, some of Zales jewelry items look graceless. Especially the rings with colored stones or gems can’t satisfy a decent and sober mind. This happens very rarely but it happens. If we want to have some diamond or stone by our horoscope, we will be disappointed by the designs and color combinations.

Are Zales jewelry overpriced?

If we compare Zales with James Allen, it will be unfair. The company claims guaranteed diamonds. As far as Zales, it does not carry such msg. Its prices are normal and pocket-friendly. But when the jewelry fades away after some time, we start to think it is an expensive deal.

Many people claim that Zales jewelry dos do not fulfill the requirements of a standard jewelry company, but it costs a lot. In my opinion, it is reasonable and time-saving jewelry as we can find its outlets everywhere in the USA.


After discussing Zales in detail, we are now clear enough to decide “Is Zales jewelry real or not?” Zales has made its name almost a century ago. Its continuous progress and ever-growing customer are proof of its goodness.

The question of its reality loses its importance when it serves you with thousands of styles and designs. Its nationwide stores and online stores satisfying its customers.

The quality of gold or diamond is indeed too low to resell or replace. But it is a reasonable luxury to the middle class. Its diamond cut, style, and setting are too elegant that no one can resist buying it.

Zales never claims the originality of any metal or stone and this is why its confidence and trust never lessens by some social media propaganda.

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