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Is the Feng Shui Bracelet Really Work For You?

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So, are you thinking, is the feng shui bracelet really work, you are at the right place to get the details about it. Do you know that lots of people prefer wearing these kinds of bracelets and they are of this belief that it brings positive energy in their lives, bring more wealth and power in their statues and attracts good fortune as well!

Here on this piece of writing, you will get complete details on this bracelet type. You can wear it if you want to protect and guard yourself against all negative and bad evil spirits. In addition, it works on the concept of having endless blessings and also compassion from the positive forces.

So, if you want to get a wealthy life and great health, we suggest you wear it. Moreover, it makes your fortune good and strong enough. Once you start wearing them, you will start to believe in their power and worth.

The constant usage of it will definitely bring good and positive feelings to your mind. You get a lot more motivated to work on your goals and dreams. Below we have collected more of the details on this jewelry type, so do check out them:

What Does Feng Shui Mean?

To all readers out there, they should know what does feng shui mean, and here we have penned-down exact details for you. If we talk about the Chinese language, these words Feng and Shui are one the important words, and they are given the meaning of wind and water. Its meaning and concept take us to the zone of Chinese philosophy.

It tells us that one has to create balance while living in this natural world. In addition, Feng Shui harnesses a different and varied number of energy forces. It manages to bring more harmony and balance right between the environment and also an individual.

On the other hand, if we talk about the Tao philosophy that is an important part of Asian cultures, then the word FengShui is based on principles that include the Bagua and also the commanding position. For the information, the Bagua map represents the right areas of your life linked with career, wealth, wellness, and health. This concept tells us that these are the very important areas of your life and you should give them massive attention.

What Is A Feng Shui Bracelet?

What Is A Feng Shui Bracelet?

The demand for this healing bracelet is getting higher day by day. People from countries like China are strong supporters of it. In addition, the concept of this jewelry works on the most important and crucial philosophy. It is made of unique-looking crystals.

If you believe in this concept and philosophy, then you will surely trust in the power of this bracelet. It is claimed that it brings good fortune, a lot of good health, and massive wealth. If you want to get a lot of encouragement, motivation, and support while achieving your dreams and goals, then wearing this bracelet is a must for you.

It positively reinforces your dreams and pushes you more and more to achieve and fulfill them. In addition, it aligns your positive energies and removes all obstacles from your life. It is time to start making your goals and dreams a reality and this is possible by wearing Feng Shui. Celebs like Jennifer Lawrence have praised and backed their use.

Is Feng Shui Real?

Yes, it is real and it works in a magical manner. Lots of people have received enormous benefits out from it. On wearing it, they get a lot of motivation and support. Their mind, body, and soul get infused with positive energy and vibe. You can see that it is designed in the form of Chinese amulets and embossed with different kinds of crystals.

It is completely believed that on wearing it, good luck will come into your life. A few of their older versions have been made of obsidian stone and some of them are featured with a pixie. Do you know that this symbol is a mythical creature and according to the Chinese culture, it acts as the most powerful symbol when it comes to getting great fortune!

All kinds of crystals used in it hold special power. They show the most protective as well as grounding properties. The power of these stones and crystals will keep you guarded against negative energies and all sorts of stress factors.

Hopefully, its presence on your wrist will bring stability to your life. Some of the strong supporters of it have stated that it stimulate your growth, attracts abundance, and massive wealth.

Does Feng Shui Work For Money?

We have already told you that this bracelet possesses the strong power and potential to make your wealth status improve. It is claimed and believed by a bunch number of people that on wearing it constantly, you will get more and more wealth in your life. Its design and the embedded crystals in it attract money and also abundance. This is so amazing!

If you have bought it on 12-12-2021, do let us know whether money and wealth come into your life or not. Along with that, it ensures to remove negative energies from your life and home and you end up getting just the positive vibe.

How To Cleanse Feng Shui Bracelets?

How To Cleanse Feng Shui Bracelets?

There is a specific way to cleanse this feng shui bracelet and below you can see the details about it. First of all, you have to cleanse its physical surface. This one is an obvious and simple cleaning method that you have to go for. In this concern, you have to remove the dust seen on it and finally polish it.

If you want to cleanse it on the energy level, then check out this method in detail. Most noteworthy, you can give it a sunlight bath or feel like giving this jewelry a moonlight bath. This is the only way of recharging and activating it as well. Make sure that you bathe it under the time of full moon or during the time when full the sun is shining at its fullest.

The next method that you can try out for the sake of purifying the energy of it! Lit the tip section of the sage and allow the smoke to involve and fully embrace the bracelet. Perform this step for a duration of 3-5 minutes.

For purifying these bracelets, the next simplest method that we have searched for you and it is done with the help of sound vibration. This includes singing bowls, or bells as well as chimes. Simply place this jewelry piece right in the singing bowl and make sure to hit the mallet. You will hear a crisp sound. Now, you have to rub the rim section of the bowl all in a clockwise direction. A continuous sound will be heard and this respective sound will inject positive vibes into that bracelet.

The last method that you can follow to cleanse it! Now, it is done with the use of saltwater. We all know that saltwater is packed with so many purifying properties. In this concern, you can use salt and simply cleanse and purify this Feng Shui jewelry piece of yours.

Feng Shui Bracelet Rules

There are rules to wear this jewelry piece. We hope that you will find these rules interesting to read:

  • First of all, it is important for you to wear it in the receiving hand.
  • Make sure to remove the bracelet when sleeping. If you will not take it off, there is a chance that you will see nightmares.
  • Wear it if you are in between the 16 to 70 years age bracket.
  • Wear it for the longest time.
  • Pack it in red cloth if it gets broken. Simply bury it because a damaged Feng Shui means that it has served its purpose and no longer possesses strong energies in it.

Feng Shui Bracelet Benefits

Feng Shui Bracelet Benefits

A few of its noticeable and prominent benefits are below mentioned for guiding our readers more and more:

  1. Firstly, it ensures and promises to bring wealth to your life. You end up becoming a rich person and your luck, fortune becomes stronger and powerful. It enhances your physical and mental power and you get into the position to protect yourself from negativity.
  2. In addition, your life becomes a lot more balanced. You start living a life that resides in excellent harmony. All good things happen in your life. Its catchy part is that it encourages the concept of self-love and along with that, it strengthens and empowers your root chakra.
  3. You get protected from negative energies. Just the positive energy surrounds your mind, body, and soul. Besides, it enhances your inner strength, channels your intuition.
  4. You become motivated to face the challenges of your life with no fear. Negative thoughts get discarded by you and you get packed and surrounded by only positive thoughts.
  5. It helps you align and synchronize your body’s energy with the positive forces. You end up setting and determining strong intentions. In addition, you start working harder and harder towards your goals. It gets easy for you to reinforce your intentions for the sake of creating wealth and health.

Feng Shui Black Obsidian Bracelet Real vs Fake

Lots of people do not have a clear idea of how to distinguish between real and fake ones Feng Shui bracelet. However, this guide will surely sort out your confusion:

  1. It is the quality of materials that will help you in determining whether you have got a real or fake bracelet. If it is made of cheap materials, it means you have got the fake version. Remember that they are generally available in matte gold color or some of the models are electroplated in gold. The high-quality and real models do not tarnish, corrode, and do not get rust on them. All in all, they are made of natural and also elegant real gold stuff.
  2. When buying such a bracelet, you should get it from a reliable and trustworthy shop. This one is the crucial factor that you have to keep in mind. If you are buying it from a trustworthy shop, then it is guaranteed that they will only give you the real jewelry piece and not the fake ones.
  3. The real version will instantly give you benefits and show desired results. On the other hand, the fake model will not show any power and result. The real bracelets will make you feel surrounded by positive energy and the fake version will not give you that kind of vibe.
  4. In addition, the real piece will retain its quality, texture, and design. It will manage to show maximum power, long-lasting results, and be encompassed by a spiritual healing vibe in it. All of these elements lack in the cheap and sub-standard versions of Feng Shui.
  5. Lastly, the person automatically gets attracted to the real Feng Shui. He or she will not get attracted to fake models. If you believe in this concept, then you will definitely choose the real jewelry piece and not the fake one

Thus, now you know the difference existing between the real and fake Feng Shui bracelets. You can let us know if you have ever experienced using the real or fake Feng Shui and what results you got!

It is all high time that you have to bring back the positive energy, strong positive forces and focus in your life. It is time to stay motivated and fight back with the challenges and hurdles coming in between the way of meeting your goals and fulfilling your dreams. Bracelets like these can help you immensely in this phase.

How To Activate Feng Shui Bracelet?

How To Activate Feng Shui Bracelet?

To activate it, you only have to follow a few of the steps and you are good to go:

The first step is to cleanse it. You can do that with the help of its water, sage, and moonlight

Now, the second step is to wear it on your receptive hand. In other words, you have to wear it on the left hand and it’s head should be facing outward

Touch its body frequently and tell the bracelet that you are the master

Do not take it off for the longest and lengthiest time until and unless it gets fully activated. Thus, this is how you can activate it.

Frequently Asked Question And Answers (FAQs)

Question: What is written on the feng shui bracelet?

Answer: There is some Sanskrit language written on these bracelets. All in all, the main concept behind it is to keep you guarded against the negative forces and evil spirits. Furthermore, it ensures good fortune, positive energy into your life. It makes you a stronger person who is ready to fight back with the negative and evil forces. The whole mantra of wearing it is to get endless blessings, goodness, and wisdom.

Question: Which feng shui bracelet should I wear?

Answer: You can wear any of its versions because all of them offer similar kinds of benefits and plus points. However, it is recommended to put on the black obsidian bracelet right there on your left hand. If you do so, then you will be able to enhance your power and be able to fight back with the evil spirits bravely. This version will protect and fully guard your energetic space, attract luck, and also good wealth.

Question: What does a feng shui bracelet do?

Answer: It makes you a positive person. You enter into the position to remove all negative energies and forces from your life and remain surrounded by positive forces. You become a stronger and mentally powerful person and constantly push yourself to achieve your wishes and goals. In addition, it attracts wealth and brings the factor of abundance into your life. We can say that this jewelry piece act as a potent energy regulator, removes negative vibe from your thoughts, and increases your natural capacity to become a tougher and positive person.

Question: What does a real feng shui bracelet look like?

Answer: It usually remains packed with crystals. The traditional versions of this bracelet are made of obsidian. Whatever version you choose and wear on your hand, the same benefits will be experienced by you. All the previous and upcoming Feng Shui bracelets bring balance and harmony to your life. It brings a positive vibe and thoughts, positive forces, and kills negative forces surrounding you.

Question: Do you sleep with the feng shui bracelet?

Answer: You should not sleep with it. It is advised to take it off; if you will not do so then nightmares will come during sleep. Moreover, it is recommended to leave it in your living room and make sure the dragon head should be facing and pointing at the door. This practice will keep you and your home protected.

Question: How much do feng shui bracelets cost?

Answer: Their price varies depending on the style, design, size, and color. On an average basis, you can have them for $15.99. Some are available with a price tag of $16.99. These are budget-friendly jewelry pieces and you do not have to spend much while buying them. Their benefits and power are massive but their cost and price tags are low.

Question: Does the feng shui black obsidian bracelet really work?

Answer: Yes, they definitely work!  If you think that good luck, positive forces, positive thoughts, balance harmony, wealth, health, wellness are missing from your life, then you should wear this bracelet right away. It helps you meet your goals by showing the right amount of motivation and you stay focused as well.

Question: Does the feng shui bracelet really work?

Answer: It works magically and brings so many benefits into your life. Its benefits and power are simply endless. To bring your dreams and wishes into reality and to fight evil forces, this jewelry piece will help you massively. It attracts health and wellness into your life, In addition, it brings luck, good fortune, as well as serendipity.


So, that is the correct answer to the commonly asked question, is the feng shui bracelet really working! No doubt, it is a powerhouse. It promises to bring happiness and positive power into your life. Its use and concept are simply beautiful and so much charming.

For enhancing and increasing your personal energy, wearing this jewelry is a must for you. It attracts wealth, helps in improving your financial health, physical and mental health. With such bracelets, you will be able to manifest your wishes and dreams and turn them into reality.

With its use, no negative thoughts will come into your mind. Your whole life will be filled with positivity! It reinforces your intentions, realigns your energy, and improves your focus so that fighting evil forces might not become a difficult job for you.

So, what are you thinking now? Do you want to try out using these Feng shui bracelets? You should be! The presence of different crystals embossed on them bring the right amount of positive energy to your body.

From the above-mentioned details, you can even go through the information on how to activate and cleanse them. Stay tuned to have more updates on this bracelet type.

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