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What Size Pandora Bracelet Should I Get My Girlfriend?

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You might be wondering what size Pandora bracelet should I get my girlfriend? In this post, you will get the complete details. Now, it is no longer a tough task to know the correct size of ring or bracelet that your partner wears! We have mentioned lots of methods that will surely help you in getting the right sizing. If you still have questions about these methods, you can let us know.

The focus of the discussion will be on the Pandora bracelet. If you want to give this jewelry type to the love of your life and you do not know the correct size, then have a look at these details. It is better to get the bracelet type that is neither too loose nor too tight for your partner. Make sure to get the correct and exact sizing of it. There is no point in buying the jewelry pieces if they do not get fit on the hands of your partner or on her wrist.

If you have bought a too loose bracelet for her, there is a chance that she might lose that. So, to prevent these situations, follow the correct sizing method so that you end up getting the right ring size or bracelet size for her.

You may wonder why are Pandora bracelets so popular? We hope that these details will give you a comprehensive overview and you will end up getting the right method on how to choose the right and correct size Pandora bracelet for your partner!

The Available Sizes Of Pandora Bracelets

Here you can know in what sizes these Pandora bracelets are currently available. You can have an idea from this below-written information and come to know the exact wrist dimension of your partner. It is in the size range of 16 cm / 6.3 inches and 17 cm / 6.7 inches that you can have these bracelets.


The Available Sizes Of Pandora Bracelets

In addition, you can have this jewelry type in the dimensions of 18 cm / 7.1 inchesand19 cm / 7.5 inches. Or there is a chance that your girlfriend might suit a dimension of 20 cm / 7.9 inchesor21 cm / 8.3 inches or it can be 23 cm / 9.1 inches. All of these sizes are available in countries worldwide and even in Asian countries like India.

Most importantly, the most popular bracelet dimension has now come out to be 18cm/7.1″ and it does come in the dimension range of 19cm/7.5″. There is a high chance that your partner’s wrist matches with this sizing variation and the Pandora bracelet get perfectly fit on her wrist.

Methods To Measure The Sizes For The Bracelet

Methods To Measure The Sizes For The Bracelet


There are certain numbers of methods that may help you out to know the bracelet sizing regardless of the fact you are getting it for your mother, sister, or for your girlfriend. The details of these methods are easy and simple enough to follow. The first method is done with the help of string and rule and the second method is given the name of two fingers. The third method is to take assistance and help from the professional shopkeeper. Their further details are below-mentioned for you:

The Method Of String And A Ruler

If you are wondering and want to know what Pandora sizing bracelet is going to get matched with your girlfriend’s wrist, then follow the string and ruler method! If you are buying this jewelry type online, then it is better to follow this method. In addition, celebs like Taylor Swift have supported this method too. What you need to do is to measure your wrist with the help of a piece of string.

After that, you have to measure that string simply against a ruler. You can add up either 1 inch or you can add 2-3 centimeters right to your wrist measurement. Now, this will turn out to be the exact bracelet size that your girl wishes to get! We like to give you more of the general idea if your partner’s wrist measures 16cm, it means that you should be getting the bracelet that is 18cm or it can be 19cm.

The Method Of Two Fingers

To know about the correct sizing of the bracelet, you can follow the method of two fingers. Suppose your girlfriend’s birthday is coming up on 15-11-2021 and you want to gift her some appealing jewelry pieces, then make sure that you get the correct sizing of it. It is one of the basic and general methods that help you know the ring or bracelet dimension with ease. Get two fingers right in between the bracelet chain as well as your wrist, this is all!

Getting Help From The Professional Shop Keepers

If you are still facing difficulty knowing which is the exact bracelet sizing of your girlfriend, then in this regard, you should be taking assistance from professional shopkeepers. You can visit the jewelry store and they will guide you properly. Most importantly, lots of bracelets are there that come with charms. In this concern, a different sizing chart has to follow when it comes to the jewelry type with and without charms.

If your chosen bracelet is encompassed with lots of charms, then try getting a looser sizing of it because a piece of too-tight jewelry will get uncomfortable on your girlfriend’s wrist. As an example, if the jewelry piece is packed with Murano glass charms, then try having that piece in the looser sizing because these charms are comparatively bigger than that of the regular silver charms.

Most noteworthy, it is explained and illustrated by the Pandora brand that your bracelet will tend to expand all up to 1 cm in length. So, if your jewelry stuff is a bit tight on your wrist, do not worry at all because it will become expandable all and all up to 1 cm in its length.

Moreover, you should ask your girl what kind of dimension she prefers to have! Like, whether she likes putting on the jewelry pieces that are too tight or whether she loves putting on the jewelry collection that is a bit lose. Do ask from here and then buy a respective jewelry piece for her. Some girls are in favor of tighter fitting bracelets and some like to have them in the looser version.

Using A Flexible Measuring Tape

Using A Flexible Measuring Tape


The other way that might help you in getting the right bracelet dimension, is done with the help of a flexible measuring tape. In this concern, you have to measure and take the exact dimension of your partner’s wrist size. So, to determine the wrist sizing, there is this general rule that you have to add 2cm (0.8in) right to your wrist size measurement. This is the only way that you eventually get an accurate bracelet size.

You should also take help from the sizing chart to know which bracelet type you want to know and what size dimension you should prefer! So, get a flexible measuring tape or you can even use a ruler. Open up your palm and keep your face in the upward direction. Now, you can wrap the measuring tape completely around your wrist. Take the measurement simply above your wrist bone and end up measuring the wrist.

Pandora Bracelet Sizes With Respect To The Wrist Sizes

If you want to gift Pandora moment bangles to your girlfriend, here is this further explanation for you. The 5.9 sizing is suitable for the wrist size of 5.1 inches to 5.5 inches. The size of 6.7 is appropriate for the wrist size of 5.9 inches to 6.3 inches. In addition, the 7.5 bracelet size is suitable and feasible for the wrist size of 6.7 inches to 7 inches. Lastly, the 8.3 size is appropriate for the wrist size of 7.5 inches to 7.9 inches. You style up this jewelry piece with around and about 15 to 20 charms. Let me also show you perfect guide from Youtube:

On the other hand, if you feel like giving and presenting Pandora moments mesh bangles to the love of your life, then do consider and keep in mind the size chart. The 6.7 sizing is suitable for the wrist size of 5.5 inches to 6.3 inches. The sizing of 7.5 is apposite for the wrist sizing of 6.7 inches to 7.0 inches. In addition, the 8.3 bracelet size is suitable and reasonable for the wrist size of 7.5 inches to 7.9 inches.

For the Pandora moments open bangles, the 6.3 size is apt for the wrist size of 5.1 inches to 5.5 inches. The size of 6.9 is relevant for the wrist sizing of 5.9 inches to 6.3 inches. In addition, the 7.5 bracelet size is suitable and realistic for the wrist size of 6.7 inches to 7.0 inches. Lastly, the 8.0 sizing is relevant for the wrist sizing of 7.5 inches to 7.9 inches.

Average Pandora Bracelet Size

There is this common and basic explanation on an average size in which these Pandora bracelets are currently available, you can check out the exact information from here. For women, the average size of this jewelry type is 7.5″ (19 cm). In this size range, we have excluded sliders and the range starts from 5.9″ (15 cm) and it ends to 9.8″ (25 cm).

On the other hand, the sliders have come out to be standard in sizing and it is of 11″ (28 cm). Then for men, if they want to get the Pandora bracelet, the average sizing has come out to be 8.0″ (20.5 cm) along with standard lengths running in between 7.5″ (19 cm) to 9″ (23 cm). Thus, if we talk and discuss the commonly selected size ranges of Pandora bracelets, they have come to be 7.5″ (19 cm) for the category for women and it is 8 inches (20.5 cm) for men.

What Is The Right Way To Know About Your Bracelet Size?

We have already mentioned to you a few of the methods and sizing measuring procedures that will help you know about the exact bracelet size! Before you measure the size of your wrist, you have to know your jewelry type. In other words, you have to decide and determine whether you want to get a bangle or rope mesh or whether you want to buy a snake chain. Then the bracelet sizing also matters a lot. The style will determine what size range you should opt for! This respective jewelry type is available in the style range of open, slider, or mesh.

What Is The Right Way To Know About Your Bracelet Size?


Most Common Pandora Bracelet Size

If you want to surprise your girlfriend and you have thought of giving her Pandora bangles, then keep in mind certain points. Like, Pandora bangles, have to fit loosely on your girlfriend’s wrist. You can end up getting the bangles that are 0.4″ to 0.8″ larger as compared to the sizing of your partner wrist. If you will go with this sizing, then the bangle will be able to hold many charms.

  • Some guys love to give Pandora Moments Sliding Bangle to their girlfriend. Keep in mind that these are sliding angles and they manage to extend up to 11″. This bangle sizing accommodates and gets fit on any size wrist. It is all because of the end caps as well as slider clasp that manage to bring more of the interest and sparkle into this jewelry piece. Regarding the sizing chart, you have to keep in mind that for 5.9 bangle size, it is meant for wrist sizes 5.1″ – 5.9″. In addition, for 6.7 bangle sizing, it is for wrist sizes 6.3″ – 6.7″. Then for 7.5 bangle sizing, it is for wrist sizes 7.0″ – 7.5″
  • You can even make up your mind and try presenting Pandora Moments Three-Link Bangles to your girl! We like to tell you that this bangle type comes in the form of a three-link bracelet. It delivers sophistication and is marked as the traditional bangle style. Moreover, it comes with a length of snake chain and this jewelry can hold all up to 15 – 20 charms. The bangle sizing of 7, is for wrist sizes 5.5″ – 6.3″. For the bangle sizing of 7.5, it is specified for wrist sizes 6.7″ – 7.0″. Lastly, for 8.3 bangle size, it is for wrist sizes 7.5″ – 7.9″.

More Details On The Pandora Bangles Size

Below you can check out more of the details on the Pandora bangles size:

  • Lots of guys are out there that love giving Pandora Me Bangles to their girlfriends. So, in this regard, you should know the wrist sizing of your girl and possess complete information on the sizing chart. Most noteworthy, this Pandora Me collection is encompassed with both of the elements of bracelets as well as the mini-dangle charms. It fits and accommodates up to 30 mini-dangle charms. It is in four sizes that you can have this bracelet type. For the 5.9 bangle sizing, it is for wrist sizes 4.3″ – 4.7″. In addition, for 6.3 sizes, it is for wrist sizes 5.1″ – 5.5″ and 7.1 sizings are meant for wrist sizes 5.9″ – 6.3″.
  • We have seen that the demand for leather bracelets is also getting higher. You can gift such bracelets to your girl for sure. This jewelry type is not gender-dependent and both genders can wear it. They tend to hold a fewer number of charms than metal bracelets.
  • Moving to the category of Pandora Moments Single Leather Bracelets, they are composed of a thick cord of braided leather. It comes along with two end caps and also a clasp. In this jewelry type, you can hold and fully accommodate up to 7 to 9 Pandora Moments charms. This jewelry style has become a lot more popular and famous among men as well as women. A total number of three sizes you can have in these single leather bracelets. Like, the 9 sizes is meant for wrist sizes 5.5″ – 5.9″. The 7.5 is dedicated for wrist sizes 6.3″ – 7.0″ and the 8.1 sizes is meant for wrist sizes 7.1″ – 7.5″


Now, you have comprehended all of the information on what size Pandora bracelet should I get my girlfriend! You can go through the details one more time and see how to get the exact bracelet size that matches and syncs well with your girlfriend’s wrist! You can have followed the string and ruler method, the two-finger method, using a flexible measurement tape, and taking assistance from the professional shop keeper, these sources will help you get the exact Pandora bracelet size!

We can make this job simpler for you that there come average size figures for men and women if they wish to get this Pandora jewelry type! It is expected and hoped that your girlfriend’s bracelet or bangle size is 7.5″ (19 cm). This is the average size preferred by most of the girls regardless of the fact what their wrist size is. In addition, the men’s average bracelet size has come out to be 8.0″ (20.5 cm).

So, what are you waiting for? Do you want to give a romantic and appealing jewelry piece to your girlfriend? You should be! Consider the jewelry sizing chart and keep in mind her wrist size. If you still have any confusion on what these bracelet and bangle sizes are and what is the exact way to measure her wrist size, we will let you know about that.

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