Is It Safe To Sleep With A Necklace On? Expert Advise.

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Have you been web surfing all day wondering is it safe to sleep with a necklace on? Does it make you feel anxious or are you worried to sleep with a necklace on?

The necklace you last bought which whenever you have worn is noticed by many. How much did it cost? Where did you buy it from? Is it from that brand you and friends always obsess about? Can I borrow it for the party next weekend? All the attention this necklace has brought to you makes you want to cherish it more and wear it forever. But while staring at it through the mirror did it ever cross your mind, have you ever wondered, is it safe to sleep with the necklace on?

Your brain starts to wonder, there is a slight chance the necklace might break or if it contains any beads, pearls or your favourite gemstones, you might wake up noticing you have lost one or two the next morning.  What if it gets tangled in your hair or stuck on your shirt or the floral quilt your mom gifted while you are sleeping, or worst could it in any way hurt your neck while you toss and turn in your sleep.

Let’s dive in to explore the facts.

Can a Necklace Choke You in Your Sleep?

Has your anxiousness around is it safe to sleep with a necklace, making you wonder about choking. Let’s explore below before any dangerous thoughts start poking you.

The Simple Science Behind Choking

Are you concerned that your necklace might end up choking you? Let’s take a look at some of the most commonly observed reasons due to which adults are found choking. What happens when a person starts to choke is that, their airway to the lungs gets blocked which makes the person unable to breathe resulting in choking, usually this situation happens either due to eating too much at once, eating or drinking too fast, not chewing your food properly or eating while talking or laughing. Other reasons include serious medical conditions, health disorders, Psychological disorders or allergies for which you must consult your physician.

Are You Stuck In A Thriller Wearing Your Necklace?

Are You Stuck In A Thriller Wearing Your Necklace?

So, unless you are stuck in a thriller movie where someone is trying to strangle you, while you are sleeping, using the same necklace you are wearing, which is made of leather or some other material that is not easily breakable or you are trying to swallow the pendant or charm your necklace contains while sleeping.

Then No, if you are not stuck in an action or thriller movie then there is an extremely low chance that you will choke due to wearing a necklace while you sleep.

Will Following The Trends Choke You If You Wear Necklaces To Sleep?

There are necklaces that are designed to be tight around the neck for example a collar or a choker, which are found more popular among teenagers or young women. It makes them feel more standout in the crowd, look cool and trendy. Generally, these types of necklaces are not regarded as that comfortable but are still worn due to their appearance or current trend. If these types of necklaces contain pendants or any charms which are made of material that is sharp around the edges, they could hurt your skin leaving a scar or rash. In this case, you should definitely avoid wearing such types of necklaces to bed and also avoid wearing them for a longer period of time.

So, in case, you are worried about choking due to your necklace, relax the gold chain you just bought will not choke you, but it can rub over your skin to irritate and leave a rash. Try not to wear anything heavy, sharp or stiff while going to the bed that might be uncomfortable or unsafe.

Remember, necklaces were not made to be worn in bed while you sleep. These elegant ornaments are made to go to dinners and parties and be straight around your neck not to be tangled in your hair or poking you in your sleep.  It would be better if you take them off before you go to bed if you want your necklaces to last long and not lose their appeal too early and not leave you with scars. It might be the best time to make use of the jewellery box or pouch sitting on your dressing which you bought to safely secure it. In case you do not have one go buy or watch a DIY.

Has Anyone Ever Died From Wearing A Necklace To Bed?

Has Anyone Ever Died From Wearing A Necklace To Bed?

Has your granny or mom been telling you it’s a bad omen to sleep with your jewellery on?

To take off your jewellery before you go to bed, that 24-inch-long chain might strangle you to death one day, which you usually forget to take off before going to sleep. Or are you fearful thinking you might choke yourself to death?

Let’s be honest, there is no medical evidence found behind the death of a person due to wearing their necklace to sleep.

Can Necklaces Strangle You Or Is It A Superstition?

As Guru Newton’s law of motion states; an object will continue to be either in a state of motion or in a state of rest unless an external force acts on it.

Similarly, unless an external force is used to strangle you or you are wearing a necklace made of heavy metal which is too tight for your neck that it might suffocate you, your necklaces will not kill you or wait let’s exaggerate here a bit, chances are close to none that you might come across a necklace which is poisoned. So, let’s not build any superstitions around death due to wearing those beautiful and pretty necklaces.

Charms And Pendants Could Cause You Discomfort And Irritation

It is obvious if you wear a trendy necklace containing charms or pendants which are made of heavy and sharp objects, you will get yourself, your partner or your child hurt. In case you have kids sleeping in with you it is best to avoid wearing any sharp-edged jewellery when you are in contact with them.

There are slight chances if you wear something heavy and tight around your neck that it might lead you to have trouble breathing. If it is tight to the extent that wearing it is making you feel uncomfortable and is irritating your neck. It is best to adjust it to the size in which the necklace is recommended to be worn and makes you feel comfortable. Let your skin feel the air otherwise, dust particles and sweat might clog your pores leaving unsightly marks around your neck.

Should I Take My Necklace Off When I Sleep?

Should I Take My Necklace Off When I Sleep?

It is safer if you take your necklace and other jewellery off before you go to sleep. Let’s look at some of the common reasons; you might want to consider taking your necklace off before you go to sleep.

Maintain A Long Term Relation With Your Necklace, Take It Off Before Going To Bed

If you want your necklaces to last longer and do not want to depreciate their value, then it is better to take them off before you go to sleep. This will increase their life to shine brightly over your neck.

Delicate necklaces are at risk if you wear them to bed. All the tossing and turning might tangle or even break them. If a necklace breaks, which contains beads or charms that are sharp during sleep you might get stung throughout the night or seriously get hurt. However, a plain chain made of gold or silver can survive the night but in the case of some necklace that is longer and contains pendants, lockets or charms you might wake up with it tangled around your hair or stuck on your clothes.

Exposing Your Necklace To A Humid Environment, Causes Them To Stain

Some necklaces are made of metals which if you left out in the open, start to stain, the humidity or gases in the air and environment affect them. So, make sure to take them off and store them in an airtight jewellery box or pouch so it does not lose their shine, protecting them from dust particles and humidity. A common example is a silver. If you are living in an environment with greater humidity it would be best to store your silver necklaces somewhere airtight and dry.

Wearing Your Necklace To Sleep Causes Scaring And Builds Up Residue Around The Neck

Another reason to take off your necklaces before you go to bed is to avoid any unnecessary scaring over your skin. Wearing sharp or edgy pendants to bed would leave a rash on your neck or face. In addition, necklaces or metals other than gold or silver leave residues as well, so take off your necklaces and other jewellery before you go to sleep.

Try to clean and dry them once in a while using your mom’s old techniques. It is necessary to maintain hygiene since it touches your skin. It may not be seen through the naked eyes but clean off the dirt, sweat and any dead skin cells that might be resting on your necklaces.

Avoid Wearing Your Necklace To Sleep, Not Taking Them Off Will Cause You Sleeplessness

Especially, if you are a light sleeper you might want to avoid wearing any jewellery before you go to sleep, which might disturb your sleep making you restless throughout the night. Taking your necklace off will help you sleep better. Wearing unnecessary accessories to bed is neither safe nor comfortable. When you toss and turn during your sleep you might find your necklace pendant or charms poking or leaving you with a rash.

Necklaces That Contain Cheap Material Might Cause You Allergies

Some necklaces are made from cheap quality metals and even contain substances that could cause allergic reactions to your skin. Commonly known are copper and nickel. The cheap price might tempt you but make sure to avoid buying or wearing jewellery that contains these metals as these could cause skin irritation and rash. Be aware of your allergies and if your skin reacts to a certain type of jewellery consult a doctor for advice.

Will My Necklace Break If I Sleep With It On?

Will My Necklace Break If I Sleep With It On?

Yes! If they are delicate you might end up with a broken necklace and wearing them to sleep is depreciating them with all the twisting and bending.

Delicate Necklaces Have A Higher Chance Of Breaking

Necklaces come in different sizes and types if your necklace is like a delicate hollow chain there is a high chance that if you regularly wear it during the time you are sleeping this will cause the necklace to twist and turn, as you are tossing and turning. Your necklace can also bend and get tangled in your hair. Doing this in routine as time passes, the links which are keeping the necklace together might get loosen causing the chain to break. Loosen links in necklaces increase the chance of you losing it or simply increasing your expenses for fixing it.

Thicker And Stronger Necklaces Leave You With Scarring

In case you are wearing something stronger and thicker it may not break while you are sleeping but it will definitely leave a rash and irritation around your neck, and you might end up with scratches over your face or neck. Breaking your necklace while you are sleeping is unsafe, therefore, it would be best to take off your necklace and other jewellery before you go to sleep.


Your pretty necklaces might not choke you to death unless someone tries to strangle you forcefully. But it is not safe to wear necklaces or any jewellery to bed they can cause harm to you, your partner or kids. Follow trends but do not wear jewellery which is uncomfortable. The more comfortable you feel the more beautiful you appear.

Make sure to keep your necklaces and other jewellery clean since resting residue on these metals may also cause your skin to irritate. There are many risks involved in wearing necklaces to bed. They can twist and bend or break and sting. Even if you are down due to a hectic day at work or your back is killing you due to being stuck in traffic all day and you just want to turn off the lights and lay down to sleep away all the worries, you must condition yourself to take off your jewellery and have yourself a peaceful night’s sleep.

Make space for your jewellery box or pouch on your bedside table that way you will remember and can even take it off while sitting on your bed. Lastly, do not forget if you cherish a necklace to the point that you want to wear it forever, you must take care of it as well by not wearing it to sleep. Removing it before going to bed and securing it in a jewellery box or pouch itself helps the necklaces to maintain their elegance and last longer.

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