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How Long Do Clarity Enhanced Diamonds Last?

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So, one of the common questions that we have been often asked, how long do clarity-enhanced diamonds last! The demand of such jewelry material is getting higher and most people now prefer to put on diamonds of this type. In this procedure, they pass themselves through specific treatments. Their clarity gets enhanced because they process themselves either through laser drilling or through the fracture filling technique.

With the help of these treatments, you get to see immense improvement right there in the inner and outer physical aspects and attributes of a diamond. In addition, these techniques give more and more clarity to this jewelry material. It removes all the possible inclusions and blemishes from it.

No doubt, such diamonds have become the most popular choice because they are budget-friendly. If you have got such jewelry pieces, it means they will last for a long time. They are guaranteed and promised to be used for life. In this post, you will also know about their pros and cons, so let us have a look at the details. Together we will explore this world of diamonds:

What Are Clarity-Enhanced Diamonds?

The concept of wearing these clarity-enhanced diamonds, it is massively seen in countries like France. You might be wondering what kind of stuff it is, here you can check out and go through the details! To enhance and improve the clarity side of this material, two procedures are followed and they are fracture filling and laser drilling.

We have seen that these Laser-drilled diamonds come in the form of stones. They are accompanied by some flaws and these flaws are removed by burning and using a laser. In this whole procedure, one makes use of drilling microscopic channels so that the flaws can be cleared off. On the other hand, we have this Fracture filling process in which the flaws are going to be filled with a crystal kind of substance.

All in all, you can call such diamonds natural diamonds. They have inclusions that you can see with your naked eye. But with the help of modern and advanced techniques, you can remove those inclusions. In this enhancement process, your jewelry piece will start to sparkle as well as flash. Moreover, one of the main reasons that people prefer them is because of their cost factor. They are of relatively lower price and you can easily afford them.

Beyond, they come with the highest carat weight, you get high-quality and they give you the glimpse and vibe as if you have worn naturally mined diamonds. You end up making significant savings. However, the filling treatment might damage its structure.

How to Determine If Your Diamond Has Passed Through the Clarity-Enhanced Technique?

How to Determine If Your Diamond Has Passed Through the Clarity

Now, that comes an important question that what the exact way is to determine whether your diamond piece has passed through the clarity-enhanced technique or not! And this same question is also asked by lots of celebs like Kate Winslet. When you go out and reach the jewelry store, you have to clearly enquire from them whether they are using real diamonds or their clarity has been enhanced. This is an important piece of information that the jeweler has to disclose. You can ask for the report. There are lots of agencies who clear-cut mention in their reports that their diamonds have been enhanced or not!

If you want to detect and spot the fracture-filled or the clarity-enhanced diamonds, then there is a smart way that you can do that! Take a gemological microscope and spot the difference.  It is generally seen that the filling leaves a kind of faint in the stone. This faint comes in the green neon color. Thus, if the jewelry piece shows neon colors, it means it has passed itself through the enhanced techniques.

Are Clarity Enhanced Diamonds Bad?

No, they are not at all bad. You can surely have them if you love to wear diamonds. If you could not afford the real version and high price tag, then feel free to put on the jewelry pieces that have passed themselves through the clarity-enhanced techniques and are available in the cost-friendly price tags. If you have planned to get a new ring on your birthday that is about to come on 12-12-2021, then make sure to choose the piece that is packed with the fracture filling or laser drilling technique.

In such a jewelry piece, you will get quality, a lot of sparkle and shine, and stunning designs. In addition, they have become the craziest trend so far. It does not matter for people whether their diamonds have passed through laser burning techniques and filling procedures. They are simple and just happy with the final product and that is what they exactly want!

You can have the single piece in the price range of 8 to 10 thousand dollars and there is no need to pay for 15 to 20 thousand dollars to get the original version. The stone right after enhancement looks as if you have invested in the real diamonds, this is so amazing.

We like to tell you that the inventor of this whole process is Zvi Yehuda. They have their family’s business, known by the name of Yehuda Diamond Company. Besides, they have guaranteed that the enhanced diamonds will never and ever get dull, less shiny, unfilled, or un-enhanced. A lifetime guarantee is offered.

Are Clarity-Enhanced Diamonds Worth Anything?

Are Clarity-Enhanced Diamonds Worth Anything?

We can say this thing on the confident notes that these kinds of diamonds are definitely and absolutely of worth. If your financial situation is not that healthy and stronger and you want to wear diamonds on your friend’s wedding day, choose this option. They will work for you and no person will feel whether you have worn real diamonds or the enhanced ones!

Lots of people out there, get so much happiness and satisfaction when buying this kind of jewelry! They remain contended because, at a low price, they get the best quality. In addition, this has become a kind of invention that marks to be less expensive and good looking as well. In this niche, you can have the 1, 1½, carat diamonds and also the 2-carat diamond.

But you have to remain aware of this point that these treated stones have comparatively a weak structure. When they are treated with laser drilling or passed through the fracture filling process, their structure becomes a bit fragile. You will see weaker and fragile structural integrity in them and that pushes these stones to start showing durability issues.

Most importantly, this fracture filling process should not believe to be a permanent process. There is a chance that your diamond appearance starts to deteriorate and damage more and more if the filling substance gets degraded. In addition, it is seen that these fillings make your diamond jewelry piece looks a bit hazy as well as cloudy. You have to show extra care and attention while maintaining these stones. If they get exposed to chemicals, then their quality and durability will further be affected.

Clarity Enhanced Diamonds Value

All in all, these diamonds have received both negative and positive reviews from the general audience. You have to be very much careful and knowledgeable when buying this jewelry material. Reach to the reliable jeweler and request him to give you valid and authentic information. Your jeweler should not hide the details that whether your chosen diamond is treated or not. Ask for the report and do not rely on the comments given by other people.

You should not possess any unrealistic expectations when buying these low price diamonds. If they look affordable and come with an excellent appearance, then they are also accompanied and packed with durability and weak structure issues. To all those people who have a small budget, having clarity-enhanced diamonds is the best option for them. Besides, if you want to have untreated stones, then avoid buying them.

After going through all of these details, you can clearly make up your mind and do share with us your decision and feedback as well. The demand for both treated and untreated stones is getting high. It depends on the choice, taste, and preference of the person. If budget is an issue, invest in the enhanced diamonds. If you have an extensive budget and cash, invest in non-enhanced diamonds as simple as that!

Clarity Enhanced Diamonds Pros and Cons

Clarity Enhanced Diamonds Pros and Cons

Below you can check out the main pros and cons of them! If you love this concept, then we are hopeful that you will outweigh and disregard the cons. Now, go through the details:

Pros of Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

  • One of the primary advantages that are offered by them is their price factor. They are exclusively budget-friendly and inexpensive. Though they are known for their improved and good looks, but the cost factor attached with them is relatively low and minimum. Keep in mind this general rule that all those stones that have been treated and enhanced, cost less and their price comes out to be 20% to 30% lower. So, if you are getting a treated diamond, its price will be low and for untreated ones, its price and cost will be higher.
  • On the other hand, these treated diamonds come with an improved appearance. You will love their overall look for sure. These enhancing techniques make sure that the look and appearance of the treated stone get improved and upgraded. All the flaws present in that diamond will be removed and you will fall in love with their appearance indeed. Thus, a good investment and valuable jewelry material are in front of you. It gets a great appearance and exceptional looks, styles, and designs at such a low price. This is so cool and amazing.

Cons of Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

Cons of Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

  • One of the common issues that people have faced when getting these stones, is their durability that has arisen a lot of problems. These diamonds do not look that enduring. You might witness one of the noticeable and potential durability issues in them. All those stones that have been enhanced and improved through laser drilling, this process are going to undermine their durability. In the same way, we have seen that the low-clarity diamonds have a weak structures. They usually have big inclusions and the whole processing and enhancement technique weaken their structure.
  • The technique of fracture filling and laser drilling does not give permanent results. You have to keep in mind that all those diamonds that have passed themselves through the laser-drilled process, should not at all be subjected and exposed to high temperatures and even exposed to ultrasonic cleaning processes. If you do so, there is a chance that your diamond crystal filling process will get destroyed.
  • Through these techniques related to enhancement, there is a chance that the overall color and brilliance side of your diamond jewelry pieces will get affected! It is one of the major and primary disadvantages that fracture-filled diamonds showcase. It is all because of this filler that their colors, depth, shine, sparkle, and brilliance will be negatively affected.
  • Reselling them will be a harder and tougher task for you! The untreated stones are so much easy and quick, hassle-free to sell, re-sell and buy. But for these treated stones, re-selling them is a challenging job to do.


So, what’s the bottom line? This is all about the data on how long do clarity-enhanced diamonds last? They actually last and are guaranteed for life and that makes them so much and extensively popular. Note that these are treated diamonds. They already have flaws and inclusions and they pass through specific treatments to remove these flaws in them. These prominent techniques are laser drilling and fracture. Both positive and negative aspects are seen in them. They are of low cost, show great appearance, but they have durability issues, possessed with weak structure and their color and brilliance will get affected.

You can share with us if you have ever got a chance to wear such a jewelry type, if yes, then let us know your stories, views, and experiences. Most importantly, the demand of both of these diamond types has become higher and massive. Some are a fan of wearing treated stones and some prefer wearing and putting on un-treated stones.

If you could not afford the natural diamond and you are OK to be with the treated and filled diamond type, then do not feel hesitant. Nine out of ten people wear these treated stones and they simply love this trend. Once they get enhanced and treated, they look so much gorgeous and pretty. And make sure to get in touch with reputable jewelers because they will give you wise and sensible pieces of advice concerning which jewelry material type is right for you! Stay tuned for further updates.

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