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Does 925 Sterling Silver Turn Your Finger Green? Top Answers For You!

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An instinct and phenomenon make a woman adorn herself. She wears jewelry to satisfy the instinct of looking beautiful and appreciated. She chooses stylish as well as unique dresses, shoes, bags, hairstyles, hair dyes, and jewelry to satiate her wish.

Jewelry especially rings are an ever-welcoming and worn item in women. They wear gold, silver, diamond, gems, platinum, and sterling silver rings. Sometimes the rings have not cared well and they start to turn your finger green.

This problem occurs when we become careless about the cleanliness of our jewelry especially the rings. We have to work in which hands play a major role. This creates oxidation between the ring and the sweat, water, or all the moisture around us.

But there is nothing to worry about the ring and even the finger that is becoming green. There is no medical harm in it. It is just a tint that a ring releases and looks bad on our finger.

“Does sterling silver turn our finger green?” is one of the most frequently asked questions. The answer to this question is simply “yes”. But there is no need to worry about it. To your satisfaction guys! I will write the reasons, the solution, and the results of how and why your finger is becoming green with a sterling silver ring.

Nature And Types Of 925 Sterling Silver

This type of silver is becoming too popular among people. This 925 sterling silver tag is because there is 92.5% of silver and 7.5% of alloy in its formation. The combination of silver and 7.5% alloy I called 925 sterling silver.

The name sterling comes from East German and is given to it due to the quality of coinage that was called Easterling-coiners. Earlier, sterling silver was not considered worthy to be used as an ornament. People didn’t value it as jewelry. It was considered cheap and valueless.

But before some decades, 925 sterling silver has got popularity as a perfect vintage jewelry metal. It is used not only as plain decent jewelry but also used to carry glamorous gems and stones.

As we know silver alone is too soft to be mold as an ornament. This is why jewelers have to use some alloy to enhance its strength and durability. This can be the basic reason for sterling silver to tarnish or blacken.

What makes the 925 sterling silver turn black or tarnish? Why our finger turns green after some time of wearing the 925 sterling silver ring? What chemical reaction takes place between silver, the alloy, and the environment that turns the color of our ring green? Even the finger turns green.

Internet and Google have given us a great awareness and it has become very easy for us to know and realize the reasons and even the solution s of any issue. It can be easily found that copper, nickel, and cobalt are used as an alloy to silver to strengthen it.

Copper is a good alloy as well as a good reactant. It easily gets connected with the joining metals as silver itself, sweat, and air particles. They collectively make different oxides and change the color even tarnish the ring.

One interesting thing I consider necessary to tell you guys! 925 sterling silver is not the only case to get discolor or tarnish. Gold and fine silver can also turn your finger green if you don’t care for them properly. They too have copper as an alloy in them.

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Should We Afraid Of Turning Our Finger Green With 925 Sterling Silver?

Should We Afraid Of Turning Our Finger Green


The process of oxidation is the reason for discoloring or making our ring greenish. It’s quite pathetic that suddenly one morning we find our ring finger turns green. We get a bit surprised and shocked as well. We consider it can be a viral disease or some kind of allergy.

But actually, there is nothing to fear from at all. It is a mere green color that is released by your ring due to oxidation. You just need to wash it simply.

The problem is not that is trouble or risk to health, but it doesn’t look good on your hand. If your wear the ring in a normal routine, it will leave color. You have to care for its cleanliness and maintenance.

So there is nothing to worry about its color causing no damage to the skin. But sometimes if someone has extra sensitive skin. It can get irritated or swollen. In such cases, you should instantly wear your ring off and consult about the allergy to your doctor.

Reasons of Turning Our Finger Green When Wearing 925 Sterling Silver

Reasons of Turning Our Finger Green When Wearing 925 Sterling Silver

Hey guys! Many people are becoming fond and crazy of wearing 925 sterling silver jewelry. This craze is not only because of its sparkle but also it looks too accomplished and perfect. It has a graceful look that many celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Kate Middleton even like to wear sterling silver rings just because of its grace and integrity.

But the problem of its leaving a green tint on our finger makes it a little questionable. If we consider the reasons that make it react with other things, we can tackle the issue to some extent.

Let’s have a look at the reasons first and then will come to their solutions accordingly.

Moisture and Humidity

Water has oxygen that is likely to react with the Sterling silver. When we are sweaty, the salts and oxygen combine to make a strong reaction with the copper and silver of the ring we are wearing. The process is called oxidation.

Similarly, we don’t care for the water interaction daily while taking bath, washing dishes, or doing anything with water. We have to put the ring off while doing work. It can lessen the risk of tarnishing or oxidation.

A person living in humid areas has a strong chance to lose the shine and luster of his ring and get his finger greenish. This is not necessary that he/she should interact with water. The humidity present in the atmosphere is enough to turn the color of her/his ring and ultimately his/her finger green.

The Environmental Elements Are Responsible

With the advancement of science, the problem of pollution is increasing day by day. The factories discharge harmful sulfur that is present n our environment. When we are exposed to the environment, the sulfur present in the air gets a quick contact with our 925 sterling silver ring.

This contact is responsible for all other changes that take place in the ring’s color or chemistry. It tends to become green or even black.

The same thing happens when we are in contact with heat. The sulfur in coal and fire gets in close reaction with copper and makes sulfur oxide. The process of oxidation ruins the beauty and delicacy of the ring.

Along with sulfur, there are many other harmful and speedily reacting elements present in the atmosphere that can get in reaction with 925 sterling silver to discolor it. They all make oxides with silver and copper.

The Cosmetic Chemical Is Prone To React With 925 Sterling Silver

The Cosmetic Chemical Is Prone To React With 925 Sterling Silver


It is a right of every lady to adorn her. She then uses makeup or jewelry, it’s her own choice. She loves to wear stylish and unique jewelry and to use the best cosmetic to mesmerize her beloved people.

In the case of wearing jewelry, she forgets to care for it as perfectly as it needs to be. She applies makeup and uses lotion and hair products. She shampoos her hair and uses perfumes for a long-lasting impression.

But during all the course of events, she forgets to put off her beautiful 925 sterling silver ring. The ring has to bear all these cosmetic chemicals and consequently, it gets in contact with the harmful cosmetic chemicals.

Lead acetate, paraben, formaldehyde, and many other chemicals present in cosmetics are ever ready to forms compounds of oxide with silver and copper. This will lead your 925 sterling silver to turn green.

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The Hormonal imbalance or Change

As we have told you earlier that our skin and the chemical it excretes in form of sweat ahs a great deal of reaction with 925 sterling silver. Similarly, if there is some hormonal imbalance in our body, we can get the same oxidation reaction in our body.

Many o us don’t believe that hormonal imbalance or change in hormonal activity can have some impact on our jewelry. But unfortunately, it is true and proved.

Sometimes it does not matter that how much expensive jewelry you are wearing. It is the matter of your skin that has its ways to react against different metals or things differently.

Low-Quality Metals

Sometimes we are told that the jewelry or ring we are going to buy is pure 925 sterling silver. But it is not so. When we use it, it leaves its color too quickly that an original 925 sterling silver item will not do so.

The metals used in that ring are of very low quality. This is why they don’t have any resistance against atmospheric elements or moisture. They actively participate in the process of corrosion and fade the luster of the ring into the green.

Ways to Protect Your Ring and Skin Turning Green

Everyone has a different skin type and nature. Some skin type is fast reacting to the environment, while others don’t react as fast as they do. And the rings we wear in 925 sterling silver are too prone to react with skin and the atmospheric elements.

It is an astonishing fact that as far as the 825 sterling silver jewelry comes out of the box, it instantly starts reacting with its environment. We can’t feel it with the naked eye. But if we observe it under the microscope, we will be stunned to see their instant reaction.

So, this is an unchanged fact that 925 sterling silver will change its color and then the color of your skin. We can try to minimize the speed of that reaction to the level that it can increase its original color and life.

There are ways to make our 925 sterling silver rings not to turn our fingers green. Let’s have a look at these ways.

  • Avoid wearing our rings every time. We should have the least wearing time so that there is no risk of interaction.
  • We should remove our ring off while we are washing dishes, cleaning, taking shower, or even taking bath in the swimming pool. The oxides will instantly react with the copper and silver.
  • If we have a problem with excessive sweating, we should clean the ring after a short interval.
  • A jewelry cleaning cloth is easily available from jewelry stores, we can use it to clean the rings daily before going to bed.
  • A low-quality item can have more negative results than a good quality item. Try to purchase from a well-known shop or brand.
  • Be more careful while getting your hands or the area of jewelry wet. Instantly tap it dry to make the reaction not happen.
  • Make a habit to clean the 925 sterling rings daily and polish after every week. Polishing can improve the life of your jewelry.
  • Make a habit to put your jewelry off in an air-tight box.
  • The jewelry items must be kept separately in zip lock bags. This will make the jewelry metals, not in contact and not get prone to corrode.
  • If you live in a humid area, wear your rings and other jewelry only when you are relaxed and away from work
  • Use nail polish or paraffin on the inner side of the ring so that it can’t get in contact with the skin.
  • When you are ready to apply makeup or any cosmetic chemical, put off the 925 sterling silver ring as a cosmetic chemical like lead, chromium, cobalt is ever ready to form a strong connotation with metals like silver and copper. So staying your jewelry away from cosmetics, perfumes, and hair products is better.
  • Wash your hands instantly after using any washing chemical or cosmetic chemical.
  • If you are a sports guy, you must have a little more careful and watchful about your rings. It is obvious to get sweaty during your play. So, you must take your finger out while in the game.
  • We can wear a platinum-coated 925 sterling silver ring that will take a long time to get corroded only if we don’t polish or clean it.

Ways to Keep You Away from Being Scammed About 925 Sterling Silver

I the early lines of the article, we have mentioned to you that the problem of getting your finger green gets more early and more severe when you are wearing a low-quality ring in the deception of 925 sterling silver.

It is a fact that 925 sterling silver is inclined to react with the environment it is provided. As soon as it is out of the shelf or box, it starts to make a connection with all those above described elements. But it takes some time to get discolor. It takes time to turn your finger green.

But the rings we are buying in the guise of 925 sterling silver are not only a waste of money but also blur the beauty of our hands.

We must be careful and observant while going to buy 925 sterling silver. A good quality 825 sterling silver must have a hallmark of “925”. If it is not engraved, the “Sterling” “SSS” “SS” ” STER” are written on the inner of the ring.

A company or store that honestly deals in 925 sterling silver will provide you exact 92.5% of silver and 7.5%  of the alloy, mostly copper.

Whenever you are going to buy any jewelry article in 925 sterling silver, make sure the stamps or the hallmarks so that it may not be tarnished or turn green as early as a low-quality ring does.

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Ways to Clean Your Skin If Gets Green

Ways to Clean Your Skin If Gets Green


Hey Guys! There is nothing to worry about your finger or any other part of the skin if it turns green due to the oxidation of 925 sterling silver. This is not an allergy. This is not any disease. You can remove the green tint easily by doing certain steps.

But if you are having sensitive skin and it gets itchy or irritated after being green, then you must consult the doctor.

Let’s discuss the tips and tricks to rinse the green smudge off.

A Detergent or Dish Wash Is Good To Remove the Green Tint

If our finger bears a green mark because of the 925 sterling silver oxidation process, we can remove it easily. Take some detergent or dish wash and rub it all around your finger gently with the help of a washing cloth. After this wash your finger with lukewarm water.

The smudge will take no tie to remove. Apply some lotion after using dish wash or detergent as they can be dry to the skin.

Nail Polish Remover, Ink Remover, Alcohol, make-Up Remover all are Good against It

All the removers like nail polish, or makeup, or even ink remover are good to remove the green color out of your finger. This is because of the alcohol present in them.

Similarly using plain alcohol is also a good technique to rinse the greenish factor from your finger or any other part of your skin by wearing 925 sterling silver jewelry.

Just take a cloth and dip it in the solution of remover and then rub it off. There will remain no tint at all.


So guys! It is a deep and thorough study of the nature of sterling silver, its reactions to other metals.  We get the answer to the question that does 925 sterling silver turn your finger green.

We have studied all the factors that are involved in making 925 sterling silver is a prone metal to turn green or discolored. 925 sterling silver is made by the combination of two main metals. Silver is 92.5% and alloy mostly copper is 7.5%.

Both these metals are highly reactant to other metals and the environment it is provided just after its showcase life. They quickly make oxides with environmental elements as water, sulfur, or many chemicals around us.

We must be more conscious while buying 925 sterling silver jewelry. We should confirm the stamp or hallmark of the ring that it is an original 925 sterling silver. A better piece of advice is to buy a rhodium-plated ring. Rhodium is a good resistant to outer influence and will not let the ring tarnish as early as plain 925 sterling silver gets. But it is a little more expensive.

A little carefulness can lessen the risk of tarnishing and increase the life of our ring. If we clean the ring properly and polish it, it will take much time to get oxidized.

So let you enjoy and fashion according to your taste and style but with some precautions and care. It will make your jewelry accompany you for a longer time.

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