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Can You Get Sterling Silver Wet? | Expert’s Answer

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You might be wondering can sterling silver get wet?  If you could not find the answer of this basic and one of the simplest questions, then we can help you. Sterling silver is one of the common and popular jewelry pieces worn by people.

Now, the main question is that whether you can take sterling silver in the shower and pool or you should not make it wet! Though you can take this jewelry piece in the shower, swimming pool, and beach but it will eventually lose its shine.

Water does not bring that much damage to your sterling silver pieces but it does damage their shine, glow, and luster. In other words, if you have often taken your sterling silver in the pool and shower, then they will get instantly oxidized!

If you do not want to make your sterling silver pieces get oxidized, darken, and tarnished, then avoid taking them in the pool and shower. Pool water and chlorine-filled water take away their shine and you end up getting damaged sterling silver.

Below you can see more of the details on this discussion. You can let us know how often you take your sterling silver in the pool and shower or how often you make them wet! Keep in mind that any kind of jewelry material should be taken care of and it should have limited exposure with water.

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What Happens When You Get Sterling Silver Wet?

There are many negative effects and repercussions that you might have to witness when you wet your sterling silver. It is not suggested to take this jewelry in conditions that are wet or jam-packed with water. You need to understand that sterling silver often and frequently gets affected when taken in the moisture and humidity kinds of sites. If this practice is opted by you, then all of your sterling silver pieces will get darken and will surely lose their real shine and glow.

Exposing them to moisture-filled and humidity-filled locations will make them tarnish and become rusty in less time. This reaction is given the name of oxidation reaction and it eventually destroys your sterling silver piece look.

Furthermore, this jewelry metal is made and composed of other metal alloys. And exposing them to water makes them tarnished as well. We can say and conclude that it is a big no to wet your sterling silver. You need to keep this jewelry piece as drier as you can.

And there is always a drawback in taking your sterling silver in the shower or in any wet condition! There is a chance that your jewelry may get lost. Like, if you have jumped in the pool, bathtub, or shower time and jewelry is still there in your body! It means there is a chance that it will get lost in the pool.

If you wet your sterling silver, then it is always and constantly detrimental for its quality. You simply have no idea what kind of water, soap, and shampoo you are using and how tougher chemicals they have in them! These chemicals affect your sterling silver quality and this snatches its real glow and charm.

So, if you have just bought a dazzling-looking sterling silver piece on 31-07-2021, and you want to make sure that its shine and glow remain there on it for years and years, then avoid getting it wet! Below you can see and go through more of the details on this topic. We have mentioned category-wise that how much it is harmful and destructive in taking your sterling silver in a shower, pool, ocean, hot water, or on hot springs!

Can I Wear Sterling Silver In The Shower?

Can I Wear Sterling Silver In The Shower


It is just for one to two times that you can take your sterling silver in the shower water but the prolonged routine of this habit will tarnish and oxidize your jewelry. We know that shower water is free from the presence of harsh chemicals and do not destroy your sterling silver, still, you have to take care. You never know when soap and other shampoo and conditioner products take away the shine from your jewelry pieces.

Hence, whenever you see that your sterling silver look is getting dull, it means you have to stop taking it in the shower water. Jewelry experts from countries like Brazil, are of this belief that soap and water are enough to tarnish your jewelry. So, we give you this basic piece of advice to never take your jewelry under the shower water. Take off your jewelry and then enjoy your shower time.

Can Sterling Silver Go in The Pool?

We again say that it is not recommended to take your sterling silver in the pool. The pool water comes in the chlorinated water category and such water is immensely harmful to your jewelry. If you have just planned your pool time and you are wearing sterling silver pieces, then make sure to take them off before jumping in the pool. You never know how much chlorine is present in the pool and you simply do not have an idea how destructively your sterling silver will get affected! So, remove your sterling silver jewelry pieces before your head yourself to the pool site.

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Can Sterling Silver Go in The Hot Tubs?

If you are wondering regarding whether sterling silver is taken in the hot tubs, then we can guide you on this area. You should give your level best to take off these jewelry pieces before reaching and accessing the hot tubs. In addition, hot tubs are packed with chemical reactions and this element is not on the favored side of your sterling silver pieces. Furthermore, hot tubs are infused and packed with higher temperatures, so we always recommend and suggest you take off your sterling silver before getting you to enter the hot tubs. Celebs like Jennifer Lawrence have backed this fact too!

Can You Wear Sterling Silver in Salt Water?

Can You Wear Sterling Silver in Salt Water?

Now here comes the saltwater part! Lots of people have penned down these queries that whether they can expose their sterling silver to saltwater or not! We would like you to recommend that you should not expose and interact your silver jewelry pieces in saltwater. If you do so, then they will immediately get tarnished and extremely rusty enough. As you have made an investment upon buying sterling silver, so make sure that you do not waste this investment of yours.

In addition, salt is one of the highly corrosive elements. If you expose it to sterling silver, then it will instantly get corroded as well. The interaction of sterling silver with this element will take away all glow and flash from your jewelry.

Can Sterling Silver Go in The Ocean?

No matter you are diving into the ocean or you want to jump in the hot springs, avoid taking your sterling silver in these locations and sites. These are not the suitable locations and conditions where you should be wearing sterling silver. Take them off if you are making plans to go to the ocean or jumping into the hot springs.

These sites are jam-packed with a large number of minerals and chemicals and instantly react with your silver jewelry piece. All in all, you have to comprehend that constant exposure to water, hot springs, hot tub water, pool water, or shower water will damage your sterling silver.

How to Clean Sterling Silver?

When you see that your sterling silver is losing its shine, then it is time to give extra and double care to it. We have told you that you should minimize water and humidity exposure if you have worn a sterling silver piece. Rest, you can check out the below-mentioned tips and see how to maintain the shine of this jewelry piece.

Keeping Your Sterling Silver Away from Water

Keeping Your Sterling Silver Away from Water

First of all, you have to keep your sterling silver completely and wholly away from water. You need to even store it in a dry and moisture-free location. If there is a need to clean it, then use simple water and mild soap for its cleaning and maintenance. It does not matter whether you are living in the hot and humid states, you need to make sure that your sterling silver pieces have minimum contact with water and wet conditions.

Moreover, when you take shower in the morning or wash your face, it is better and ideally suggested to take off your silver jewelry pieces. If you opt and embrace this practice, then no corrosion and tarnishing will appear on your sterling silver.

Cleaning Your Sterling Silver by Using Baking Soda and Water

Experts have advised you to clean and maintain the look of your sterling silver with the application of baking soda and water. These are simple ingredients that may help you in bringing down the corrosion, rust, and tarnished effect from your jewelry. You need to prepare a solution of both of these ingredients and rub it on your sterling silver. Do the rubbing gently and then air dry your jewelry pieces. We hope that this tip will bring back the real shine on your sterling silver.

Cleaning Sterling Silver with Dish Liquid Soap and Water

Some people like to use dish liquid soap and water for cleaning their sterling silver. You can follow this tip as well! Like, when you notice that your silver jewelry pieces are getting rust and tarnished, then follow this solution. In addition, you should use regular and mild dish liquid soap so that your jewelry remains safe and sound.

Utilize the Professional Cleaning Service

Utilize the Professional Cleaning Service


One of the highly effective ways to take care of your sterling silver is to professionally clean it. You can opt for any of the professional cleaning services and see how the real shine and luster will come on your jewelry. We know that it is a common situation that people end up having tarnished and oxidized kinds of sterling silver. To get out from this situation, you can give a regular professional cleaning job to your jewelry.

Polishing Your Sterling Silver

Apart from professionally cleaning your sterling silver, you need to professional polish it as well. You never know when your silver jewelry piece gets exposed to water and harmful chemicals. So, to keep them tarnish-free, you need to often polish them.

It is best if you get a high-end polish from the shop and simply rub that polish on your sterling silver. It is with the help of a simple piece of cloth that you perform the polishing step. The only thing that you can make sure of is to avoid rubbing the cloth in a circular motion on your sterling silver.

Storing Your Sterling Jewelry in The Dry Place

And another important tip is that you should keep and store your sterling silver in the safest and driest place. If you suspect that humidity or water will make an entry in that place, then remove your sterling silver collection from there and choose some other storage location for it. It is your storage location that is going to determine and decide the life span of your sterling silver.

In addition, if you keep on placing that jewelry in a wet environment, then it will eventually lose its shine and durability. Furthermore, keeping sterling silver in the dry location will for sure prolong its life span.

Besides, you can secure your sterling silver in air-tight containers. This way, all kinds of wet and humid air will remain out and your jewelry will remain in a top-class and rust-free condition. Or you can invest in high-end jewelry bags. There are a few of the jewelry bags that are specifically made to store your sterling silver pieces.

Using Anti-Tarnish Strips

In your sterling silver jewelry box, you should be placing and keeping anti-tarnish strips. They work in the best manner and help to keep your jewelry safe. But you need to make sure that you get high-quality anti-tarnish strips. If they are not of high quality, then they will fail to fulfill their purpose.


We hope that you have got the exact and simple answer to the question, can sterling silver get wet? You can let us know your opinion for sure. If you have bought an extensive collection of sterling silver and want to take supreme care of it, then never and ever take it in the water.

You have to minimize and limit its exposure to water. We know that sterling silver pieces look stunning and amazing but they look unimpressive if enough glow and shine are not present on them! Furthermore, this one is a versatile metal and it needs versatile care as well.

If you have invested in this jewelry and you have made a high-quality choice, then you need to avoid getting it wet as well! You can follow the above tips and see how to take care of this jewelry material.

Rest, you can share with us for how long your sterling silver pieces retain their quality, glow and shine and after how much time period they get tarnished! We are waiting for honest feedback from your side.

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