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Can I Use Saline Nasal Spray For My Piercing? Expert’s Answer

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You might be wondering can I use saline nasal spray for my piercing? So here is the exact answer for you. If you love going for nose piercing, then you need to take maximum care of it. It is useless to go or piercing if you get failed to heal it properly. In this regard, using a saline nasal spray is one of the effective solutions for you.

It comes in the category of after-care practices and it is compulsory for the person to apply this saline spray no matter she has gone for nose piercing, belly piercing, or ear piercing. This one is quite an obvious fact all nose piercings heal on different notes, but this effective and smart solution will work for you.

We are sure that this piece of writing will give you enough details on the benefits of using saline nasal spray on the piercing. If you have any questions, then you can ask from us later on after reading out this post.

It has all become a universal truth that piercing aftercare matters a lot. If you manage to keep your piercing all clean and hygienic enough, then it will get healed sooner and no infections will be further produced in it.

Instead of just surface cleaning your piercing, it is better and recommended to soak your piercing in saline nasal spray and heal your wound on the immediate notes. For more details on piercings, keep tuned with us:

All About Piercing After Care

Nose piercing or ear and belly piercing, all of them demand a massive amount of after-care practices. It is true that piercing is a quick and instant process, but its after-care takes a bit longer time. In other words, the piercing healing process is lengthy enough. Keep in mind that your piercing may take several weeks, or it can even take a few months to get successfully healed.

Experts from the side of European countries like England have recommended using saline nasal spray on piercings. Once you are done with your piercing, you will surely see that the affected area has become red and inflamed. It may turn out to be possibly painful. So, applying saline nasal spray will reduce the redness and inflammation.

Healing Solutions for Piercings

Healing Solutions for Piercings


Apart from using saline nasal spray, there are lots of other healing solutions as well that may solve this problem of yours. First of all, you have to regularly clean your piercing. It is recommended and advised to give a saline rinsing job to your piercing. Perform this practice two times a day. In addition, you can make your DIY sea salt solution for rinsing your piercing. Some like and prefer applying tea tree oil as well.

Besides, avoid changing your jewelry if your piercing is new and fresh! If you will keep on touching that pierced area, then the risk of infection, redness, and inflammation will get increased. Touching the pierced area, again and again, may close that hole as well.

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Can I Use Nasal Spray on My Nose Piercing?

Yes, it is totally and wholly recommended to use saline nasal spray on your nose piercing. Celebs like Charlize Theron have backed this solution as well. With the help of this solution, you can clean your nose piercing. And it will get healed and infect-free sooner. You can either use a saline rinse or you can make use of a sea salt soak to perform this practice. Rest, you need some cotton balls and thick paper towels. You can use cotton cloths as an alternative. Simply apply the spray on your nose piercing, gently massage it with the cotton ball and then remove the solution with the help of thick paper towels.

Advantages of Using Saline Nasal Spray on Piercing

You will surely agree with us that saline nasal spray act as a wonderful product in healing your piercing. Below you can check out the details of the advantages that are offered this spray.

  • If you have just got done with your piercing on 01-08-2021, then it is mandatory for you to use saline nasal spray on your piercing twice a day. Most importantly, this spray will heal your piercing quickly. It will help you in flushing out your piercing in a healthy manner. These saline sprays draw out any of the possible discharge coming out from your nose or ear and stimulate the process of circulation.
  • With the regular use of saline nasal spray, your piercing will remain clean both from the outside and inside. It helps you enjoy and experience an easier and quick healing process. In addition, saline nasal spray encourages blood flow in that pierced area. It brings the maximum amount of oxygen in that area and helps your piercing to get cured as soon as possible.
  • It is with the application of saline nasal sprays that you can clear out bacterial growth on your piercing. All dead skin cells get removed and kills and no more infections will come on your piercing. You can well understand that saline nasal sprays do not make your piercing susceptible and vulnerable to infections.
  • You need to protect your piercing from getting attacked by any of the foreign contaminants and this is possible if you regularly apply saline spray on it. The minute you see and notice that the healing process is not getting better, then it is advised to increase the application practice of saline nasal spray.

Can I Use Saline Nasal Spray for My Ear Piercing?

Can I Use Saline Nasal Spray for My Ear Piercing?


We have already identified this important to you that you can use and apply saline nasal spray on your ear piercings as well. This spray does surface level and deep cleaning of your piercing and that is why it gets heal sooner. These sprays are marked as quick, effective, and on-the-go aftercare practices. No matter your pierced area is nose, ear, or belly, you need to spray this item and allow it to soak for a few minutes.

It is with the application of saline sprays that you can clean out the surface of your ear piercing. Keep in mind that it is all because of the salt present in the saline solution that you will be able to dehydrate bacteria and thus it gets killed! This solution is only composed of salt and water. It is safe and secure to be used on all kinds of piercings. If you are getting this spray from the shop, make sure that it should be made of natural ingredients and it needs to be free from preservatives.

Can I Use Saline Nasal Spray to Clean My Belly Piercing?

This same spray can be used on your belly piercing as well, how amazing and great it is! No doubt, these kinds of sprays are marked as one of the smartest and optimal solutions to spot clean your piercing and make them heal sooner. It is the on-go solution that you can opt for! If you think that your belly piercing is not getting healed at all, then start using saline spray on it right away. You can even go with the combination of having saline baths and sprays.

Saline baths are more in-depth and effective. But if you do not have enough time, then the application of saline spray is sufficient. After applying the spray, you need to air-dry your piercing. Or what you can do is gently and smoothly blot it with the help of a lint-free paper towel. You can even dry that pierced area by using a hairdryer.

Saline Solution For Piercings

You can easily make a saline solution for piercings at your home. Instead of buying a saline nasal spray shop, make this DIY solution. You only have to make and come up with a soaking solution, Take sea salt and distilled water! In addition, you need to make use of pure sea salt.

In other words, it has to be non-iodized. Never and ever use table salt while making saline nasal spray at your home. The table salt is composed and injected with extra chemicals and does not help in the piercing healing process. Furthermore, table salt will irritate your piercing. It has dextrose (sugar) in it that might come out as the possible reason to cause yeast infections on your piercings.

Most importantly, these saline nasal sprays are usually and generally isotonic. It all means that this solution appears in the same and exact concentration likewise possessed by your body. All in all, the use of this spray and effective solution will clean out mucus from your piercing and will absolutely get it healed!

Can You Use Arm and Hammer Simply Saline for Piercings?

Can You Use Arm and Hammer Simply Saline for Piercings?


Experts have advised using arm and hammer simply saline for piercings. It is proved to be an effective solution. The catchy part is that the usage of arm and hammer simply saline surface clean and also deep clean your piercings. They get healed in much less time than you have not imagined so far!

In addition, they help you in treating all kinds of minor wounds and infections that have made their way into your piercings. If your piercing is new and you want to make it bacteria-free and infection-free and also your yeast infection, then try using such saline sprays on your pierced areas.

Other Safety and Precautions for Healing Piercings

Now for healing piercings, there are other safety and precautionary measures that you have to keep in mind. Apart from applying and using this saline nasal spray, you can try out a few of the tricks. We hope that these tips will heal and cure your piercings sooner.

  • First of all, you have to avoid applying any kind of over-the-counter antiseptics. Like, you should not apply and sprayNeosporin on your piercing. No matter how infected your piercing is, you need to apply only saline spray and that is all! Furthermore, you can go for saline rinses. For more guidance, you can get in touch with a professional piercer and ask for help.
  • Secondly, you should not be applying hydrogen peroxide to your piercing. The only effective solution is a nasal spray, so stick with this solution and see the results. The application and usage of hydrogen peroxide on piercings will further bring irritation and you cannot control that pain!
  • No matter, you have done nose piercing or belly piercing, you should not that touch that area again and again. If you keep on playing and touching your nose or ear or belly jewelry, then the infection will not get better or cure! So, avoid twisting your nose jewelry to make it possible for your piercing to get heal.
  • You should never and ever touch your nose piercing with dirty hands of yours. While applying the saline nasal spray, do wash your hands and then apply the respective medicated product. In addition, dirty hands increase the chance of bacterial and yeast growth on your piercings.
  • If you have worn a nose ring or belly ring, then you must never and ever share it with others. This is very sensitive jewelry and it is worn in sensitive body parts. So, keep it as much personal as you can. Upon sharing your nose or belly piercing jewelry with others, you never know your nose or belly gets infected from there.
  • Whenever you inject a nose ring into your piercing, you should not at all be following this procedure forcefully. If you forcefully insert the nose rings into that pierce hole, then the infection will get increased and your piercing condition will get worse. Furthermore, you need to follow the clockwise motion while inserting the ring into your skin and do this procedure gently and smoothly.

What Materials Are Good for Piercings?

What Materials Are Good for Piercings?

As we have mentioned you that for improving and curing your piercing, you should use saline nasal spray. Rest, you should wear appropriate jewelry that is made of surgical-grade materials. Like, if your nose rings are made of surgical grade steel or pure gold or titanium, then your piercing will get cured in a short span. These kinds of jewelry materials are hypoallergenic and do deep cleaning of your piercing. In addition, wear those nose rings that are made of 14 karat gold or even higher than that!

It is useless to wear that nose and belly rings whose materials just bring allergic reactions and further deteriorate your piercing conditions. All in all, you have to wear quality jewelry so that the piercing remains in excellent condition and never gets infected. And if you disregard these jewelry materials and fail to use the saline nasal spray, then your piercing will end up getting swollen, red, and highly infected.


We hope that you have understood the importance of using saline nasal spray on piercings. If your piercing is getting red, damaged, and swollen, then get this spray and apply it two times a day on your piercing. We just hope and pray that this solution will work for you and you eventually get infected free piercing. Now, you have got the clear answer on can I use saline nasal spray for my piercing?

The power of using a saline nasal spray is getting popular day by day. This spray has the potential to heal all kinds of piercings no matter they are done on the nose, ear, or belly. The usage of this saline nasal spray is the only way and solution to prevent infections.

We have also shared lots of other tips and suggestions that help you healing and curing your piercings. You can share with us if you have ever got a swollen and red piercing and how you treated it? Moreover, let us know your experiences on using saline nasal spray if you had any!

You need to keep your piercings both in good shape and excellent condition. Do not neglect their caring part and frequently clean them by using these saline sprays. If you want to explore and go in-deeper on nose piercings and saline sprays, then keep tuned with us.

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