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Can I Pawn Gold Plated Jewelry? Complete Answer

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There are lots of answers that you might have come across regarding can i pawn gold plated jewelry? So, do check out this guide and further sort out and solve your queries. We know that people love investing in pure gold. And the cherry on the top is that people love to buy gold-plated jewelry.

At times, they prefer selling their gold-plated jewelry because they get a high return and profit. Furthermore, some people like to head themselves to pawn shops for selling jewelry pieces.

Here you can know all about the rates of gold plated jewelry and get to know the best tips so that you can get reliable and desired rates from the pawnshop owners. You need to know that this jewelry type is real or not and just a thin gold layer is injected into it. Still, you get cash upon selling it.

If you have completely planned to sell gold plated jewelry, then get in touch with the popular and trustworthy pawn shops. In addition, you should know about the tactics so that your jewelry value gets increased and you get the maximum cash.

We have come up with this guide for our readers. You can have a look at it. And to know more about gold plated jewelry and the trend of pawn shops, keep tuned and in touch with us:

Basics on Gold Plated Jewelry

Basics on Gold Plated Jewelry

Before we jump on the actual piece of the discussion, you should know the basics of this jewelry type! Most importantly, this specific jewelry is made with the help of copper base metal. A few of the versions are also made of silver base metal. Then a thin layer of gold is immersed and injected into the jewelry piece. You need to now comprehend the fact that gold plated jewelry does not include itself in the real gold jewelry category. Its base metal is not gold, that is why it is not real gold. With the passage of time, the gold plating wears off and that jewelry piece consists of only copper or silver metal.

Gold Plated Price Per Gram

The price of gold plated jewelry varies from one country to another. Like, its price is somewhat else if you are living in Canada and you may find a different price figure if you are living in an Asian country. All in all, you can get an idea that the price of 18K Gold plated jewelry is USD $10-$50 if you have invested in the 50-gram gold plated piece. In addition, if the plating is not of good quality, then the price of that jewelry piece will be less than USD $5 for the portion of 50 grams.

How Long Does Gold Plated Jewelry Last?

How Long Does Gold Plated Jewelry Last?


The trend of gold plated jewelry is getting higher day by day. If you are really interested in getting this jewelry piece, then keep in mind that its plating does take off and wear off. As soon as the gold plating starts to lose its shine and quality, then the base metal will come out. Furthermore, the average life span of gold plated jewelry is two years and not more than that! Hence, it is advisable to take more and more care of these jewelry pieces. This is how you can maximize their lifespan and the gold plating will remain on that copper or silver metal for a long time.

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Should I Pawn Gold Plated Jewelry?

It is in a pawn shop that you can sell your gold plated jewelry. Now, a large number of people have started to get in touch with these shops. They take their gold plated or any other kind of jewelry to pawn shops and ask for a selling price. If the selling price is of desired numbers, then the person sells his jewelry piece.

So, it totally depends on you whether you want to pawn your jewelry or not! Some shops give the best rates and some of the pawn shops give the lowest rates. In addition, people usually and generally sell their jewelry when they are in need of emergency cash. And getting in touch with the pawnshops seems the only solution to get instant cash.

If the offered rates are good and high enough, then it is always a better idea to sell and pawn your gold plated jewelry. But if the shop owner is giving you the lowest of all rates, then avoid selling your jewelry to that pawn shop.

How To Sell Gold Plated Jewelry?

There are certain tips that you can keep in mind when it comes to pawn your gold plated jewelry. If you will follow these tips, then we are sure that you will get the best and maximum selling rates for your gold plated jewelry.

Always Pawn or Sell High-Quality Gold Plated Jewelry Pieces

It is useless to pawn or sell your low-quality gold plated jewelry piece. If there is a need to sell them, then make sure to sell out the high-quality jewelry pieces. If you plan to sell the gold plated jewelry stuff that is of cheap quality, then you will not get the desirable cash in return for it. Higher the quality of your gold plated jewelry pieces, it will be easy for you to demand the cash according to your desire!

Getting Your Gold Plated Jewelry Appraised

Getting Your Gold Plated Jewelry Appraised

It is one of the top tips that are even recommended by the celebs like Natalie Portman. You need to appraise your gold plated jewelry before you plan to sell and pawn it. What you can do is to appraise it from some of the leading, well-known and reputable jewelers. Upon doing so, there is a chance that your jewelry may sell out at the desired rates of yours. So, do follow this suggestion and it will work for you.

Get In Touch with the Right Pawnshop

It is a must for you to get in touch with the right and trustworthy pawn shop for selling your gold plated jewelry. Lots of pawn shops have arrived and it has become tough to determine which one is the trustworthy ones and which one are the fake ones! Most importantly, it is recommended to visit reliable pawn shops so that you get the justified rates of your gold plated jewelry.

Never Under-Estimate Your Gold Plated Jewelry Value

You should never and ever underestimate your gold plated jewelry value. In other words, you need to keep on believing that your jewelry value is worthy enough and it is not at all of the low quality. You should not believe that your jewelry deserves a low value. The more you have confidence in your gold plated jewelry, the easier it will be for you to demand the rates. All kinds of jewelry hold and possess a great amount of sentimental value. So, never make a mistake and blunder of underestimating their value. While you get into the phase of selling these jewelry pieces, you have to remain open mind and manage to keep all of your expectations realistic. Avoid possessing any of the unrealistic expectations while dealing with the selling part of gold plated jewelry.

Clean Your Gold Plated Jewelry Before You Pawn It

Clean Your Gold Plated Jewelry Before You Pawn It


Most noteworthy, you should clean your gold plated jewelry before you plan and decide to pawn it. Like, if they look neat and well-polished-looking, it will be convenient for the person to demand high rates. In addition, dirty and unclean-looking gold-plated jewelry always gives you low selling rates. Before taking your jewelry to the pawn shop, clean it well with the help of gentle and soothing cleaning agents. So, if you are planning to take your jewelry to the pawn shop on 15-08-2021, make sure to polish it well beforehand.

Understand the Lingo Used in the Gold Plated Jewelry Pawn Shops

Apart from keeping the confidence level while you plan to pawn gold plated jewelry of yours, it is compulsory for you to understand and also learn the lingo that is often used in these pawn shops! Moreover, you can only get the great and reasonable selling price of your sold-out jewelry pieces if you have a clear knowledge of this jewelry world. In addition, you have to make yourself aware of all of the different types and definitions, and terms of gold plated jewelry. Like, you should know what the real difference is between real gold, jewelry that is gold plated, 14K gold, and 18K gold!

Top High-Value Items That a Person Can Pawn

Here you can see the list of other items as well that are marked as one of the high-value items and you can pawn them as well.

  • The very first option we have available for you to pawn is jewelry! It is recommended to pawn your real gold or gold plated jewelry if you need money on emergency notes. Better and top the condition of your jewelry, more high price will be offered to you. While deciding the final selling price, the pawn shop owner keeps in mind the elements of weight, color, quality, and clarity and then offers you the price of your gold plated jewelry.
  • Furthermore, you can pawn your smartphones as well. If they are available in excellent condition and no damage is there on them, then you can pawn them and sell them out at a suitable rate.
  • Next, you can pawn your laptops and gaming accessories if you need money on very urgent notes. The final selling price is determined on the basis of elements like quality, functionality, as well as physical condition

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Can I pawn 18k gold plated?

Answer 1: Yes, it is now wholly possible to pawn your 18K gold plated jewelry. The only factor that you have to keep in mind is to visit a trustworthy pawn shop so that reasonable rates might be offered to you. Upon getting in touch with the fraudulent pawn shop owners, they will offer you the lowest selling price of your 18K plated gold. It is in lots of countries that a large number of pawn shops accept versions of pure 14k or 18k gold.

Question 2: how to price gold plated jewelry?

Answer 2: There is a specific way to price your gold plated jewelry. You can have this general idea that 455 grams of gold plated jewelry may give you around and about$15 to $20 and the price may go higher up to $50. On the other hand, if you have got a flashed gold-plated jewelry pieces, then its total value will just be zero. The only solution to get the best selling price is to invest in 24K gold.

Question 3: Is gold plated jewelry worth anything?

Answer 3: The overall worth of gold plated jewelry is not that much high enough. The gold plating eventually wears off and the value of that jewelry becomes zero. So, if you want to invest in some good stuff, then it is recommended to buy pure 24K gold so that you get reasonable rates in the future upon selling it.


This is all about the guide on can i pawn gold plated jewelry? If you have questions about this guide, you can ask us! Now, it is your duty to carefully pawn and sell your gold plated jewelry. Visit well-known and reliable pawn shop owners and avoid getting in touch with a single pawn shop owner.

You need to explore the whole pawn shop market, first of all, enquire rates from them and then make a final decision regarding whom you want to sell your gold plated jewelry to! Keep in mind that jewelry of all types and version can be sold out in the future. It depends on your jewelry originality and quality that your final selling price amount is determined.

You can share with us your experience regarding have you ever pawn your gold plated jewelry; we are waiting for your feedback now. In addition, you can let us know which pawn shops you usually and generally visit and what kind of jewelry you pawn and sell out!

There is more to come from the category of gold plated jewelry, so better keep tuned and in touch with us. It is time that all pawn shops should offer the best rates to the people and should not mislead people into offering low rates on their gold plated jewelry.

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