10 Best Earrings for Diamond Face Shape in 2021 | Complete Guide

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 Are you ready to wear a stylish piece of earring to flaunt your personality? 

 Is it hard for you to choose the accurate size of earrings for your diamond face shape? 

Well when it comes to the selection of earring pieces, the only thing which you need to be conscious about is to know your face shape. You can pick the earrings which are not going according to your personality but even suits your face shape as well.

The outlook of diamond face shape is based on a narrow forehead and jaw having the widest part over the face at the cheekbones. This is all done to balance the jaw with the use of earrings and yet follow the shape of your face.

You should always avoid wearing a button or wide earrings besides going for mainly longer dangly earrings, or either small studs.

Here we have a list for you about the Top 10 best earrings for diamond face shape. Pick your favorite earring piece right now.

Sterling Silver Diamond Accent Heart Earrings

jewellery for diamond face shape

On the top of the list, we have this outstanding idea of the diamond earrings which all add up with the sterling silver material finishing. Such earrings for the chubby face are best for the diamond face shape to add your whole face with extra attraction. Add a playfully romantic flair to your entire summer wardrobe with the gorgeous Sterling Silver Diamond Tendrils Heart Earrings.


  • It is a pretty addition of sterling silver earrings which is included with the tendril heart drops as featuring diamond accents
  • It is attached to short dangles that is fastened through a friction-back post
  • Plus it has been included with the friction-back post closure
  • The coiled surfaces of its heart shapes are hence paved with the 18 white diamond stones in the settings of the 925 sterling silver.
  • The earrings are based on 1.26 inches in height and 1/2 inch in the width for a suitable compact swirl of glitter.

Dazzlingrock Collection 0.50 Carat Dice Shape Ice Cube Stud Earring

earrings for face shape

As it has been evident from the name, this shape of earrings is so dazzling designed which looks so glamorous. For night time parties, we will recommend wearing it because it overall looks so much attractive. Although it is smaller it is comfortable to wear!These stylish earrings feature larger size heads, likemany with micro pave. They are extremely popular among both men and women.


  • It is designed in small variations for extra attraction.
  • Plus it is beautifully crafted in the 925 Black Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver.
  • It is black with diamond finishing in opaque shape.
  • Its screw is hard to remove and yet lose the earring,
  • Gifting it to someone for the anniversary or birthday celebration is the best option. Your partner will fall for it.

Gold Earrings That Won’t Tarnish

NATALIA DRAKE Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Stud Earrings

best earrings for oblong face shape

To pick a perfect and sparkling diamond piece of stud best earrings for double chin, here we have a gorgeous idea of Natalia Drake’s round-cut diamond stud earring. This completely looks so unique due to the diamond cut effect that is part of it. You would love it. Due to the trendy fashion items and superbly classic traditional styles, Natalia Drake jewelry somehow makes the perfect gift for every occasion.


  • The whole finishing of the earring is made out of rose gold plated sterling silver to add it with extra classiness.
  • Its overall dimension is 0.17″ x 0.17″ x 0.13″.
  • You can have the earrings available in a stylish classic jewelry box ready for gifting. Thus, this is the best present to gift someone on birthdays, Valentine’s Day, or as a Christmas gift or give it to your special someone.
  • Every single style of the Natalia Drake jewelry piece has been all designed into the sparkle and brilliance of each stone.

Diamond Earrings for Teenage Girl

Dazzlingrock Collection 0.12 Carat Huggies Hoop Earrings

hoop earrings for diamond face shape

On the 4th spot, we bring for you the name of Dazzlingrock Collection 0.12 Carat (ctw) Round White Diamond. This striking piece of the hinged-with-notch-post earring is one such piece of jewel that will100% amaze you.This round white diamond is brilliant to be worn for parties and casual events for an extra glamorous look in your personality. Are you ready to wear them now?


  • This has been a stylish looking hinged-with-notch-post earring that will amaze you.
  • All the diamonds used in it completely conflict-free and they are also backed with the 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee for 30 days.
  • Plus, this is the best gift you can give to someone for Valentine – Mother’s Day or Christmas.
  • The hoop earrings are fully lightweight so it will not stretch or even drag down your ear lobes.
  • Its diamond cluster feel is long-lasting and durable.

NATALIA DRAKE 1/4 Cttw Diamond Heart Earrings

earrings for chubby face

Get ready to flaunt your ears with this stylish piece of diamond heart earrings for face shape which you would love to wear at parties. Wearing it for long hours will be so much comfortable and not discomforting at all. The whole earring piece is made out of pure and durable diamond pieces to add a mastery look to the whole jewelry item.


  • The whole finishing of the earring piece has been added up with the diamond shape finishing. It is made out of pure Rhodium-plated sterling silver.
  •  It has the dimension of 0.31″ x 0.31″ x 0.19″.
  • You can have the earrings available in a stylish classic jewelry box ready for gifting. Thus, this is the best present to gift someone on birthdays, Valentine’s Day, or as a Christmas gift or give it to your special someone.
  • Every single style of the Natalia Drake jewelry piece has been all designed into the sparkle and brilliance of each stone.

Black Diamond Earrings for women-girls-men Round Diamond studs

accessories for diamond face shape

This is such a stylish piece of diamond earring piece that will look sparkling on the woman with the diamond face shape. It is so smashing designed with the beauty of diamond cutting which is part of it. These stud earrings will feature a matched pair of the Round Brilliant Cut Black Diamonds which are secured in a classic 4 Prong Basket setting. It also offers screw back posts to let the earring stay in one place.


  • This is a perfect earring style which is best to be worn by ladies of all age groups. It is equally best for men.
  • The whole set is available in 14K white gold as well as 14K yellow gold.
  • It is simply the best and trendy way which is so carefree and bold.
  • It is made out of 14K Gold earrings which are best to gift someone on birthdays or anniversary events.
  • It is best to be used by the girls, teens, or kids-4-7, kids-8-12, or even for the toddlers.

AGS Certified 1/2ct TW Diamond Hoop Earrings

Diamond Hoop Earrings

The Amanda Rose Collection AGS carries a wide variety of fine and stylish jewelry. Our collection is included with diamond, gemstone, or gold, and fashion jewelry. Grab this outstanding earring piece which is so classy designed for your casual wear. Yes, we are talking about AGS Certified 1/2ct TW Diamond Hoop Earrings! This whole earring style has been so elegantly designed which makes it look so stylish and unique.


  • This earring set has been based on 1/2ct total weight of the genuine diamonds which is verified by the American Gem Society Lab.
  • You will also find the outlook of 10K white gold (rhodium finished) which are all hallmarked with the 10K stamp.
  • Diamonds are available in white and yellow gold for an extra attraction.
  • These earrings hence measure just under 3/4 inches high
  • It is made out of areal diamond-cut piece.

Betsey Johnson Women’s Moon and Star Drop Earrings

crystal drop earrings diamond

As you will look at this earring piece, you would fall in love with its beauty and the whole appearance in the drop design. Its whole moo and star drop image are letting it out to appear best for the diamond face shape. This stylish jewelry collection pops with a brighter life, color, and so much of the fanciful things life has to offer. These Earrings brings the ultimate charms of the night to your whole majestic ensemble.


  • This earring item has been completely handmade which is varying in shape, color, and size.
  • It has been added with the gold-tone which is all mismatched into the shape of moon and star earrings. Hence it has the star and moon drop with the navy blue and light blue stones.
  • It has posted back for secure finishing at one place.
  • The outlook of blue rhinestones will bring extra attraction.
  • You will also find an additional beauty of double star drop earrings which is featuring navy blue and light blue stones.

Michael Kors Women’s MK Logo Stud Earring

stud earrings diamond face shape

Be the first one to flaunt your diamond face shape with this beautiful piece of Michael Kors Women’s MK Logo Stud Earring! This earring piece has been shaped into the stud variation which is looking so cool and perfect looking with gold touch in it. It has the hinged bangle bracelet which is featuring a pave crystal-studded band as well asa polished logo charm with acrystal halo.


  • This is a gorgeous stainless steel button earring where each of it is featuring a pave crystal border as well as a cutout logo.
  • Plus it is also attached with the friction-back posts.
  • It is also outlined with a sparkling set of pavé accents for an extra shine.
  • These earrings for chubby face is accessible in silver-tone, or gold-tone & rose gold-tone.
  • It would never discomfort your ears even if you wear it for long hours.

CDE Angel Wing Earrings for Women Stud Earring

Jewelry Gifts for Girl

These sparkling and glittering crystals shimmer with the course of the slightest movement and sparkle even within the lowest light settings.It’s time to let your earlobes look complimenting with these stylish earrings! They are so shimmering and stylish looking in stud style. It will 100% flaunt your diamond face shape even more.


  • This is such a sexy style of best earrings for oblong face shape which is best for daytime or nighttime wear. You can ideally wear it for Christmas parties, weddings, or formal events.
  • They act as the stud silver-plated earrings for women.
  • Plus they are Lead-Free & Nickel-Free to prevent any sort of allergy.
  • It is made out of sterling silver-plated brass, being tarnish-resistant, as well as does not contain any allergic element.

Complete Overview of Earrings Styles for Different Face Shapes

Well as our main topic is all about the earrings for diamond face shape, it does not mean that we won’t be discussing the rest of the face shapes. No matter even if you have a round face shape, oval, or ear face shape, we are here to help you!

 Let’s get into the discussion below! 

Best earrings for oval faces

earrings for oval shaped face

In the oval face shape, you have the face cut which is about one-and-a-half times longer than the wide face shape. Plus, you do have a forehead that is slightly wider as compared to your chin. Therefore, with such a face shape, you will get versatility in your whole look with any style of jewelry.

The most flattering option of earrings for the oval face shape are teardrops and pearls. You can wear anything in different styles.

Best earrings for heart shaped face

earrings for heart shaped face

Heart face shape is the one when you are having the widest cheekbones and your face even continues to taper up towards your chin. Such face shapes are also known as an inverted triangle-shaped face.

To balance your heart face shape with perfect earrings, you can look for the natural and simple ones. Teardrop style of earrings will work best.

Best earrings for rectangular face

earrings for rectangle face shape

Those people who have arectangular face, have a forehead and jaw which are quite a lotsimilar in terms of width. Their face is narrow in shape so it will probably travel down.

For the rectangular face shape, the best earring is the one that will add width to your cheeks. You should avoid choosing long drop earrings to look charming.

Best type of earrings for round face

earrings for round face shape

You are one of the lucky ones if you have a round face shape. For the rounded shape, you should choose stylish drop earrings or long dangly earrings to completely elongate your face shape.

Best earrings for pear shaped face

earrings for pear shaped face

If your jaw is the widest phase of your face, then you have a pear face shape, like that of celebrities Minnie Driver and Kelly Osbourne. Choose rings that are wider at the top than they are at the backside to stability out your face shape, simply as you would stability out a pear-shaped figure.

How to Choose the Best Earrings for Diamond Face Shape?

No doubt those earrings are the best way to add your whole personality with a mesmerizing outlook. You can wear them perfectly to finish your outfit. But at the same time, while you choose any earring, it is better to pick the one which is according to your face shape.

For the diamond face shape, it is a little hard to tackle the perfect earring set. So here we have quick instructions to choose the best earrings for diamond face shape:

Which Types of Earrings to Consider

If you feel that your chin and forehead are narrow as compared to your cheekbones, then it means you have a diamond face shape. And for such a face shape, you should look for earrings which can balance your facial features.

Try to pick those which are with more width than lengthssuch as studs, or small hoop earrings that probably hug the ears as well as teardrop shapes.

Which Type of earrings to avoid

You should try to stay away from such long dangling earrings or even the top-heavy styles. They will make your ears feel discomfort as if you will wear them for long hours.

Always select the delicate shape of earrings

Princess, or Marquise, Oval as well as Emerald Cut Studs will fully balance your natural beauty. Round Diamond Drop Earrings with softer edges as well as straight lines will also flatter the whole facial shape and will enhance your features. Try to choose more delicate shapes and we are sure you will shine!

Always consider the matching Match Earrings to your Coloring

You also need to consider the earrings to your coloring to pick the best one for yourself. For the warm undertones in your skin such as peach or yellow, this means that it is autumn or spring and you will look best wearing gold and copper metals.

But for the pink or blue undertones in the skin, then it means you are a winter or summer. Therefore, silver or pewter will make you look fabulous.

Frequently Asked Question About Best Earrings for Diamond Face Shape

  1. What earrings suit my face shape?

The best style of earrings which you can choose for your face shape are teardrops, pearls, or ovals which will give your whole face a soft and smooth appearance. It will also complement your face’s natural contour. Luckily, all the oval faces have incredible versatility related to what they can wear.

  1. Is Diamond a good face shape?

Yes, it is! Diamond face shape is a face shape in which the cheekbones are wide on your face and they often sit high and nice. Plus, your forehead would not be as wider as a heart-shaped face.

  1. What is the most attractive facial shape?

Some of the people have asquare-shaped face, and some have a round face. But among all, the heart face shape is the most attractive. It is also known as a V-shaped face.


This was all about the best earrings which you can pick right now for your diamond face shape. Pick the earrings which are not just suited for the face shape but even goes following the personality outlook or age as well. Which one of these is your favorite one?


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