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Are Name Necklaces Tacky? (Solutions From Experts)

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You might be thinking, are name necklaces tacky, here you can get the correct answer! No, they do not look tacky and people prefer having them because they like to wear and put on personalized jewelry. Such designs are included in the personalized and customized jewelry collection. They are getting much popular these days.

In addition, they started getting attention back in the time of 1980s. You will spot their use excessively among the younger generation. Like, college and university students love to put on a name necklace. Moreover, they have become the symbol of wealth and status. You can have them at a budget-friendly price and they do not cost that much.

For some of the people, they have come out as one of the noticeable luxury items. All in all, they have grown into the fine jewelry piece that you can get for yourself. Their craze is getting higher and massive day by day. Right now, they are available in different and unique designs and that seems to be the best quality of them.

We all know that trends and fashion statements come and go but the love for name necklaces, will not be going anywhere and it is here to stay. It has become the popular jewelry type and if you have an extensive collection of it, feel free to share that with us.

If you have got a name on it with your initials or your boyfriend’s initials, then that design will be going to depict your soul, spirit as well as your identity. Such a style empowers you and brings more magic and spark to your whole personality. They are generally made of materials like brass, silver or at times, they are made of gold and steel. Here you will know more about this necklace-type, do check out all the details:

Are Name Necklaces Popular?

We can say this thing on the confident notes that name necklaces have become the most popular jewelry type so far. People of all ages and especially younger age audience love to flaunt such a necklace type. They are currently available in the trendiest designs so far. In addition, you can emboss any kind and design of initials on them.

Teenagers from countries like Brazil have praised this concept and they are huge supporters of it. If you wear it, then it will be going to show your personality and individuality. Moreover, it tells the other person that how imaginative and creative you are?

This is one of the beloved and cherished gift items that you can give to your friends and fellows. It embodies such a persona’s character as well as charm in it that none of the necklace designs have possessed so far. So, yes, this style is getting increasingly popular and there is something unique about it which you will feel the minute you will wear it.

The name necklace is known for its uniqueness and it is praised by women of all age brackets. Celebs like Charlize Theron have immensely appreciated and backed this jewelry design. We have spotted this concept all on the runways and fashion shows.

Experts have called it a customizable piece. It looks unique and quite special to the wearer. Along with that, it is affordable. You end up getting a cost-effective price while buying this personalized item. It is up to you whether you want to emboss your own name on the necklace or the initials of your boyfriend. Some like to inject and emboss the birthstone initials. So, yes, lots of personalization and customization options are there.

Some like to call them with the name of nameplate necklaces. They have become a noticeable name in the fashion culture. It has been more than forty years that their demand is getting massively higher.

They got first popularized back in the time of 1980s and till now, the appreciation and praise side is getting bigger. So, do you want to get this personalized jewelry? You should be because it is relatively inexpensive, and offer immense options in terms of customization.

Are Name Necklaces In Style?

Are Name Necklaces In Style?

If you have just bought this necklace on 10-12-2021, you have made the best decision. This jewelry style is in demand and trend and they make your personality so much fun and exciting looking. You might have seen so many celebs who flaunt this jewelry style. It gives you a rocking vibe and you end up feeling happy.

Do you know that in the music and rapping world, this trend received the highest amount of love and attention, yes it is true! There are a large number of hip-hop artists who put on name necklaces and bring the dapper look in their personalities and attire. All in all, wearing such a necklace has become their signature style statement.

Music celebs and rappers have extensively supported this trend and it is believed to become the most fashionable and trendiest piece of jewelry so far. Another interesting point is that Kardashians are most of the time spotted embracing this trend. Like Kim Kardashian wears the name necklace that usually shows the names of her children! On the other hand, her sister Kourtney put on a nameplate that reads and shows the italics of “sister.”

This jewelry design gained a lot of attention when Meghan Markle was seen flaunting the initials H and M. And the media source came to speculate this news that she and Prince Harry in a relationship. So, yes, having a nameplate around your neck, looks lovely and exciting.

Celebs love opting for this trend and even the general audience has become the biggest supporter of it. Starting from musicians to rappers and artists as well as actresses, they embrace this trend and that is why this fashion statement has been growing in popularity.

Is It Weird To Wear A Necklace With Your Name On It?

The choice is totally up to you! If you like embossing your initials in the form of a nameplate, you can do that. Only those people opt for these trends that have a fun and exciting personality.

  • Those people who seem to be adventurous and extravert, do not show any hesitation while embracing and flaunting these fashion statements. Thus, it all depends on your taste and preferences that whether you want to wear a necklace with a name on it or not.
  • For some people, it is a strange and weird thing to do and for others, it is exciting and full of fun things to do. Note that this trend has been a part of lots of cultures for so many years. You should not feel and think that what others will perceive about you, just do what your heart says.
  • You might have seen many girls belonging to counties and places like Puerto Rica and Italy with nameplates around their necks. According to them, the minute they embrace this style statement, they get this hip-hop and rapping vibe in their personalities.
  • It is even up to you whether you want to emboss your whole name or only your initials. If any of you has accepted this style statement and opted for it as well, let us know your feedback about it.

Should I Get My Girlfriend A Necklace With My Name On It?

Should I Get My Girlfriend A Necklace With My Name On It?

You will be surprised to know that there are lots of boys who gift their lovers this name necklace and they emboss their own name initials on it, how cool, romantic and full of love it is. If you love your partner a lot and you want her to embrace your name initials, then give her this jewelry and she will surely be happy to wear it.

This all sounds so much romantic. In addition, this is the general perspective that is understood by girlfriends and boyfriends. Those who are in a committed relationship, prefer showing such gestures and actions. Some people think that wearing your boyfriend’s initials in the form of a name necklace, means you and your guy are a lot more possessive.

Thus, it is one of the personalized jewelry designs, and people who are in love, have appreciated such a trend. You should not think that opting for such a fashion statement will look crazy and insane. No, this will not happen at all!

Is My Name Necklace Backward?

There is a proper way to wear this jewelry and you should understand the basic information about it. Lots of people are out there who do not know what is the correct positioning of it. If you have bought it, look closely at it. Look for a side that is smoother and brighter. This respective side should be put in the front.

Note that the backside of this necklace does not look brighter and smoother and it should not be displayed on the front side. Moreover, the back section is generally and commonly exposed with loops. In that same section, the chain goes and passes through.

Remember that the backside of this jewelry is less shiny and comparatively less bright. So, whenever you wear it, make sure that you put it on in the correct side mode. There is this general rule that all kinds of necklaces that come with a hammered piece, show the correct side.  So, look closely while spotting the brighter and smoother side and always wear it in the right and correct manner.

Is It Weird To Wear A Necklace With Your Boyfriend’s Name On It?

Is It Weird To Wear A Necklace With Your Boyfriend's Name On It?

We have told you that it is not at all weird and strange if you put on the nameplate necklace with your boyfriend’s name on it. If you are crazy in love and adore your partner a lot, you can show such craziness and passion in your jewelry side as well.

Lots of mad lovers are still out there who wear necklaces with their partner initials on them and there is no bad or negative thing about it. It looks exciting and fun and the whole world gets the vibe that how much you are in love with that person. Furthermore, it looks flattering and romantic.

If someone can tattoo their boyfriend’s name, then you can put it on the nameplate for sure. Such a gesture will bring more love and romance between you and your loved one. Loving partners present such necklaces to each other so that they make them feel more and more special. This has come out as the personalized gift idea that you can opt for at the same time.

When you put on the necklace with your lover’s initials on it, that moment will become unforgettable and you will adore cherishing it again and again. You start seeing your relationship in a positive manner and get a good vibe from your partner.

How To Wear A Name Necklace?

How To Wear A Name Necklace?

Yes, lots of ways have been devised that explain to you how to wear and style these kinds of necklaces. You can check out the below-written guide and then let us know how you wear and style this jewelry:

  • It is better to style this jewelry type in the most casual manner. We know that it has become the cultural symbol in most counties and complete freedom is given to the wearer regarding how she wants to wear it!
  • However, we have seen that girls love flaunting it in a casual and semi-formal manner. They wear it with jeans and shirts, frocks and mini-dresses. The choice is up to you how you want to wear it! Be as much creative as you can and think of most of the unique ways while styling this jewelry.
  • This trend gained attention back in the time of 80s and 90s and it is important for you to style it according to that era.
  • We are confident that you will look much cuter while putting on these name necklaces. They look trendy and give you a super chic feel.
  • You can make them wear with a round neck and basic t-shirts. In addition, you can combine them with slip dresses and end up getting a cocktail kind of look.
  • Besides, you can team up these dresses with a turtleneck. We have come to the conclusion that lots of options and choices are out there. There is no set rule regarding styling and wearing this jewelry, it all depends on your imagination. The more you will be creative, the more unique and exciting vibe will be given by this jewelry niche.


The bottom line of this question is name necklaces tacky! No, they are not tacky. Instead, they look and full of fun. They show the element of personalization and believe to become one of the biggest and massive trends so far. You should not carry this perception in your head that this necklace-type looks tacky. No, it does not look like in this manner and instead brings a fun vibe to your personality.

This practice gives a gesture that you have a fun-loving personality and like being open-minded and extravert. Girls and boys prefer giving this jewelry to each other with their initials on it just to make their relationship and bond further stronger.

Indeed, it has become a popular trend and youngsters, teenagers from all over the world love to put on nameplates. You can even put on the initials of your mother, father, brother, sister, children, the choice is up to you. Moreover, it is a personalized jewelry piece that is loved and adored by millions of numbers of people out there.

It expresses and showcases your individuality and even displays this aspect that you have got a unique identity. If you love having customized, then put on these Nameplate necklaces. Most importantly, they carry social as well as cultural values. It looks empowering for sure.

No wonder, they have become the most popular jewelry option right now. They tell us about your individuality, define your style. Undoubtedly, they look stylish and will remain to be on-trend today. You can share with us if you have ever bought such personalized jewelry. Stay tuned for more updates.

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