How To Keep Ring From Spinning On Finger? Expert Guide

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Most of the time people are found asking questions that why their rings are being spun. It is an irritating and depressing thing that you are wearing a ring that doesn’t fit your finger and keeps on spinning. Even women sometimes are too fed up with this exercise of setting their rings in the right direction that they remove their rings.

We are too anxious to look up-to-date and stylish that every ring or jewelry that appeals to us, we buy it instantly. Even we don’t bother to make a perfect ring size. This problem mostly occurs when we shop online. These days online shopping has anchored its roots deep in the market that no one feels it a need to go and shop from the market.

The engagement rings faces normally these spinning issues more than any other ring. The reason for this issue is simply that we normally order our engagement rings by watching the catalog and don’t check the size. All of our focus is on the metal and the stone and the size remains unnoticed. This is why when we wear our ring on our engagement day, it starts to spin badly. It can destroy our mood and feelings too.

A Spinning Ring Can Make Us Gone Mad

It’s great that you can buy Rings and Necklaces for neckline dresses online without having to get up and go for a walk or waste gas money on shopping. But due to the misjudgment and wrong selection, the joy of our shopping can spoil. When we select a ring from a ring sizer or ring size chart, it can be a little different from what your exact finger size is.  This makes our ring spinning instead of being perfect. Our moods become spoiled and annoyed. Our temper becomes loose while we can’t fix our ring being spun.

These problems are enough to make our ring spinning on our finger. We have to fix this issue as it disturbs us at any moment or event. To understand what can be the possible ways to fix the problem of ring spinning, we should have enough knowledge that what are the reasons that our ring starts to spin on our finger.

Top Reasons Of Spinning The Ring In Your Finger

Top Reasons Of Spinning The Ring In Your Finger


It’s quite a frustrating and mind-blowing thing that it is your marriage or engagement day and you are wearing a ring that doesn’t fit your finger. It keeps on moving ring to left. You consciously or unconsciously try to settle the dispute, but all in vain.

This practice can ruin your mood and you feel embarrassed even if nobody is noticing you. You unintentionally consider that everyone is looking at you and smiling at your issue. The spinning of your ring is no doubt a big issue. It makes you emotionally unsettled and disturbed. But this issue can be solved by acting certain steps. Before knowing about those steps, we should understand the reasons why our ring spins in our fingers first.

Let’s have a look at those reasons one by one.

1) Wrong Size or large Sized Ring

It is not sane to buy a ring without proper sizing. It will ultimately start to spin as it can be too big not to fix in your finger. The rings when we find twinkling in the showcases look too attractive that we buy them instantly. We don’t even notice that this ring is too big not to get the fix.

But after some time, we realize the mistake we have done. But it is too late now. The ring is big enough to pass the knuckle of our ring finger easily. It needs no support to be hurdled to stop. This of our large-sized rings can get lost easily.

2) Some Fingers Have Genetically Large Knuckle but Thin Fingers

Some Fingers Have Genetically Large Knuckle but Thin Fingers

Genetically some people have large knuckles and the fingers are too thin. When we size our rings, they are stuck in the knuckle and we choose the ring according to the knuckle size to pass from it easily. After that when we wear it at some event or casually, it starts to spin on our thin fingers. Whether it never falls and there is no fear of its getting lost, it keeps sin in our finger within the knuckle boundaries.

This is a great headache for people who have large knuckles. They find it a hectic task to find some ring that fits their finger perfectly. Even if they use the ring sizer or ring sizing chart, the issue can appear.

3) The Ring Itself Is Thin and the Crown Is Too Heavy

Most people like to wear big stones or heavy ring styles. There is no harm in wearing such a ring. But they don’t care for the base or the ring band is too thin that it can’t carry the heavy crown or top. This makes the ring fall downside and creates a mess for you.

This common thing must be understood that a heavy thing needs heavy support to carry its weight. So the people who are going to buy or design their rings must carefully select a thick and heavy ring band that can easily support and carry its crown. Otherwise, the spinning of your ring will exhaust you more than any other thing.

4) Your Fingers May be Swollen the Moment You Buy the Ring

An interesting factor we normally do not notice is the swelling of our fingers. When we go to buy our ring or shop online, we give our finger size that is swollen. The moment we buy the ring and the moment we are wearing our ring has a gap. Our fingers can get back to their original size. In this way, our ring starts to spin on our fingers badly.

We start blaming our jewelers or the company we bought our ring from online. The fault is not of the jewelers or the jewelry company. It is the fault of the allergy or the weather that causes our fingers to swell. Sometimes we get allergic to some food or bite of any insect. It is the hot weather that swells pour fingers. Pregnancy or hormonal changes are another source of making our fingers swell.

After the swelling period passes, our finger shrinks to its normal state. All these things become a reason to keep our ring spinning. We must be conscious enough while going to shop for a ring whether our fingers are swollen or not. It may help us not to face this issue.

  • Arthritis can also be the reason for the swollen knuckle and misfit ring size
  • If we are an athlete, we have to work out a tough lifestyle, It can injure our hands and fingers, Sometimes an inner injury can swell our finger and we misjudge our ring size
  • We don’t control our diet and as a result, we become bulky. The size of everything increases including our rings. We buy a ring for our engagement and then we start a strict diet plan to look smarter and slimmer than ever. This may not only reduce our weight but also has a great impact on our fingers. They get shrink and the ring that our fiancé’ bought on our old size, starts spinning on the exact day of engagement
  • Stress and medication can also be the reasons for swelling and an increase in the size of our finger size. It ultimately leads to a wrong-sized ring that may bother you when you wear it on some event after being ale and healthy

All these are the strong reasons that make our rings spinning in our fingers. These issues can be solved with little care and tricky methods. We don’t need to spoil the day. Instead, we should get it solved by some jewelers or ourselves.

How To Keep Your Ring From Spinning? – Top 14 Ways

How To Keep Your Ring From Spinning?


If there are problems, there are solutions too. If we find our ring spinning and there is no time to take it to some jeweler to get it fixed, we can do it ourselves. Some many DIYs and methods can easily shorten the ring size.

Not only are the DIYs but also their pro tips and solutions that permanently fixes the issue of spinning of the ring. Let’s have a look at them.

1) Resize Your Ring

If you want a permanent solution to your ring spinning, you can take it to some jeweler who can resize it. A branded ring has an opportunity mostly that they resize your ring freely once in life. You can get benefitted from this offer.

If you don’t have such an opportunity, you can take it to some nearby jeweler shop. It is a common practice of jewelers to fix the issue. But sometimes our rings are too luxurious and heavy that it becomes difficult to resize them. Similarly, there are some metals or materials that can’t be resized or cut. If you try to resize such rings, it can destroy the ring fully.

A ring facing the issue of large knuckles can also not be resized. As it can be small enough not to cross the knuckle. For large knuckles, we have to use some other tips and tricks.

2) Ring Resizing Beads Are An Excellent Solution

A ring resizing bead is a good solution to our problem of spinning rings. These beads are soft and easily added to our ring’s inner side. These beads are found in almost every jewelry shop. An online jewelry store also provides these beads. We can add them to the inner of the ring that may create a hindrance between our ring and our finger. Our finger gets some friction and pressure from these beads and will not spin or fall.

These beads are soft but sometimes can be allergenic. They can irritate you while wearing your ring. They can cause some skin sores or infections if you have sensitive skin.

3) Permanent Ring Shanks Can Prove an Amazing Hack

Getting your ring hinged shanks is a too expensive thing. As it can be done only with the same metal in which your ring is already set. A hinge is made on the ring with a jeweler so that you can easily wear it by opening and closing the shank.

This is the easiest but a little expensive way to solve the spinning ring issue, But we must choose a wise and experienced jeweler as the matter of resizing your ring with adding a hinge is quite a difficult process.  Little carelessness can destroy your ring thoroughly.

4) Adding a Ring Guard Is Better Option

One of the cheapest and easiest ways to resize your ring is the ring guards. We can add the ring guards or ring noodles inside our rings that may fix the spinning issues to a great extent. These ring guards are available in almost all sizes online or at jewelers’ shops.

We can add these plastic ad ring guards that are normally transparent. Nobody can get it noticed that you have added some ring guard to your ring. Sometimes a ring guard can be a little itchy for your finger due to lack of finishing. It can cause some allergies to your finger.

The most important and positive thing about this ring guard is that it never damages your rings as it is purely made up of plastic.

5) Add a Euro Shank to Avoid Spinning of Ring

Add a Euro Shank to Avoid Spinning of Ring

If we find our rings always spinning falling and we remain uneasy with them, we should have to choose a ring with a Euro shank design. This design is a little square from outside the ring. But the inner of the ring is as round as every ring has. The Euro shank is flat from the downside and a little square from above. It makes the ring design a little intricate that it is not easy for it to spin.

These Euro rings are very stylish and distinguished but they can prove a little painful for us. The Square and flat design can irritate us a bit and we can even hurt our fingers unconsciously.

6) A Ring Sizing Bar Is a Good Option

A great thing that can reduce the size of your ring is the ring resizing bar. It is easily available from all jewelers’ shops and online. This is a U-shaped bar and it is added to the inner side of the ring. It is fixed with help of a hinge. It is found in many sizes. Once you wear the ring, then you can adjust the bar according to the size of your finger.

Just fix the hinge and latch on both sides and your ring is ready to wear.

7) A Permanent Ring Insert Can be Added

With all these solutions, a permanent ring insert is the best solution to avoid our ring to spin. This ring insert can easily fix on the inner side of the ring and is like a spring. When we wear the ring, it never irritates us and we don’t have a feeling of discomfort.

But when we put our ring off, we can feel and see the spring movement. It is one of the most appreciated ways of reducing the size of our ring. It is an expensive method as this ring insert can only be made in gold. Other metals don’t have the elasticity and flexibility as gold

8) An Invisible Ring Adjuster Is Helpful For Us to Resize Our Spinning Ring

There are many invisible ring adjusters available in the market that can fix the issue of spinning rings. These ring adjusters are easily wrapped on the ring from inside or the base of the ring. They are not noticed normally because of their transparency.

These ring adjusters are almost the same as ring noodles but they wrap the ring from outside to the inner side. They are harmless to us all. Bit people with sensitive skins can get allergic to these ring adjusters.

9) Applying Some DIYs Can Solve the Spinning Issue

Including these pro and specialized ways to increase the size of our ring so that it may not spin in our finger, there are some hacks. These DIYs will work as well as a professional tip does. Let’s discuss the DIYs

10) Adhering Tape can temporarily fix Spinning of Ring

We can add some tape to fix the spinning problem of our rings. The procedure is very simple and authentic. We can take a piece of tape and roll it too tightly. We can make a thick bag of tape that can easily be placed on the inner side of our ring. The thickness of this tape bag will make our fixed at its place. This bag is heavy enough to fill the gap between the ring and finger.

Another way to fix the spinning ring issue is to adhere the tape on the inner side of the ring with many repetitions. This repetition will create a bulk of tape there and will help as a barrier between the ring and the finger. Both tape DIYs are very informative as well as useful.

11) Apply Clear and Transparent Nail Polish

There are colorless nail polishes that can help us fix the problem of our spinning ring. We can apply that clear nail polish on the inner side of the ring. This may help to make a feeling of thickness and will reduce the gap between the ring and our finger.

If you find that applying a coat of nail polish is not sufficient, you can coat two or three coats or as per the need. This is not noticeable to the people that what you have applied and your ring is ready to wear everywhere or any time.

12) Use Hot Glue To Fill The Gap Of Ring And Finger

A coat of hot glue on the inner side of your large ring can be the best solution. Hot glue will take some seconds to dry and the ring will be ready to wear. If you think that one coat of hot glue is not enough to fill the gap, you can add two to three coats. You can also make a pile of glue on some paper and then fix it with the help of applying hot glue on both the ring and the pile to adhere to them perfectly.

13) Wrap up a Fishing Thread On The Ring

An easy and inexpensive method is to add a clear fishing line or thread on the inner of the ring tightly. It will fill the gap of both the finger and the ring, Add at least 5 to 6 inches of fishing threads that will not let your ring spin and pass the knuckle.

14) Wrap up Some String or Cloth Strip

If nothing is available at home to make your spinning ring fixed, you can wrap a piece of cloth or some string on the inner of the ring. It will make your ring tight enough not to spin during wearing. If you find the cloth similar to the color of the ring, it will be a great blessing. You can enjoy your ring and the event in which you have to wear that ring.


Hey guys! This is a detailed study of the problem of the rings that keep on spinning every time. We have thoroughly discussed the reasons why pour rings spin and we feel embarrassed and irritated. The spinning of the ring can ruin not only the mood but also the day.

We can fix the issue of spinning our rings by acting some tips and ways. We should be wise and careful firstly while going to buy a ring for us. Wrong ring size will make us feel pain and expression. We should be watchful that how and why our fingers get swollen or shrunk.

The weather, the disease, the daily routine, and the medication can also be responsible for the swelling that consequently makes us buy the wrong sized ring. We can get our correct size by going to some professional jeweler.

By acting in certain ways and strategies, we can fix the spinning of the ring issue very easily. But we have to be a little careful about some DIYs that may cause us skin infections and allergies.

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