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Does Kendra Scott Jewelry Tarnish?

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Kendra Scott is an amazing and beautiful jewelry brand that everyone will love to wear. All its designs are classic and modern as well which fulfills the demands of everyone especially women of all ages. All the jewelry items are made with fine metals like gold, silver, sterling silver, and rhodium. It uses many low-quality gemstones. But this jewelry is too luxurious that we want to wear it at any event.

This brand was founded in Austen Texas, by Kendra Scott in 2002 on a small scale. But with its ever-increasing popularity, Kendra Scott enlarged its scale to a worldwide company. The brand presented elegant and trendy jewelry that touched people’s hearts greatly. Its designs and latest styles won the hearts of everyone.

But sometimes we listen to people complaining about Kendra Scott’s jewelry being tarnished. Does Kendra Scott’s jewelry tarnish? What makes Kendra Scott lose its shine and brightness? All these questions need answers that we keep wearing these ultra-modern trendy jewelry pieces on all occasions without any hesitation.

Why Does Kendra Scott Jewelry Tarnish?

Kendra Scott’s jewelry is not only the choice of common person but also has a great impact on celebrities like Serina Williams and Priyanka Chopra. Its eye-catching designs whether they are rings and earrings, or they are necklaces or bracelets, attract our attention of us at first glance. We can’t even resist buying one just because of its magnificent ornaments.

But why does Kendra Scott jewelry tarnish? This makes us sometimes stop and think for a while because we are going to spend a decent amount of money on its purchase. If it gets tarnished, then isn’t it an unprofitable and vain dealing? Kendra Scott is famous for its fine jewelry made with gold and silver. There is an availability of 14k to 24k gold ornaments. Especially the engagement and wedding rings of Kendra Scott have been appreciated greatly because of their classes as well as their trendy look.

But its 14k gold jewelry gets tarnished after some time because of some manufacturing faults. It can be used in routine for more than 6 months or more sometimes. Many of its jewelry articles get tarnished because of the low-graded polishing or plating which can’t resist the atmospheric conditions or body chemicals that play an essential role in making some metals tarnish or discolor.

If we try to use the rings or earrings carefully, we can easily increase the ratio of its life. Kendra Scott knows the fault they are getting complaints about continuously. That’s why they give the services of repolishing or maintaining any issues related to their jewelry.

We know that 14k gold ornaments have the composition of gold, silver, and other alloys like copper. Silver is too reactive agent to every moist condition or salt. The salts and chemicals that excrete out of our body are easily making channels with the high-quality Kendra Scott jewelry items. They ruin their color and shine after some time. We know that Kendra Scott jewelry is popular because of its outstanding filigree detailing and the patterned stones of amazing shapes. Its stone jewelry is perfect with all the mesmerizing qualities.

But if we are trying to go for a piece with sterling silver, we must be well aware of its tarnishing issue. Sterling silver is as reactive as 14k gold because both of them have enough silver to get interaction with water, sweat, precipitation, and environmental factors. Still, a hopeful thing about it is that Kendra Scott understands this problem and provides service for it.

How Long Does Kendra Scott Jewelry Last?

How Long Does Kendra Scott Jewelry Last?

It is an obvious fact that plated jewelry or vermeil jewelry has to tarnish somehow sooner or later. But Kendra Scott jewelry promises high-quality fine jewelry. Its magnificent trendy and innovative designs are getting recognition rapidly. All is good but still, it’s 14k and sterling silver jewelry gets rusted and tarnished.

We must be fully aware of the ornaments we are buying from this world-famous brand that how long will it take to get tarnished? It will make us a bit careful of using its pieces. An estimated fact says that it takes 6 months to one year for a Kendra Scott jewelry piece to get tarnished if we don’t hold it carefully.

Continuous use of its jewelry underwater and sun can make it discolored and tarnished. But generally, people do care for their fine jewelry a bit. They try to wear it only when they are going to attend some functions or parties. They tend to put their rings, bracelets, necklaces, or earrings off while going to bath or using any detergent. It enables their jewelry enamel to work a long time.

Many people claim that their jewelry pieces bought from Kendra Scott are accompanying them for many years. If there happens some tarnishing or discoloring, they get rid of it by some DIYs.

Characteristics Of Kendra Scott Jewelry

Besides the fact that Kendra Scott jewelry gets tarnished sometimes, it has its great characteristics. It enables Kendra Scott to get love and appreciation worldwide. It is getting popular with no time. If we compare Kendra Scott with other brands, we can analyze how fast it won the hearts of people. What makes it to famous and loved one, let’s understand it?

Affordable and Stylish

The very first thing which appeals to people towards it is its affordability. If we want to buy something beautiful and reasonable, we will instantly go for Kendra Scott. Its lab-synthesized and glass stones are worth like an original stone. Its stylish designs make people think it’s something very expensive and precious. We can make our day special by spending only 100$ minimum. Its fantabulous pendants, rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces can fill your heart with contentment and confidence.

Fine Jewelry With Stylish Stones

Fine Jewelry With Stylish Stones

Another specialty that makes Kendra Scott a prominent jewelry brand is its signature fine jewelry. Almost all of its ornaments carry stylish stones in various colors and designs. Although many of its stones are not too valuable and original, they are well crafted with the help of expert artists to elaborate the value of a single piece. The lab-manufactured and crystal glass stones are fixed in the jewelry in a way that automatically enhances the value of that single piece.

Its fine jewelry is not only made with gold but also in silver, sterling silver, platinum, gold plated brass, gold plated silver and even gold vermeil. These high-class metals are enough to increase their value greatly. People have developed trust in it due to its worthy metals.

The use of Rhodium with 14k plated gold has an amazing impact on everyone’s heart. Their style and classic designs have lurking power overall. The combination of 14k gold with silver makes it extraordinarily special in rose gold format. When these metals are adorned with gemstones and pearls, it makes these ornaments more lovable.

The Designs Are Too Trendy And Innovative

It is an interesting fact that Kendra Scott’s jewelry designs are too stylish and innovative that it has been announced to be featured in Oscar de Renta’s spring 2005 and Randolph Duke’s 2007 runway shows. It tries to offer something new and initiative that will be able to be a trend itself. All of its versatile chained necklaces, multicolored bracelets, stone earrings, and much more inspire the public with its charm. An amazing thing about Kendra Scott is its geometrical-shaped pendants and bracelet stones. It creates something special in people’s minds.

Best Gemstones Of the World

Best Gemstones Of the World

Although we have learned from our experience and observation that Kendra Scott produces jewelry with synthetic stones in glass normally. But this doesn’t mean that there is no use of original high-class gemstones. The world’s best stones like Baroque and smoky quartz, smoky quartz are found on these ornaments. Its bracelets and pendants have something much special like mother-of-pearls. Many of its rings and earrings have fixed turquoise to décor them.

Another most important fact about these gemstones is that they try to use colorless or light-colored stones. The diamonds that are available on the Kendra Scott channel are either colorless or black. Many people love to wear black in jewelry which comprises many signs and qualities.

Much lab-grown stone-like Kyocera opal which looks more or less like the original opal is the priority of Kendra Scott which makes their products more fascinating and appealing.

Illusion Technique in Designing

Many Kendra Scott ornaments carry illusionary techniques in their stones that have a magical drift towards them. In this technique, they give color over color to make something unusual and extraordinary. The glass which is inside it is polished and shaped in a way that deceives the spectators with a different color and angle.

The Facility Of Customizing

Another special offer Kendra Scott offers to its customers is that they can customize their jewelry in their way. If someone wants to change any stone or color of the stone, it is easy for them to do so. Similarly, if you are in a mood to inscribe your name or the name of your beloved on anything in Kendra Scott, you can do it. This offer is available in their stores worldwide or even online.

Does Kendra Scott Replace Chains For Free

Does Kendra Scott Replace Chains For Free

Kendra Scott’s fine jewelry has its characteristics. The company promises many benefits along with the replacement procedure to its customers. As far as the chains of this brand are concerned, they can be replaced if it is replaced within one year of its purchase.

Kendra Scott never claims false things. Its company policies and the documentations clearly show which article carries gold in a typical proportion. It also shows that if you have some complaints with the brand’s piece, you should get it noticed within the time mentioned in the policy.

If someone says that plated jewelry doesn’t get tarnished, it is wrong. Every plated jewelry item gets tarnished sooner or later. But we must have some idea at least that how long will it take to get tarnished. Kendra Scott chains are mostly made with 14k gold and sterling silver. It may get tarnished with daily use or using it carelessly. But we must replace it within one year of its purchase if we find some technical issues or discoloring. The company uses good quality material to prepare its chains but in case of any mishappening, we should contact the branch office instantly.

How to Clean Tarnished Kendra Scott Jewelry?

If we are trying to use Kendra Scott jewelry, we have to use it carefully. There are many ways to clean our tarnished Kendra Scott jewelry. Still, the company offers its free polishing within a limited time. If we don’t avail of this time opportunity, we can use home remedies to wash out the discoloring from it.

There is no need to be too conscious about it at all. If you don’t think yourself responsible enough to do the cleaning operation at home, take the jewelry piece to a trustworthy jeweler. There are ways to clean the tarnished Kendra Scott jewelry articles.

Use Dish Wash to Clean Tarnished Article

If you think your Kendra Scott bracelet or necklace is getting some specks or smudges of tarnish, you can do it with the help of mere dish wash.

  • Take a teaspoon of dish wash in a bowl
  • Add some water in it and mix it to make a solution
  • Take a toothbrush and rub it gently on the affected area by dipping it in the solution
  • When you think the tarnish gets off, wash the area with lukewarm water
  • Take a cleansing towel and rub the area gently to make it dry

This technique will surely work and make your jewelry piece shine again. If there are some rubber backings or any other extra things having any oil or dirt, the same solution will clean them too.

Use Ammonia to Wash Diamond Jewelry

We know that diamonds are too strong and tough stones. It is too difficult to wash and clean the jewelry made with diamond. Kendra Scott’s specialty makes it prominent from many other brands because of its large-scale jewelry. Its diamond jewelry is ravishing and amazing with different colors and styles. Still, all these things need to be cleaned because of the tarnish and discoloring. Especially diamonds can lose their shine due to many factors like oil, sweat, grease, and dust.

If we are not giving proper time to our jewelry to wash or clean, it will get lost its shine and luster. Although diamond has its grace we must care for it. We have to

  • Take half a cup of ammonia in a bowl
  • Mix lukewarm water in it
  • Add some dish wash to it
  • Mix the solution well
  • Soak the diamond ornament in this solution for 20 minutes
  • Rub the diamond jewelry with a toothbrush to wash away all the dust and grease particles
  • Even the tarnish on the metal body will also get clean
  • After that wash it with clean lukewarm water
  • Tap it dry with a towel tissue cloth to use again

We know that diamond is quite different and difficult to clean because of their hardness. But it must be clean to ensure its beauty live long and bright. This is an easy-to-to method to brighten diamond jewelry and the tarnish all around that diamond.

Use Ammonia and Dish Wash to Polish Gold

We need to polish the gold we are wearing all the time. Kendra Scott’s yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold is unmatchable in their style and polish. But excessive use can ruin the luster of any metal after some time. Gold must not only be polished but we must make it clean from any kind of tarnish and hues. A very easy and simple method is here to make your Kendra Scott rings polish and shine again. It is far better to take it to a specialist mechanized jewelry shop. Whether the process of polishing will also be too good and quick, yet it is difficult and boring to take it there. This simple method can make your ornaments ultra-shiny and magnificent

  • Take some drops or a quarter teaspoon of ammonia
  • Add a spoon of some good quality dish wash to it
  • Add some drops of lemon to it
  • Minx the solution in lukewarm water
  • Soak the gold jewelry in it for some time
  • Wash it after some time and then rub it with a soft dry cloth
  • Never keep the jewelry to air dry otherwise the specks of water will appear on it at once

This is a great method to clean and polish a Kendra Scott gold jewelry piece. You can take help from this method confidently.

All of the above-described methods are home-based experiments. If you are not willing to do any experiment at home or you are afraid of any damage, take your jewelry piece to a systematic ultrasonic machine that is provided by every company including Kendra Scott. It will make your tarnished jewelry clean and sparkle.

Why Is My Kendra Scott Ring Turning My Finger Green

Kendra Scott is an outstanding innovative jewelry brand that normally makes its ornaments in gold, sterling silver, platinum, and gold vermeil. Many people complain about its jewelry especially gold rings are getting their fingers green.

Kendra Scott 14k and sterling silver jewelry are made with special care and procedure. There is no stone unturned to make perfect pieces for their customers to feel happy and contented. And the company is successful in it to large extent. But as far as the combination of 14k gold is concerned, it has silver in it in a large proportion. Silver tends to react with outer reactants like water, sweat, vapors, smoke, and pollution. It makes oxides with them easily and this is the reason for 14k gold plated jewelry to turn green.

Similarly, sterling silver which has a dominant element of silver avails the same chances which are available to it as 14k gold. That’s why your finger turns green after some time of its usage. Another thing that makes a Kendra Scott ring turn your finger green is the excess use of your jewelry item. Anything we use at home whether it is pure 24k gold or gold vermeil loses its shine and luster. It starts to give greenish or blackish color due to interaction with daily used chemicals like cosmetics and detergents. If we want our rings to be with us for a long time, we must care for them it is Kendra Scott or any other brand.

General Care Routine for Kendra Scott Jewelry

Folks! I know it is not easy to buy an expensive piece of jewelry these days. If you want to buy some well-known brand ornament, it is still too difficult. But if you succeed in buying a jewelry item from a good brand like Kendra Scott; you need to be more careful to keep it. We know that everything asks for care and love. Similarly, jewelry must be kept with care which will help you not complain about its being tarnished or greenish. I have heard many people complaining about Kendra Scott getting tarnished after some time of its use. Here are some care suggestions to keep your jewelry accompanying you more.

  • Never wear your jewelry while taking bath or swimming as the chemicals are an enemy to metals
  • Put your jewelry off while you are using detergent or in the kitchen facing heat
  • Put your jewelry off while you are applying makeup or using any cosmetics like lotions or creams spraying a perfume
  • Never wear your jewelry when you have to work in some laboratory with an X-ray or MRI machine
  • Always put your jewelry in a separate polythene bag
  • Every piece of jewelry whether it is of the same metal must be kept in separate bags and separate boxes
  • Try to put your jewelry off while going to bed
  • Try to clean your jewelry every day or even every week, it will increase its life
  • Try to keep your jewelry in a dry and cool place away from heat and moist

All these tips and tricks are applicable and will give you 100% results.

Frequently Asked Question And Answer

Question: Why is my Kendra Scott necklace turning pink?

Answer: The reason for the Kendra Scott necklace being pinkish is due to the influence it gets from outside agents. Kendra Scott’s necklace is usually made with 14k gold, gold vermeil, or sterling silver. They are fine pieces of jewelry. Everyone likes to wear Kendra Scott because of its latest, stylish, and innovative necklace with elegant gemstones or stones. But when gold has silver in it, it gets contacted with outside agents and forms oxides that lead the necklace to turn pinkish or tarnish.

Question: What to do if my Kendra Scott necklace is tarnished?

Answer: It is not unusual that your necklace is getting tarnished. Kendra Scott is amongst these brands which have made their impact due to their versatility and trendy designs. But the problem of their necklace being tarnished is still with it. We need not be panic if our necklace is losing its shine. We can send it back to the company for its repolishing and maintenance. If we do this within the warranty time, it is an obvious fact company will replace the necklace. If not so, you can take help from a local jeweler or do a DIY at home by washing it with dish wash and lukewarm water. You will have outstanding results.

Question: Why is my Kendra Scott necklace turning my neck green?

Answer: If your Kendra Scott necklace is turning your neck green, it means it has started to get tarnished. It has similar metals like 14k gold, gold-plated platinum, and gold vermeil. Anything which is gold-plated starts losing its original shine and color and tarnish after much use. The necklace can face sweat, water, and heat more than any other part of the body. That’s why there are chances your necklace turns your neck green. It doesn’t mean that it will create some health issues or allergies to your skin. It’s just the tint your necklace is releasing.

Question: Does Kendra Scott replace rusted necklaces?

Answer: Kendra Scott has too clear policies and documentations. If your Kendra Scott necklace gets rusted within one year of its warranty, it will be replaced instantly. All you need to do is to send the receipt and the necklace to its branch office or head office. If the warranty is remaining, you will get a replacement for your rusted necklace. But if your necklace got rusted after the warranty, you can clean it with home DIY or take it to some jeweler’s shop. There is nothing to worry about it.

Question: Are Kendra Scott necklaces waterproof?

Answer: Kendra Scott necklaces are not waterproof at all. Any jewelry piece that is plated and has a mixing of alloys like silver and copper, can’t be open to the water. If we have to wear Kendra Scott underwater once or twice, it will not get tarnished. But wearing it continuously in water will invite the salts and chlorine to discolor or tarnish the necklace. So it is better to avoid water while wearing a Kendra Scott necklace.

Question: Can I shower with my Kendra Scott necklace?

Answer: No, We do not recommend showering wearing a Kendra Scott necklace. It will be a risk to make your necklace face the water. If you are taking shower or swimming in a pool, the chemicals like ammonia and chlorine will destroy the original color of your necklace. You must put your necklace off if you want to increase your necklace’s life. Water itself has many ingredients that are against metals and can prove dangerous for them. The necklace may start getting rusty too.


The question that “does Kendra Scott jewelry tarnish?” has got an ultimate answer with the help of deep analysis. According to this in-depth study, we come to know the fact that Kendra Scott’s jewelry gets tarnished. Instead, it is a great brand that initiates new and lovable trends, yet its gold and silver jewelry gets rusted due to some technical issues.

Kendra Scott, the founder of this leading brand, has introduced the latest trends in the jewelry industry. It is getting fame day by day because of its innovation. Its stone and gems are a blessing for people who love simple and decent jewelry. The lab-originated glass stones and other original stones are fixed in almost every of its article. It makes Kendra Scott loved by all.

But still, the problem that needs to address is its jewelry tarnishes. Although Kendra Scott promises all kinds of guarantees for its jewelry, yet its 14k gold and silver are getting complaints. The layered or plated jewelry gets either tarnished or turns the area green. We still have not gotten any de3finite news that its 14k gold or gold vermeil didn’t receive any discoloring.

But I think if we use its jewelry with care and love, we can increase its age. If we open our necklace to water, sun, or heat, its metals will start reacting with their elements. The result is what you don’t want. If still, you are facing the issue of tarnishing, you need not be worried. There are several methods you can remove the tarnish or specks from it.

In the end, we must realize the qualities of Kendra Scott jewelry and should keep it with care as it is our precious asset. A mere carelessness can ruin its beauty.

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