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Does Kendra Scott Jewelry Contain Nickel?

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You might be wondering does Kendra Scott’s jewelry contains nickel; here is the exact answer for you. We all know that it is a reputed brand. They are known for making hypoallergenic jewelry pieces. In addition, their rings, bracelets do not contain nickel.

However, if you have got extremely sensitive skin, then you should avoid considering this brand because there is a chance that it might irritate your skin. Moreover, their stuff is made of brass and it is generally plated with the help of 14K Gold or 14k Rose Gold, or with the help of Rhodium.

Though these materials and plating techniques carry no trace of nickel and remain allergic-free. But you have to keep in mind your skin type and sensitivity scale and then decide whether you should wear the jewelry of this brand or not.

Below we have mentioned further details on this query, you can have a look at the details. And if you have ever tried out their rings, necklaces, and earrings, then do share with us your feedback about them:

All About Kendra Scott Jewelry

For information, this reputed and highly popular brand was founded by Kendra Scott in the year 2022. She is known to be a driven and highly passionate entrepreneur. By profession, she is a designer. We have seen that her brand has now turned into a global enterprise.

It is a much-loved brand because of its unique pieces. Celebs like Rihanna have supported their collection as well. If we talk only about their jewelry pieces, then it is claimed by the brand that they do not contain nickel. Their rings and earrings are guaranteed to be allergic-free.

Most importantly, they design their collections in Austin, Texas, They are made of the finest and premium materials and this includes rhodium, gold, and silver. They also make use of semi-precious gemstones and natural stones. All of their collections manage to show filigree detailing. Customers have been fans of this brand because their jewelry collections are impressively packed with geometric shapes.

Is Kendra Scott Jewelry Good Quality?

Yes, this brand is known for making excellent jewelry pieces. If your friend’s birthday is coming up on 20-12-2021, and you want to give her something special, then consider this brand. In addition, this brand tries showcasing the best quality, affordable price tag, and stylishness in their rings, earrings, and necklace pieces. Their collections are crafted with the help of natural materials.

You will spot the presence of gemstones and pearls as well as shells. We hope that your skin will remain allergic-free the minute you will put on their rings or earrings. It is assured that their pieces are nickel-free and made of the safest materials. Most of their stuff is made of gold-plated brass and a few of the pieces are made and composed of sterling silver. Besides, you will see that some rings are made of gold and gold vermeil.

Are Kendra Scott Earrings Good For Sensitive Ears?

Are Kendra Scott Earrings Good For Sensitive Ears?

We have already told you that their jewelry collections are nickel-free. You can have them for your sensitive ears if you like any of their earrings. It is hoped and expected that their collection will not hurt and infect your ears. In addition, high-quality gemstones and materials are used in each of their collection and it is assured that your sensitive skin will remain infected-free.

In their fine jewelry collection, you will see that a large number of earrings are made of 14K solid gold, yellow gold, and even white and rose gold. On the other hand, the fashion jewelry collection is made of brass and further plated with rhodium gunmetal material.

You will too spot sterling silver pieces and also gold vermeil pieces. The kind of natural gemstones used in their Kendra Scott collections, it includes amethyst, rose quartz, and also smoky quartz, turquoise as well as lapis, chalcedony.

Is Kendra Scott Jewelry Sterling Silver?

A range of materials is used by them while making their jewelry pieces. Some of them are made of sterling silver. Their bracelets and rings show the highest of all and premium quality. If you like to get hold of their sterling silver collection, then we surely suggest you get this one for yourself. All of their sterling silver pieces are beautifully and impressively crafted.

Moreover, they are made of elevated and premium materials as well as gemstones. Everyday styles and designs encompass this collection and you will indeed and certainly love it. Their stuff is allergic-free and does not contain nickel as well. Do you know that their sterling silver range has become the season hottest trend so far, yes it is true! Some pieces are plated with 14K rose gold and simple gold and some with gold vermeil.

You just have to make sure that you take care of their jewelry on the highest possible note. Their rings and earrings demand a lot of cars. If you are out swimming or while you are exercising, you have to take off Kendra Scott’s jewelry. You can only ensure lasting wear if you take care of them in a detailed manner. Some of their collections are even made of hand-selected diamonds. It means you have to double-take care of such a jewelry piece.

What Is Kendra Scott Jewelry Made Of?

What Is Kendra Scott Jewelry Made Of?

We hope that by looking at the above-mentioned details, you might have gained enough information regarding which materials are used by this brand! Gold, rhodium, silver, diamond, and other range of metals are used by them. It is promised by the company that they use allergic-free materials and their collections do not hurt your skin at all.

We all know that the founder of this company is known to be an American fashion designer. She has received extensive specialization and expertise in jewelry making. All of her collections are packed with precious stones; the stuff is made of gold and silver. The chains are either made of gold or silver.

Besides, talking about this small in size Kendra Scott Necklace, its demand is getting higher now. It is their necklaces that set them apart and make them surely world-class. Most of their necklaces are golden-colored. In addition, they are accompanied by single, double chains or by multiple chains. In this same niche, you will also get to see charms necklaces and collar-type necklaces. Some girls have loved their necklaces that come with pendants.

In their necklaces, you will find one common thing that they are available in the gold material or silver or in the mixed metal form. Along with that, you will get to see a range of color options in this necklace category. On having their neckpieces, we are utmost sure that you will get the stunning looking.

Now, talking about their class rings, they have been much loved to date. College students have simply fallen in love with their rings designs. It is their exclusive and much special of all class rings collection that you should check out. Most importantly, their rings look quite subtle looking and are made of premium materials as well. You can have the ring collection in different styles and ranges of stones. If you are about to complete your graduating studies, then do wear their class rings.

Does Kendra Scott Jewelry Contain Nickel?

No, their jewelry collections do not have nickel in them. If you want to get their graduation rings, you can surely order them because they are allergic free. On the other hand, if you want to buy their Elisa Necklace Knock Off design, you can order it because it looks so luxurious and stunning. In their collections, you will always see the element of hard work, passion, and determination.

They have never compromised on the quality. No matter you are getting a single ring or chain piece from this brand, they will give you the best quality at the end of the day. Elisa is their most popular necklace and you should also note that this necklace is known for its long life and durability. It comes with a simple chain and is composed of an oval pendant. In addition, the chain is made of gold or silver or you can have it in the mixed metal version. You can have their jewelry online or offline, the choice is up to you.

We all are aware of the fact that people never and ever prefer those jewelry pieces that have nickel in them. The presence of nickel means that your skin will get rashes and allergies. Moreover, it means that such jewelry is not ideal to be worn by people who have sensitive skin. If you do not want to face all these problems, it is recommended to wear the stuff made by this company. Their collections are nickel-free and do not bring even a minor allergic reaction to your skin.

How Much Is the Worth of Kendra Scott Necklaces?

How Much Is the Worth of Kendra Scott Necklaces?

The overall worth of their necklaces is quite high enough. Here you can check out more of the details on this topic. It is in the range of price options that you can get hold of their jewelry pieces. The minimum price demanded by them is of $40 and their rings and earrings can go as high up to $5000.

If you are interested in buying their Elisa necklace, then keep in mind that it comes with a price tag of 995 dollars. The high price is demanded by the company because this necklace is available in the color option of gold and rose gold or silver.

On the other hand, if you wish to buy diamond earrings, then they have a price tag of 4000 dollars. You might come across some of the cheaper options as well. Hence, the jewelry collection and pieces offered by this company are somewhat expensive enough but you will get so much variety over here.

Facts You Should Know On Kendra Scott Jewelry

Facts You Should Know On Kendra Scott Jewelry

We like to tell you some of the important facts about this jewelry-making company. Below you can see the details:

  • The very first thing that you have to keep in mind is that their collections are hypoallergenic. All the metals used by them, are allergic-free. Your skin will remain safe and sound as well as protected if you will put on their necklace and earring pieces. Most of their stuff has claims and is guaranteed to call itself hypoallergenic. It is only their rose gold products that are not allergic-free. Keep in mind that rose gold contains copper and it might bring trouble if you have a sensitive skin type.
  • In addition, this brand uses real sterling silver. In this case, they do not go with the plating technique. You will be happy to know that in their sterling silver collection, diamonds are embossed as well. You can have this silver collection in the range starting from 40 dollars and it ends at 168 dollars. If you do not want to invest in their expensive collection, we suggest you have their budget-friendly pieces and that are made of real sterling silver.
  • Girls have fallen in love with their green necklaces. This respective necklace carries the greatest spark and charm in it. It will give you the royal vibe the minute you will wear it. Its design and style make you connected with the sea world. In this green necklace niche, 15 options are there. The cheapest and the most budget-friendly options are available with a price tag of $50. And the most expensive option can be available with the price figure of $148.


So, what do you think about this question, does Kendra Scott jewelry contain nickel! From the above-mentioned details, you might have now fully understood that it is the most reputed and much-loved jewelry-making brand. They make stylish rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. In their collections, you will not spot them. Their pieces are allergic-free and even packed with hypoallergenic properties.

They use gold, real sterling silver, rhodium plating, and diamond-studded stones. A few of their pieces are made of 24-carat gold and plated over brass. No doubt, this is a piece of all-purpose jewelry that you should get for yourself. Their collections are safe to be worn by people who have sensitive skin.

The company has claimed that they make use of the rarest precious metals, and no traces of nickel are infused in them. Their necklaces and rings hardly get tarnished. In fact, it is promised by the brand that they coat their collections with anti-tarnish solutions. It means the rings and bracelets will not lose their shine ever and ever.

Thus, their jewelry lasts for a lifetime. We recommend you choose this brand and let us know your views later on. Their collections are so much thoughtfully designed thus pushing the boundaries and limits of design and innovation. This brand has always stood by its principles. The kind of colors, shapes, and materials used by them, are epic and remain to be of the highest quality.

You can keep tuned with us and we will let you know more and more about Kendra Scott. If you have tried their rings or any other collection, let us know how much you liked its quality, design, and color scheme.

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