8 Plastic Nipple Rings for Pregnancy in 2021 | Complete Guide

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We wear jewelry items for the sake of fashion. But it is a fact that everyone has different skin types and problems. The women, who are near to deliver a baby, should be very careful about the selection of their nipple rings.

Nipple rings are soft mostly made up of plastic. This is a special kind of plastic called PTFE or Teflon. They are so tender to be used for nipples or belly buttons comfortably.

We must be very choosy while having a nipple piercing. We can ask our piercer all the effects and side effects of nipple piercing especially in case of being pregnant. While a woman gets pregnant, her body starts to swell.

The same is the case with her boobs. She can make a sensible choice by wearing plastic nipple rings that are flexible enough to mold up or down.

The history of nipple piercing is not new. This is very old as male nipple piercing takes the history from native Americans called KARANKAWA. Female nipple piercing is older as it takes a history from Kabylia people from North Algeria.

best nipple rings for pregnancy
Ruifan 6PCS Mix Style Pregnancy Sport Flexible Bioplast Nipple Ring Retainer
nipple bars for pregnancy
PEAKLINK G23 Titanium Nipple Barbell 14 Gauge Jewelry Barbell 
plastic nipple bars for pregnancy
Ruifan 14G 16mm Glow in the Dark Flexible Acrylic Nipple Ring
surgical stainless steel nipple bars
Dynamique 14G Internally Synthetic Opal Balls Stainless Steel Nipple Bars
acrylic nipple rings
SCERRING 20-30 PCS 14G Clear Acrylic Bioflex Nipple Bar Barbell Rings
bioflex nipple rings
Yaalozei 14G Glow in Dark Nipple Ring Flexible Retainer Straight Barbell Piercing Jewelry
nipple rings for breastfeeding
Cisyozi 8 pair 16G 14G Stainless Steel Screw Nipple Shield Ring Barbell

The modern world from 1880 resounds from the echo of nipple piercing. Women of that era started to pierce their nipples.  Let’s have a look at some strange facts about nipple piercing.

  • Nipple piercing takes a long time to heal.
  • The process of piercing takes a very short time.
  • Women can undergo pain in pierced holed during their period and pregnancies.
  • The jewelry makes the nipple look bigger sometimes.
  • The price of piercing varies according to area or society.
  • There is a huge variety of embellishments.
  • You can still breastfeed.

Here we are giving you an excellent review on Plastic Nipple Rings for Pregnancy that a woman can rely on.

Ruifan 6PCS Mix Style Pregnancy Sport Flexible Bioplast Nipple Ring Retainer

best nipple rings for pregnancy

These simple but stylish belly button ring retainers are presented by Ruffian and are easily available at Ruifan store. These are a pack of 6 pieces with good appealing colors. They are made with hypoallergenic 31GL surgical steel with a combination of special ultraviolet acrylic. This makes it quite an excellent metal-free pack


  • They are a nice product with bioplast material.
  • They are anti-allergenic and metal-free.
  • They are flexible enough to mold at any position according to your choice.
  • They are super long and have the capacity to cut them short accordingly.
  • They are also used as sport belly-button rings.
  • All six pieces have beautiful shiny colors.
  • These are present in a variety of shapes as ring ball, jeweled, double CZ, Ferido ball, crystal ball, acrylic ball, double acrylic ball,

PEAKLINK G23 Titanium Nipple Barbell 14 Gauge Jewelry Barbell 

nipple bars for pregnancy

This barbell is multi-purpose. You can wear it not only on the nipple but also eye-brow, belly-button, and even tongue piercing. PEAKLILNK is a good name of quality and class. This barbell is made with Titanium that is purely hypoallergenic and light-weight,

This barbell has an internal thread to make it a good option for sensitive skin-type. There is the best quality G23 Titanium to make this barbell a good choice for women with nipple piercing.


  • No use of any allergenic metals as nickel, cobalt, or lead.
  • It has a beautiful velvet bag packaging.
  • They have strong screws at both ends.
  • These barbells are soft and skin-friendly.
  • Easy to wear and easy to remove in case of child-feeding.
  • We can easily prefer this barbell over any other nipple rings.
  • They are hypoallergenic and multi-tasking rings.
  • 14G coloring makes it an eye-catching item.

Ruifan 14G 16mm Glow in the Dark Flexible Acrylic Nipple Ring

plastic nipple bars for pregnancy

This is again a Ruifan store product. We can guess the reliability when the company name comes in front of our eyes. The best thing about these rings is their glow in dark nature. This makes it quite a nice item for nipple as well as a tongue piercing.

Women can prefer this Acrylic straight ring because it is very soft and skin-friendly. This ring is flexible which makes it very popular among women undergoing pregnancies.


  • These rings are helpful to work as retainers for both nipples and the tongue.
  • They are a great item for women with sensitive skins.
  • They are bioplast and hypoallergenic because of no use of metal.
  • This is good to wear not only during pregnancy even having your ultra-sound or MRI.
  • A pack of six with beautiful white, pink, and light blue colors.
  • Buying a pack of these ring retainers will present you with a beautiful velvet jewelry bag.

Dynamique 14G Internally Synthetic Opal Balls Stainless Steel Nipple Bars

surgical stainless steel nipple bars

This is a unique gift from Dynamique for women. This nipple bar is adorned with splendid blue Opal. This bar contains an internal thread to make it skin-friendly.

This bar is made with stainless steel with special concerns for pregnant ladies who suffer many skin changes during their pregnancies. We have also a facility to buy them in pair. This item is hypoallergenic and very comfortable to use. It is your decision to carry it permanently or remove it during child-feed.


  • These bars are internally threaded.
  • These are made with hypoallergenic stainless steel.
  • The bar is very light-weight and easy to carry.
  • It has a great synthetic opal at both ends.

SCERRING 20-30 PCS 14G Clear Acrylic Bioflex Nipple Bar Barbell Rings

acrylic nipple rings

A beautiful gift from SCERRING store for women. You have a good option to select a 20pcs set or a 30 pcs set. A 20pcs set has ¾’’ (19mm) size. But if you want to get a 30pcs set, it has a variety of sizes.

It is decided that the company will never compromise on quality as it is highly sensitive to design body piercing ornaments. They are 31Gl surgical steel to make them risk-free. A woman carrying a pregnancy can wear them comfortably. She needs not to be afraid of any skin problems.


  • These barbell retainers are perfect for women who work, bear children, play a sport or conduct any tests or MRIs.
  • These barbells are hypoallergenic and carry no toxic metals like nickel or lead.
  • These retainers are soft and comfortable to use.
  • One can gift them to his beloved or wife on any occasion.
  • The best part of all the story is this SCERRING gives 90 days money-back guarantee if you have any dissatisfaction.

Yaalozei 14G Glow in Dark Nipple Ring Flexible Retainer Straight Barbell Piercing Jewelry

bioflex nipple rings

Yaalozei store also presents glittering barbell ring retainer for women with nipple or tongue piercing. These barbells are available in packs of 12pcs, 36pcs, or 48pcs packs. You can buy a pack not to wear but also to gift them to your beloved ones. They are multi-colored flexible barbells. Their flexibility is a popular trait.

They are available in three styles. Each style carries 8 items.


  • An industrial cartilage barbell is long enough to go across two sides of piercing.
  • These barbells are enough to change on daily basis.
  • These barbells are soft and non-allergenic.
  • These Nipple Rings for Breastfeeding are made with flexible acrylic material to lessen the risk of infection.
  • No use of toxic metals.
  • (0 days money-back guarantee makes the offer more attractive.

Cisyozi 8 pair 16G 14G Stainless Steel Screw Nipple Shield Ring Barbell

nipple rings for breastfeeding

Cisyozi Store offers a great package with stainless steel screw nipple and tongue piercing barbells. They are good to use as retainers. They are very good with strong screw locks. Both the balls can come off if you want to put the barbell off. All 8 pairs carry different styles. They are too attractive to gift to your wife, girlfriend, or beloved ones.


  • These retainers can be used both for nipples as well as a tongue piercing.
  • They are hypoallergenic with no use of any cheap metal like nickel, cobalt, or lead.
  • The use of cubic zirconia increases their attraction.
  • Easy to wear and easy to clean.
  • These barbell retainers are clear acrylic and bioplast and makes a woman to work with.
  • You can have any tests and surgeries while wearing them.

Guide about Plastic Nipple Rings for Pregnancy

A woman wears nipple rings to fulfill their craze. The great artist Rihanna looks super cool with this nipple piercing.

But with the passage of time, a woman has to go through different stages of life from the office to parenting. She has to make some decisions about her piercing especially nipple or belly-button piercing quite sensibly.

Many great celebrities do pierce their nipples and have to act upon their tight schedule. Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner are two among those.

She has to undergo many difficulties while getting pregnant or giving birth to a child. During all these situations, she should choose her piercing and rings with full research and with her piercer’s advice.

We will provide a complete guide about how and which kind of nipple rings she can wear easily.

Plastic Nipple Bars for Pregnancy

When a woman gets pregnant, she undergoes many changes in her body and even her personality. It doesn’t mean that she may forget her beauty care and her fashion routine. With the increase in the size of their belly, her boobs size also increases. This can create some problems for her. This can cause damage to her skin that becomes more sensitive during this 9 months period.

She needs not worry about it because there are alternatives for each problem. She can wear plastic rings or retainers that are very soft and comfortable. They are too soft to turn them up or down accordingly.

These plastic nipple rings are specially made with acrylic material that suits your sensitive skin. They are light-weight and having no toxic material in them. These retainers are easy to wear and put off.

These nipple rings are easily available at all online stores and are in good styles and colors. The nipple piercers can also provide these types of rings on demand. If a woman knows about her being pregnant, she should consult it from her piercer first.

This is good to realize that how much our nipple get allergies and how can we handle these allergies. The plastic rings are specially designed by Acrylic polymers that are so soft and skin-friendly. We notice that people move around us, possess money, can afford expensive jewelry. But they prefer comfort over show-off.

The most noteworthy thing about nipple piercing is that it has the highest rate of infection than any other piercing. A native bacteria called Staph Epidermidislives in milk ducts. It can be a cause of some serious infections during breastfeeding.

This is why you are recommended to use plastic nipple rings during pregnancy and even after childbirth. Sometimes women have to undergo such critical circumstances that they don’t remember to change or clean their nipple rings. In this case, plastic nipple rings can reduce the danger.

What is The Plastic Nipple Ring Made of?

A plastic nipple ring is usually made up of PTFE or Teflon. This material is super Bioflex. It has a great capacity to get mold. This flexibility makes this material more appealing and attractive for women with pregnancies.

It is true that a pregnant woman has to face a lot of difficulties. Every day she feels a change in her size. Every day she gains more weight. With the increase in size, her nipple tightens and causes her irritation.

To get rid of this unnecessary burden, she can decide to wear plastic rings that are available in all sizes and styles. They are pretty comfortable and light-weight. These rings carry no toxic materials.

The rings made withBioflex plastic are sterile for the body. They have easy handling. Both sides of such nipple rings are removable. A woman can turn these soft rings and adjust according to her situation.

These bio-compatible rings are good enough to be used for almost all body piercings. They look cheap but give you the guarantee of low damage. We can easily prefer these plastic rings or barbells over other costly metal nipple rings.

If we don’t feel relax and comfortable, what is the worth of such things?

The proverb ‘’all that glitters is not gold’’ proves true in this context. And sometimes a worthless thing gives you gift that can’t be paid for.

A simple Acrylic plastic nipple ring will not only save your money but also save you from the harmful effects of metals.

Pros and Cons of for Nipple Rings for Pregnancy


  • They are soft.
  • They are skin-friendly.
  • They are hypoallergenic.
  • They are light-weight.
  • Easy to wear.
  • Easily available.
  • Cheap and low price.
  • No risk of irritation.
  • Flexible and comfortable.
  • Easy to move and turn.


  • They are lacking designs.
  • They don’t look stylish and classy.
  • They have pores in them that can be a problem to the skin.
  • Both ends have an opening that makes them messy soon.
  • They need to be clean daily.
  • Their plastic is not too durable.
  • It is easy to leak some of their matter into your body and can be risky.

Frequently Asked Questions of Nipple Rings for Pregnancy

After this short review, we are here trying to give you the answers to some questions people ask most.

Question: Can you breastfeed with a nipple piercing?

Answer: It is very alarming and chocking to pierce your breast while you are feeding your baby.

Normally women avoid taking such risks. It is likely for a baby to hurt his gums or tongue while breastfeeding. Women with nipple piercing can stick themselves in troubled waters if they feed with nipple rings. Doctors don’t allow women to take such risks.

Another condition is that they have to put on and put off their nipple rings again and again during every breastfeeding.

Question: Can i keep my nipple rings in during pregnancy?

Answer: I think it is not harmful to keep your nipple rings in while you are pregnant. There is no such tension till the stage when you feel agitation or skin irritation. If this happens then you can put your rings off. The nipple rings available in the market are designed with keeping in mind all the risks related to pregnancies.

If you are near your delivery stages and the skin starts stiffening, no problem to remove these rings. Don’t feel yourself a common girl without these nipple rings because many great ladies don’t pierce their nipples up but still they are great.

Question: Can i keep my nipple rings in while breastfeeding?

Answer: Breastfeeding with nipple rings is not as dangerous as considered. Some people think this a hectic task and don’t allow their women to do so. But if you are doing all the safety precautions, then there is no risk in it.

The only thing that can happen is the leakage of milk from holes of rings. But that’s pretty fine. You only need to turn your rings up and down if you feel some urgency.

Another promising thing about this fact is that there is no hindrance in the supply of milk. Only one thing is a bit thoughtful. If you had any skin infection while you got your nipple pierced. It can cause blockage in the milk supply if any puss remains are here in holes.

Question: what is the best material for nipple rings?

Answer: It is a natural desire to know about what type and material are suitable for us who pierce their nipples. We have a straight-forward answer to this query is Stainless steel nipple rings. Stainless steel is more sterile and has the capacity to repel germs. It is soft and light-weight. Another material you should select as your nipple ring is Titanium. This metal is a little bit costly than other nipple rings but it is dependable. This is a hypoallergenic metal and has the ability to reduce the risk of allergies and infections.

PTFE or BioPlast is another safe option. This is very soft and light-weight plastic. It is nature friendly and is too soft to turn up down accordingly.

Question: Can i change my nipple ring after 2 weeks?

Answer: There is a conflict of opinion for this question. A sensible man should give at least 6 months to his or her piercing healing. Normal calculation says that a nipple piercing takes minimum of 6 weeks to one year to heal But if you feel irritation in wearing your ring, then change it up at once.

We notice that the upper part of the skin becomes healed but the inner layers take time to heal. This is why one should not take a risk and wait for the best time to change his/her ring.

Question: Are plastic nipple bars safe?

Answer: We are recommending you from the very first paragraph of our article that plastic nipple bars are safe and risk-free. You know that acrylic is pretty safe and nature-friendly. The use of PTFE as a nipple ring is a wise decision.

You can do fashion with care and concern. There is no need to make yourself unhappy by wearing some allergenic material.

Plastic nipple bars or barbells are available at every store at a very reasonable price. Everyone can fulfill his love of nipple piercing by taking the right decision.It is a cheap as well as a safe alternative to costly metallic rings.

The acrylic polymer has no carcinogens in it. They are biocompatible and non-reactive,Another good thing about these plastic rings is that they are available in a variety of colors and styles. They are too reasonable to be gifted to your beloved ones.


There is a world of fashion in front of you. Everyone wants himself to look cool and attractive. Nipple piercing is something new and appealing kind of fashion. It is gaining popularity day by day both among girls and boys equally.

There is no harm in doing your nipple or belly button pierced. The thing worth bothering is the right time and right choice of material.

Los Angles are too famous for crazy people who pierce their nipple dally. The number is increasing day by day.

If we are ready to do this fashion by taking necessary precautions, it can become a dream come true for us. In all the story, one thing is more focused. This is the exact use of material. This may take you a little more time to research and then decide. But the results will be quite fruitful.

All the material is Acrylic plastic, stainless steel rings. Surgical steel rings, Titanium rings are good enough to rely on. All we have to is to choose sensibly.

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