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Can You Use An Earring As A Nose Ring? Complete Guide

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Sometimes it happens that you lose your nose ring or stud due to some emergency or by clinging some clothes or other things in it. Now you need to put some ring or stud in your nose piercing as early as possible as it can be healed soon. We know that the healing power of nose cartilage is quicker than that of ear flesh. This is why we should put a ring in its piercing quickly.

But should it be an earring? Can you use an earring as a nose ring?  Will this earring not damage your nose? All these questions must be answered in detail as many people try to do this experiment while losing their nose ring. In doing this procedure, they badly damage their nose and have to face the consequences.

The reason for damaging your nostrils is simple that many factors are involved in the difference between a nose ring and an earring. The size of an earring is the most important factor. The needles of both piercings are different. The lengths and sizes of both rings are changed. This is why we don’t recommend you to put an earring in place of a nose ring.

6 Important Reasons for Not Wearing Earrings in Your Nose (Top Secret)

If we are trying to wear an earring in our nose then we must have enough knowledge that what risks are involved in doing this. I know no one wants to take risks but sometimes we have to undergo an emergency that we can’t find a nose ring to put instantly in our nose.

But we can’t leave our nose empty as it has great healing power. We always have a good collection of earrings instead of nose rings. Nose rings are not changed daily, weekly, or monthly. But earrings are not only changes but have different sizes and weights. This is why we have to be careful while we are trying to use an earring in place of a nose ring.

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Let’s have a look at the reasons why we don’t think it reasonable to wear earrings in place of nose rings.

Width of Both Rings Is Different

It is a common phenomenon that the diameter of both earrings and nose rings is far apart. Normally an earring is 18 to 22g thick and a nose ring is a maximum of 12 to 14g. There is a huge difference in both widths. This is why if you try to put an earring forcefully in your nose, it will get badly injured and damaged. It is a fact that nose injuries take much time to recover

Lengths of Both Rings is Different

As far as the lengths of both the rings are concerned, it also differs. The area that comes between the ear and back skull is too wide than the area that a nostril carries. This is why jewelry-making companies fearlessly make the long ended earrings as they have no fear of damage.

But nose rings or studs posts are not that long because they don’t have enough space. This is why nose rings are normally curved even to a round post so that they may not rip your skin off. This is why if we are successful in stuffing an earring in our nose, it will certainly damage the middle cartilage of our nose.

The Backs and Locks Are Different

The Backs and Locks Are Different

Another thing that creates the difference is the ends or backs of the earrings and moose rings. A nose stud has a simple screw lock that is easily fixed in it and doesn’t give the stud enough space to move forward or backward. Similarly, a nose ring is round enough in a semi-circle that it has nothing to do with the middle cartilage. It is quite rare that it damage your nose.

But as we know that earrings are not only different and varied in design but also their locks are mostly different.

  • Some earrings have very wide locks. They are too wide that it is impossible to get them in the nose.
  • Some earring locks are butterfly-shaped. They are never made to get in the nose and fix it.
  • Some earring locks are hooked and have intricate shapes. This is why they can’t be entered into your nose.
  • Some earrings have flat disc-shaped locks that cover almost full earlobe and we can’t pass this lock through our nostrils and yet the earrings can’t pass.

The Needles Used for Both Ear and Nose Piercings Are Different

The Needles Used for Both Ear and Nose Piercings Are Different


It is a common observation that nose piercing is done by extremely thin needle and according to an estimate, it is almost 12g in diameter. The reason for the thinness of the nose needle is that the nostril is not made of flesh but cartilage. And it is quite a painful procedure to pass the needle through such a hard area.

On the other hand, earlobes are totally fleshy and too soft to pass the needle easily. This is why the needle used for ear piercing is thick than a nose piercing needle. Its diameter is almost 16 to 18g. This difference causes the difference in ring posts of both ear and nose.

A Nose Ring Is Made a Perfect Fit for Nose Not the Earring

When we wear a nose ring, we never feel uncomfortable as it doesn’t move forward or backward. It is made a perfect fit to stay put in the nose. The surface of a nose ring is smooth and reduces the chance of clinging to anything.

But if we examine our earrings or even simple most ear stud, they are long and easy to move forward or backward. They have enough space as their posts are long. So I think to take a risk of wearing an earring in place of a nose ring will not prove fruitful. Instead, it can harm your nose.

An Earring Is Made with the Metals That Are Harmful to Nose

Another most important reason is that earrings are made of metals that can be harmful to our nose especially the freshly pierced nose. The nose is not made of flesh but cartilage. This is why it is hard and sensitive to allergens.

We can use different metal earrings other than gold or silver. But these metals don’t harm our ears that much as they can prove dreadful for our nose. The use of nickel or lead is common as alloys in earrings. We can wear them for some time to go to a party or function.

But tat similar ring if we wear it as a nose ring, can prove infectious for it. And once our ear gets infected, it will take a long time to get recovered.

I Lost My Nose Ring What Can I Use

There are certain earring categories that we use differently according to our mood and needs. But when it comes to the matter of urgency and we find ourselves helpless to get nothing for our nose but an earring, we have to experiment.

Now it depends on the earrings available at that time as we can’t grab a new one from the market. Let’s see the impact of different earrings as to be used for the nose.

Can You Use an Earring Stud as A Nose Ring?

Using an ear stud is not safe at all. WE know that an ear stud is not only having a long post but also it is straight enough to reach the middle cartilage of our nose.

On the contrary, nose studs are perfectly covered by a flat back and its post is not that long to damage the nose. Normally nose studs are made in L shape or U-shaped backs that are reliable not to rip your skin off.

Another thing that will instantly get noticed is the size of an ear stud. The studs we use for the nose are quite small and almost 1mm or 1.5 mm. And the studs we use for our ears are bigger and wider as compared to the nose rings. That’s why they are easily recognizable and can be a reason for embarrassment for us.

Can You Put a Hoop Earring in Your Nose?

If you want to try an ear hoop in your nose, you have to be too cautious while trying to get the ear hoop in. The reason behind this is simply that an ear hoop has a long bar that goes into a clasp. This clasp is not easy to open or close.

If we risk our nose to wear an ear hoop, we should make it in slowly and twist it in a way that it many get in comfortably. If we do haste to wear an ear goop, it can be damaging and can hurt our noses badly.

Normally the gauges of ear hoops are thick as compared to that of nose hoops. They are made according to the hole in our bigger ears. This is why piercing experts don’t recommend playing the risky game.

The nose hoops are very simple and easy to wear as they are quite round ad smooth. They are thinner and round to get the nose in easily and fit in it. Their locks are flat and simple to use. They are made in a way not to hurt your nose.

What Are the Consequences We have to Face If We Use an Earring as Nose Ring?

What Are the Consequences We have to Face If We Use an Earring as Nose Ring

We are focusing on the issue of size, width, and the length of the earrings that are changed and different than nose rings. Their designs and technology are also different. They can never be a comfortable choice for you as a nose ring.

If we are stuck in a situation of losing a nose ring and can’t risk our nose getting closed, then we are compelled to wear an earring. But we have to face some bad consequences for it. Let’s see them one by one.

Our Nose Can Get a Severe Damage

The size, shape, and type of our earrings are quite change that our nose rings. If we try forcefully to get the earrings in our nose, it can hurt our nose. All the things are not in favor of our nose. So, it will be a danger to make our earrings and nose ring.

If we have decided to go for earrings as nose rings, then make sure to clean our nose well with some antiseptic and consult a doctor in case of severe pain and bleeding.

An Earring Being Thick Can Stuck in Our Nose

An earring is made on the theory of soft earlobes and this is why they are thicker than nose rings. Our nose piercings are thin because the needle piercers use for them are thin.

If we try to wear an earring on our nose, there are chances that the earring can stick I our nose. Its thickness will not allow it to get in the nose. This is a too critical situation and can injure our nose greatly.

If such s situation occurs, we should call a doctor to seek his help and take the earring out of the nose.

Our Nose Can Get Infected Because Of Allergens

The nose is one of the most sensitive parts of our face and it should have been cared for properly. If we try to wear an earring as a nose ring, it may be the cause of various serious issues including allergies and infections. The metals used in earrings may have nickel and lead that are great sources of infections.

Similarly, silver and copper are readily reactant to skin salts and can sometimes be damaging to them. It will place a greenish mark on your nose that can look ugly on your nose.

What Should We Keep In Mind While Using an Earring as Nose Ring?

What Should We Keep In Mind While Using an Earring as Nose Ring


After knowing the drawback or negative consequences we have to face after using an earring as a nose ring, we should realize some most important factors that can affect your nose. If we consider these points, then we can reduce the negative impacts on our noses. The earring that we are going to use as nose rings must not have these factors.

The Material of Our Earring Should Not Contain Allergens

The materials and metals jewelry companies use to prepare earrings normally contain allergenic materials. They can be worn easily in our ears but when it is the matter of nose, they are damaging.

We must be careful if we are using an earring as a nose ring that they may not have nickel, lead, sterling silver, zinc, copper, or tin. All these metals are active agents in doing reactions with other metals or skin oils and salts. Thus they will risk your nose badly.

If we don’t care for the material used in earrings and keep on using them as nose rings, the infection can reach its maximum and will take a long time to recover.

If we are sure about our earring’s quality and know well that they are made of super hygienic quality metal, then we can wear them confidently. A pure gold, titanium, or palladium earring can be a good choice if it is available in our jewelry collection.

The Size of Our Earring Must Be Well Measured to Use as Nose Ring

Again buddies! Don’t get impressed by a mere picture of a celebrity like Emilia Clarke wearing some nose ring just like your earring. It is just for picture courtesy and the size and diameter she may be wearing will be a different story.

If you don’t take care of the size of your earring that normally is large, it will rip your nose off. Just decide and select a stud or earring with the smallest post. Its lock may be as simple as just to enter a flat back into the post and screw it.

A long post-earring will become troublesome for your nose. It will keep on striking the wall of your nostrils badly. An earring with 1.5 to 3 mm is a suitable ring for your nose. A little longer post makes you feel panic.

Can You Use a Nose Ring as An Earring?

Using a nose ring as an earring is not a bad idea as nose rings are comparatively small and thin and can easily be worn as earrings. But the problem is that nose rings are made too small according to the nose set. It is difficult for an earlobe that is thick enough to carry the nose ring, Here let me also share you video from you-tube for your better understanding.

It will not properly cross the flesh and can remain hidden in it. The lock may not be done well and the result is the same to lose the ring.

Instead, a nose ring can be worn in our cartilage or tragus piercing as they are pierced in the cartilaginous part of our ear. These parts of our ear can fully grasp the nose ring and will not get allergenic. All you have to do is properly sterilize the nose ring so that it will not get infected for the ear.

Can I Put an Earring Back on My Nose Ring?

There is a good substitute for your nose ring, which is to use your earring back as a nose ring in case of emergency. An earring back is small and thin and can easily get into the nose.

But be sure while using an earring back that it is made with hypoallergenic material and is doing its job well. It means that it is well set in its place and does not run forwards or backward. If it is so, you may lose it too.

Tips and Tricks to Use an Earring as A Nose Ring

The whole concept this article gives you is not to use an earring as a nose ring. But sometimes it happens that we have to make a decision boldly. We have to wear an earring instead of a nose ring finding no option left. But we should be careful while making an earring a nose ring as

  • Choose a small stud instead of a big one
  • Choose an earring with smaller and thinner posts
  • Sterilize the earring carefully to avoid allergies
  • Avoid using heavy and loaded rings instead use lightweight earrings
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So Guys! I think this debate will prove quite fruitful and useful for us all. This is thorough information about earrings and nose rings and how we should take care while using an earring in place of a nose ring.

A deep analysis shows that we should not use an earring as a nose ring because its diameter, width, its length, and it’s material are quite different than that of an earring. It will be a risk to forcefully get the earring into the nose. Your nose can get severe damage and its healing will take too long a time.

If it is unavoidable to use earrings as a nose ring then make a wise choice. Choose the earrings with small posts and thinner diameter. Clean the earring properly so that your nose can be saved from getting infected by it.

Things look too easy when they are mere theories. But when we are doing its practical, we have to face the results good or bad. Can you use an earring as a nose ring is not an obscure question? A detailed answer will help you a lot in this regard.

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