Do Diamonds Have to Have Breathing Holes to Be Real?

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Diamonds are the dream of almost every man and woman, whether it is an engagement ring, wedding ring, or earrings. We want to buy and keep diamonds with us due to their beauty and magnificence. Diamond is a hard rock that sometimes sets in some ornament in its original shape and sometimes we have to give it some shape.

Many times we hear jewelers telling about the holes in diamonds that make the diamonds breathe. Do diamonds have to have breathing holes to be real? Is the claim that many jewelers do have any worth? The fact that diamonds have some holes is true because it makes them face the light. It can make the finger breathe and don’t get sweaty. But that doesn’t mean it is a constant thing. These holes may be part of their structural beauty. It adds a unique look to the jewelry itself.

People have developed confusion about understanding the difference between real and fake diamonds. There are many ways and methods to distinguish between diamonds and CZ. Generally, CZ is fully covered and has no holes. It makes it sparkle that bright as diamond does. If we try to throw light on diamond holes, it will refract light which is the real sign of its being true. These holes make your finger not evaporate that the finger remains safe from being allergic.

We must recognize the reality of diamond breathing holes thoroughly to avoid scams. It will help us correctly invest our money. We must work in a proper channel to understand whether the diamonds have breathing holes or it is a wrong theory.

Why Do Diamond Rings Have Holes In Them To Be Real?

If the theory of diamonds breathing holes is correct, we must have logical proof of it. We must have a deep study to know about the breathing holes of diamonds to understand the complete nature of diamonds. It is noticeable that CZ also looks too sparkling and elegant as a diamond. But there are still hundreds of evident differences that separate it from diamonds.

If you are a newcomer in the diamonds jewelry industry and don’t know the differences between real and fake, you must rely on the certificates of GIA, AGA, and IGI. These are the certification of diamonds globally. If you see these certificates with the company you are buying a diamond, you must go for it confidently.

If someone claims the originality of a diamond only because of the porous stone he possesses, it is doubtful. There are many stones and especially CZ that carry holes and look sparkling too, but they are not diamond.

Diamonds have their breathing holes in them because it makes them look more brilliant and splendid. If we want to know why these diamonds have holes in them, we must understand the reality of this stone first. It will allow us to know about the breathing holes of diamonds exist or not.

When the original diamond faces sunlight, it emits pure white light outside while the inside of that diamond looks grayish. On the other hand, CZ reflects rainbow light when it faces the sunlight. It is a too technical difference a normal man can’t understand. Only people who have enough experience in diamond collection or diamond selling and buying can recognize it.

We must understand the composition of diamonds to know whether it is necessary for diamonds have to have breathing holes in them. Diamonds are composed of solid carbons that have made their chains with one another too strongly that nothing can break their bonds. That’s why diamonds are called rock breakers and even they can cut iron too. Weather, light, temperature, liquid, or any other natural pressure can change its shape. It neither can expand nor shrink. When a diamond is too solid a body then why it needs to have holes in it. Many people badly refuse this theory and consider it just a lie.

Do Fake Diamond Rings Have Breathing Holes?

Do Fake Diamond Rings Have Breathing Holes?

If you have made your mind that real diamonds don’t have holes in them, then you should know about fake diamonds too. When you are a crazy diamond lover and want to buy a diamond ring off and on, you will distinguish between right and wrong.

A fake diamond ring or a CZ ring may have breathing holes on its inner side. It Is made porous due to the facilitation of its wearer. The stones are fully covered and don’t have enough holes to make the finger respire easily. The precipitation due to the hardness and hot nature of stones can cause skin issues and it will become difficult for you to keep the ring wearing.

Another thing we must know is that sometimes when we are getting this particular news from jewelers about breathing holes of diamond rings, it is about fake diamond rings. They do it so due to some reasons:

  • The first and foremost is to make the sparkle of the ring when it faces light
  • The second reason is that it makes your finger absorb air and not get precipitated

We have noticed it usually CZ rings are fully covered and have no holes in its inner side facing the finger. CZ is too different in quality and class from diamond but it is a good gemstone. It also needs light to sparkle. The CZ rings with holes look comparatively more brilliant than the rings with no holes. So it is not decided that fake diamonds do always have holes in them but it seems that breathing holes will prove good for them to be bright.

How To Check A Diamond Is Real or Fake

The debate whether the diamond is real or fake is too long. But the thing is to understand and know how to check a real or fake diamond. If you are a jewelry lover and love to purchase the latest jewelry, you must be quite sure what you are going to buy. We must know that what mounted or unmounted diamonds are. Why do the mounted diamonds often hide many technical flaws and shortcomings in them? We should also understand the fact that both CZ and diamond look-alike in their shine and gleam is incorrect. After some time of being used, Zirconia loses its shine which original diamonds never lose.

Now we should discuss some ways and methods to distinguish between a real and fake diamond. These are home-based methods that can work properly. Let’s have a look at them one by one.

Check The Diamond Being Real Or Fake With Fog

It is almost impossible for a real diamond to get foggy. If you want to check it, try to make it foggy with your breath. A real diamond will not accumulate any precipitation on it. Its condensation will not allow it to get foggy. On the contrary, a fake diamond will have fog on it if you breathe on it.

Check The Diamond Is Real Or Fake With Water Test

Check The Diamond Is Real Or Fake With Water Test

A very easy and verified method of checking a diamond whether it is real or fake is to check it with a water glass. You need to take water in a glass or any container. Then put the diamond in that water glass. If the diamond sits in the bottom of the glass, it is real. If it starts floating on water, it means the diamond is fake. A real diamond has a high density that doesn’t allow it to float. On the other hand, fake glass diamond or crystal has low density.

Check The Diamond Being Real Or Fake With Magnifying Loupe

It is a common observation that a real diamond has some inclusions in it when we look into it carefully. There are many unnoticed cracks and holes too in a diamond which is real and true. One more thing about diamonds we can notice is their changing color that is not observed by the naked eye. To check all these signs we have to use a magnifying loupe. It is usually available in a jeweler’s shop. If you want to be clearer about the originality of diamonds, you must have a loupe at home.

This loupe will help you magnify the diamond in front of you. The imperfections, the slight color flecks, and the impurities will be visible to you. But make sure that your loupe is not too old. It must be new and clear enough to decide you positively. Almost every lab-oriented diamond is crystal clear and sparkling. But be clear that every real diamond is not unclear carrying inclusions. Some real diamonds are too crystal and refine that it makes everyone astonished. So if you still have some doubts after getting your diamond checked at home, you can take it to some expert jeweler for your satisfaction.

Check The Diamond Being Real Or Fake With Black Light Test

Another reasonable test we can do at home is that of black light. If you have a black light at home, you can check the originality of the diamond with it. You have to turn all the lights off and then put your diamond under this black light. If your diamond is real, it will have the fluorescence of blue light. All the shades it emits will be from lighter to darker but in blue only. A fake diamond will not give out blue light. Instead, it will give other colors like green, orange, or grey.

But never depend on just this test. You may have to do some more tests to examine about the diamond is real or not.

All these tests are too good and applicable. But the results don’t need to be always the same as we are expecting. Something can get change due to the weather change or the internal change of the stone.

Do Gemstones Need To Breathe?

Do Gemstones Need To Breathe?

It is not always true that every gemstone needs to breathe. These Gemstones are made with solid carbon rocks and many chemical reactions help them become stronger and rigid enough to cut stones and steel. Some gemstones have breathing holes to help them sustain their shine and sparkle. A diamond usually has no breathing holes and doesn’t need any to showcase its brilliance. But many gemstones have to have holes because they are set in a way to breathe properly.

The setting of gemstone in a ring is too important because it has some holes in it. It may be due to the mounting of a gemstone or due to the prong setting. In both cases, holes play a major role to:

  • let the finger breathe
  • let the stone sparkle more brightly due to the crossing of sunlight
  • let the ring remain open to cleanliness
  • let the wearer brush the inside of the ring himself to clean soap, skin cells, and dirt particles
  • let the best display of ring possible

So we can say that a gemstone doesn’t need to breathe but our finger needs it. If there are some holes you find in them, it is O.K.

How To Tell If A Diamond Is Real With Flashlight?

How To Tell If A Diamond Is Real With Flashlight?

People love to wear diamonds not only because it is the most costly stone in the world but also its brilliance make our eyes dazzle for a while. Almost every celebrity like Jennifer Lopez and Cindy Crawford loves to wear diamonds and present a diamond as a wedding or engagement gift. But still many people have to face scams and cheatings as they try to buy an original diamond. The market is full of many reputed as well as scammer companies who try to cheat innocent people.

We must be cautious before going to buy a diamond. But if we have bought a diamond ring and are not satisfied with its being real or fake, we should test it at home. Along with many others, a flashlight test can make much insecurity clear. It is an easy test anyone can perform.

  • Take your diamond under a flashlight and observe its emitting light.
  • A real diamond will emit bright white light with a pure shimmer
  • A fake diamond will have the light in rainbow colors and it is shining will not be that sparkling that can dazzle your eyes

This is too easy a method to know about the diamond whether it is real or not. But sometimes it doesn’t prove authentic. So we have to rely on the experts.

Frequently Asked Question And Answers

Question01: Why do diamond rings have holes in them?

Answer: Diamond rings do have holes in them due to some technicalities. Almost every diamond ring has a small or a large hole on the inside of the ring. It is because of the finger to get air freely. If our ring is fully covered and has no hole, there are chances that our finger can become precipitated and allergic. It also lets the diamond have more light from the surroundings to sparkle more brilliantly. Another thing that is responsible for the holes in diamond rings is their setting. If a diamond is mounted, it has to have a place to set its mountings. Similarly, the prong also needs an area to be comfortably set.

Question02: Does cubic zirconia have breathing holes?

Answer: Cubic Zirconia is also a precious stone and it has its importance. It is a widely used stone as it is much brilliant and sparkling but less expensive. Everyone can easily afford the stone, Even experts are experimenting and preparing lab-synthesized zirconia. It doesn’t have breathing holes in it. But sometimes it has some holes that are born with it. They may help it to sparkle it more but not to increase its life.

Question03: Are diamonds always set with an open back?

Answer: It is a fact that every diamond ring has to have an open back to make it sparkle more. The hole doesn’t need to have the same size. It can be smaller or larger according to the setting and size of the diamond. The open back has many benefits to the wearer and the diamond itself. It makes the finger breathe easily and not get sweaty. Similarly, this opening gives diamond chances to give more brilliance out. Through this open back, we can clean our ring comfortably in a regular way.

Question04: Do real diamonds sparkle rainbow colors?

Answer: If you want to check the clarity and reality of a diamond, you can check it by its light. If a diamond transcendent pure white light after facing a torchlight or any other light, it means it is real. But emitting rainbow lights will show it a fake diamond. People do this test at home to know about their diamonds. If your jeweler is forcing that real diamond has rainbow lights, he is trying to cheat you. Be aware of such scammers.

Question05: Why do diamonds need breathing holes? 

Answer: No diamond needs breathing holes. This misconception is spread by the jewelers to cheat the public. They believe that if a diamond has no breathing holes, it will lose its shine one day and will become discolored. But in reality, diamonds are solid rocks of carbon that have come into being after long geographical changes. If some diamonds have holes, they are inborn, It is not for their life instead the rings have holes to define clearly the sparkle of that diamond.


Diamonds are small rocks of carbon that are too solid to break. Diamonds are found mostly in South Africa and Australia, and many other countries. But do diamonds have to have breathing holes to be real? Do all diamonds have no survival without breathing holes? These questions arise in minds of common people who have little knowledge of diamonds. They have no experience in buying diamonds and that’s why they have to face fraud in the market.

These fraud sellers have imprinted this theory of breathing holes of diamonds in the minds of a common man too perfectly that we can’t accept real diamonds without holes.

There are no breathing holes in diamonds nor do they need any. Their strength is enough to keep them the strong hardest stone of all. If you listen to such types of theories from anyone, you need to consult with some expert in this regard. Otherwise, it can be a big loss for you to have a fake diamond.

Another thing is all those home-based tests that can help you much in making a decision. A CZ may have some holes, it is quite possible. But its brilliance may not be the same as diamonds have. Its brilliance may diminish with time. A diamond ring will have a hole in its back but CZ may not necessarily have holes. It may be fully covered too. But having a hole is good to be more bright and more shining. It doesn’t have anything to do with holes in its body but the ring.

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